Of Course They Have to Lie About How Bad Obama Is/Was

In this era of fake news that is infecting the electorate to such a degree, the lies about President Obama and the state of the country are becoming legendary. For example, the following meme has been floating around social media, and it is virtually 100% total crap. Check it out.

Let’s take these one at a time, shall we? We’ll start with “Obamanomics.” I’ve been amused for some time with those who apparently think we’re still in a recession. Could the recovery be better for more people? Sure. But why the hell would Obama get all the credit? I mean, all he did was prevent an all-out depression. For six years, since we progressives handed the rest of the government to Republicans because he didn’t do everything we wanted immediately, he’s had an unprecedented wall of opposition. In any case, let’s deal with these lies, specifically…

Not only is 23% of children living in poverty not true, it has pretty much never been true, even at the peak of the recession. The number actually peaked at 22% in 2010, and it has been steadily falling since then. (Source) The rate in 2010, in the wake of the Bush near-depression, was also the highest rate since 1993, after the last time Republicans sent us into recession. And again, it’s been dropping for six years.

The 51 million SNAP recipients is also an old number, from 2012, and the number has been dropping steadily since then. (Source) Not only is the number of SNAP recipients dropping, but the costs are also dropping as a percent of GDP. The reason the number increased in the first place was due to the loosening of qualifications, which was necessary because of the Bush Recession/near-depression and which the GOP fought tooth and nail. Ya know, Republicans would have more credibility on this kind of thing if they weren’t part of the problem.

There is no “real unemployment” number. Good thing, since the same number under Republican rule would have been more than 15% through the entire Reagan/Bush 41 Administration and it would have never been below 14% during the Dubya Administration, even when he had the biggest bubble in history to deal with. The unemployment rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics IS the “real unemployment rate” and for the last two years, it’s been below anything seen under any Republican without a massive bubble helping them. (Source)

The one about the “black youth unemployment rate” just shows how gullible the Trump deplorables and other Republicans are. Trump actually claimed 59% at one point, so they at least had enough sense to cut that in half. Still, it’s wrong. For one thing, they don’t define it. The current rate is 27.1% for blacks ages 16-19, but only if you count all black people in that age range. (You know, it’s kind of like their bogus “employment participation rate,” in which they count the total number of people, including the massive Baby Boomer retirees, teens who aren’t working and the self-employed.) For blacks between 16-24, it’s only about 18.7%, using the actual definition of unemployment, which only counts those who are actively in the workforce. (Source)

The actual record Obama set wasn’t 54 straight months of unemployment over 7.5%; that’s absurd. In fact, President Obama has a much better record on unemployment than Saint Ronald Reagan. Reagan took office with a 7.5% unemployment rate and it took more than six YEARS to go below 7% unemployment. Yes, I suppose, if you Even though he was handed an economy in free-fall, it took President Obama a lot less time to go below 7% (It took Reagan 60 months to make it there and stay there) and his highest unemployment rate was lower than Saint Reagan’s. Also, his lowest unemployment rate was lower than Reagan’s. (Source) In fact, the unemployment rate has been below Reagan’s lowest for 15 straight months. On the other hand, Obama did set a record, with 80 straight months of private sector job growth, which no Republican can come close to.

Only president to not have a 3% GDP (growth, I assume) year?” Even if it was true, on the other side is that he also hasn’t had a negative GDP growth year, so there’s that. I mean, no Republican has been able to manage to avoid that to date. Yes, that includes Saint Reagan. However, it’s not true. In fact, as of June 2016, which showed an annual growth rate of 2.5%, this would be the first year since 2009 that the growth rate has been below 3%. (Source) Another thing you should keep in mind is that US economic growth in the US is higher than NATO as a whole. (Source) In other words, the US economy under Obama is doing better than virtually any other developed economy in the world.

Now, let’s get to that “Obama Scandals” section.

This has actually been the first virtually scandal-free Administration in modern history. Also, for three-quarters of Obama’s Administration, he’s been opposed by a Republican Congress, and they have accused the administration of all kinds of crap and cleared them on everything.

Benghazi? Are you shitting me? Eight investigations and everyone, including Hillary Clinton, has been cleared of any wrongdoing at least eight times. By Republicans, no less. (Source)

Fast and Furious was a clusterfuck that was begun under Bush, not Obama and it was not as described by Republican Congresscritters like serial liars Darrell Issa and Chuck Grassley, anyway. The problem at the heart of Fast and Furious was shitty Arizona gun laws that allowed Arizona gun owners to sell virtually any gun they wanted to anyone they wanted without a background check; something Obama and 92% of the American people wanted to change, but the GOP blocked. At the heart of this thing was a couple of bureaucrats who were butthurt. (Source) In other words, the scandal here was that everyone in the GOP lied about what happened. Like Benghazi, they tried to use a tragedy for political gain.

There are two problems with the “Iraq Bugout” claim. First of all, Obama had nothing to say about the Iraq withdrawal. The Status of Forces Agreement was negotiated and signed in December 2008, and despite the lies of Jeb Bush, Obama had no opportunity to renegotiate the pullout. (Source) Not that it mattered anyway. ISIL was created by the invasion of Iraq and the failure to secure the Iraqi borders. They had already taken over territory in Southern Iraq and northern Syria and adopted the name “Islamic State of Iraq” by 2006. (Source) As you’ll recall, Obama didn’t become president until 2009.

FEC and IRS Collusion? And “IRS Targeting”? An obvious attempt to pad the list. Both refer to the IRS trying to enforce the laws that prohibit political groups from having a tax exemption. It would have been a scandal if they hadn’t done that. Likewise, the “Bergdahl terrorist sawp (sic)” is not a scandal. Imagine how they would have whined had Obama left a soldier in the hands of “the enemy.”

The rest of these, like “ACA Law Change,” are largely a joke. How is 20 million additional insured a “scandal”? How is the lowest average healthcare inflation in a half century a “scandal”? And the reference to “ACA kickbacks” actually refers to increased PROSECUTION of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies who were VIOLATING the False Claims Act. It was also determined that, because the private insurance policies sold on the healthcare.gov website were not FEDERAL health insurance plans, they were not subject to federal anti-kickback laws. Not that any policies would have applied anyway. Republicans have been looking for any rationale for repeal. All health insurance sold under the ACA are PRIVATE insurance plans, precisely because the GOP killed the public option. A public option may have been a federal insurance plan, depending on how it was designed. Policies on the current exchanges are sold and priced by private insurance companies.

They would have more credibility on the “drones” and “kill list” complaints if they had ever complained about them while they were happening, but they didn’t. And frankly, the drone and kill list programs are preferable to invading and breaking two countries. And the “NSA eavesdropping” is also a crock, especially with Wikileaks and Ed Snowden helping Republicans win. The NSA was only collecting metadata that did not include names and the reason we found out about any of it was because they were reporting to the FISA court. And again, they might have a slight bit of credibility if they hadn’t championed actually illegal spying under George W. Bush’s Administration. Also, the “VA Scandal” has little to nothing to do with the Obama Administration. In fact, the cuts in the VA can be traced to the GOP Congress and, while Obama has tried to fix the problems, the GOP Congress has blocked much of the attempt.

The Obama Administration has been the cleanest in my memory; at least as clean as the Carter Administration and certainly a welcome change from the last few Republican administrations.  Maybe that’s why they have to make shit up. Ya think?

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  1. Eight Republican led investigations and everyone, including Hillary Clinton, has been cleared of any wrongdoing at least eight times.

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