Obama’s Speech

I didn’t get into the stadium to see the Obama speech last night, but I did watch it on the 16th Street Mall, which was a great treat. The enthusiasm for this man is incredible, folks; I wish everyone could see it. Even most of the PUMAs, except for a few straggling die-hards, have been transformed this week in Denver. A few in the crowd watching the speech had Hillary AND Obama buttons, and all were watching with rapt attention, and of course, tears in their eyes, as they watched history unfold.

Anyone who watched that speech and thinks there is a chance Obama will lose this election had to be watching with the sound turned off. No, that can’t be it; because even LOOKING at the guy, you got the sense that you were looking at a president. Not just a candidate, but a president.

The content of the speech was brilliant. It hit on all of the themes of this election year, and it dealt with them specifically, and very positively. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a presidentlal candidate even touch on the right wing’s hot button issues, like abortion and guns? The speech will play in Peoria, but it will also play in the South, mark my words.

So, I get back to my hotel, and I’m flipping around the dial,
watching the analysis, and who do I see there but David Brooks. I
personally think David Brooks gets a woody every time he hears Obama
speak, but he’s trying to deny he’s even homosexual. He spent several
minutes ripping the speech, implying that it simply wasn’t enough, and
won’t play with most of the country. He couldn’t have been watching the
speech, because I AM the middle class, and I’m here to tell you; he
struck all the right chords in that speech, and created specific
imagery in middle class and politically moderate heads regarding the
major issues in their lives; the economy, jobs, the credit crisis,
energy, the economy, jobs, the credit crisis and energy. (I’m sorry;
did I mention those twice? It’s because they’re THE issues this year.
National security matters, but you know, if your family is on the brink
of financial ruin, the thought of a terrorist attacking Washington, DC
may not strike you as the most important thing in your life.) He also
touched on national security and the wars in a very thoughtful way; a
direct contrast to the "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran"-style politics
of the Bush Administration and McCain campaigns.

The only reason polls were close recently is because; a) polls can’t
be trusted to be accurate at the moment and b) some people knew little
about Obama, and were afraid of the level of change he represented.
Last night’s speech put a whole lot of people at ease, as they figured
out that Obama’s not after major change in the way America works, but
rather, a change BACK to the way we used to be, before the neocons ran
the government into the ground. People in this country used to work as
a team, and the neocons have turned us into a nation of 300 million
individuals, working at cross purposes far too often. Think about it;
all of us have always had both liberals and right wingers in our
families and amongst our friends, but it’s only been in recent years
that the politics has turned us into a series of armed camps. Obama
wants to turn the country back into the team that won the Cold War,
created the most prolific economy in the history of the world, and who
could send people out to explore space, while being the largest
creditor nation in the world.

Screw David Brooks and his ilk. I don’t know about you, but I’m
really getting sick of rich people who live in penthouses and who make
hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, every year, just to
give their specious opinions about everything, telling the rest of us
what we’re supposed to think. I’d really like to see a return to
hearing what real people actually think about what’s going on.


Obama’s Speech — 2 Comments

  1. Agreed. But it’s not just the speech, it’s the entire convention — Bill and Hillary’s speeches, Biden’s life story, Michelle’s speech (which has pushed her favorability ratings up) and a sign that the Obama campaign has a plan, has the money to pull it off, and can meet head on GOP attacks. Again, that’s why McCain had to choose Palin. He’s toast! Now, if Gustav hits around New Orleans during the GOP convention, it’ll appear that the Republicans have even pissed off their god.