Of Course We Can, Liberals – With Democrats

Let’s reiterate something…

I am a PROGRESSIVE. I am a LIBERAL. I am very far to the left of the average person. I always have been. I still am, no matter what the unicorn freaks say about me.

I am also an idealist. I believe we can do anything we want, if we really put our minds to it. Of course, I am also a realist; I look at the democratic system and the history of this country and I realize that we never get anything we really want in one try, and we can’t get anything done without support from a majority. A majority! That means, if we want to get progressive shit done, we have to become popular. And being a realist, I also know the electorate always has and always will pulls us toward the political center. That’s neither bad nor good, by the way; it’s just how democracy works.

So, imagine my confusion, shock and disgust when I see Bernie Sanders’ staunchest supporters, who spent the past  election cycle alternating between pushing idealistic notions of unicorns and rainbows and people getting free stuff and trashing Hillary Clinton to the point of giving Donald Trump an opening, now dictating to actual Democrats how we should act and how we can win every election. Of course, what they are actually doing is to demand that Democrats do what they want, so THEY will vote Democrats, as if there are enough of them to push anyone over the edge and into winning territory.

It’s really getting pathetic, if we’re being honest.

Bernie Stans are confidence people, almost as good as Donny and the Trumpians. They seem to believe they can, through sheer force of will get us “free college” and “single-payer” healthcare, even though most of them have no idea what “single-payer” is. They believe they have the power to banish all money from the electoral system, even though they have NEVER WON AN ELECTION.

And cheat? Bernie Sanders, whose followers are trying to “school” Democrats on how to win at politics, has now explained how he plans to run this year. He plans to use the Democratic Party apparatus to win the primary in Vermont, and then run as an “independent” in the General. It’s not illegal. But it seems strange that someone who thinks he has the stones to show Democrats how to win, and whose supporters portray him as the future of the Democratic Party (a big joke), to use the Party and then procesed to screw them, by attempting to preclude the party from running a candidate in the general.

The Bernie Stans are also wont to declare that “certain states” will never elect a Democrat, which seems odd for a guy who claims he wants Democrats to win more. That’s akin to the declarations add by unicorn progressives that red states will never vote for a Democrat, and that “Southern” states will only vote for the “racist” candidate, indicating that liberals and Democrats shouldn’t even try. and they say this, even as they declare that a key reason Democrats lose is their failure to adopt a “50-state strategy.”

Sorry, but that’s not a progressive attitude. It actually mimics a right wing attitude. It’s also not realistic, either.

Why do certain white progressives not get that most of the black people in this country live in the South and they are the Democratic base. In fact, Black women have far more power within the Democratic Party than white liberals have had since about the mid-1960s. The reason Democrats lose is because so many white liberals leave red state progressives of all hues and ethnicities out to dry. They write off their states as if they don’t count. They target Democrats like Blue Dogs for their “impurity,” without even considering the fact that, in many red states and districts, the odds of getting a full-fledged hardcore liberal into office from those places is close to zero. Instead of working their asses off to elect the best Democrat possible, white unicorn progressives write off large segments of the population as unimportant and say stupid shit like, “We can never win the South,” as if it’s fact.

It’s not a fact. Of course Democrats can win the South. I mean, for Chrissakes, people, before she was First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton was the First Lady of ARKANSAS! The governor of Texas before George W. Bush was DEMOCRAT Ann Richards. Montana, of all places, elects a lot of Democrats. Tom Daschle was from South Dakota. Bob Kerrey was from Nebraska. We can win these states, and we have to. Unfortunately, geniuses, it means compromise. It means Blue Dogs. It means accepting the fact that not all Democrats can be as far left as Alan Grayson or Elizabeth Warren. And it also means supporting actual Democrats, not Bernie Sanders. With support, Democrats can win any state in this country. They lose largely because of the asinine “progressive” quest for perfection.

As noted previously, after we elected Barack Obama, for three election cycles, unicorn progressives targeted Blue Dog Democrats and every one of them was replaced by a Tea Party Republican. Yet, THEY are telling us how to win as Democrats?

Is that what you call progress?

Grow up. Democrats can win anywhere, but we need support. Grow the fuck up and give it to them.


Of Course We Can, Liberals – With Democrats — 1 Comment

  1. Once again Mr. Shook, you are one of the lone voices of reason in these very unreasonable of times we have found ourselves. Thank you for this essay. We have the Right and their narrative which is being promoted in the MSM. Then on the Left, we have sites like Huffpo and DK that are often used as a soapbox for attacking Democrats that do not fit some Progressive’s views. Even if those Democrats are running in red states they are considered “DINOs” and are slammed for not fitting in the Progressive mold.

    This is a losing game. I just hope that they butt out in states like AZ where there are some good strong Democrats running in newly competitive races. The DNC and the DCCC are not the enemy but from some of the diaries on DK and comments you would think they are Trump organizations. I am very suspect when someone posts a comment saying, “Do not send money to the DCCC” and “So and so is an establishment Democrat”. The Democratic Party has room for us all. Being exclusive hurts us.

    Maybe if some Progressives had supported Obama as loudly AFTER he was elected as they did during the 2008 primary he would have been able to get more done. Instead they just attacked him as “folding”.

    Thank you Mr. Shook for all your hard work. I wish you had more of a national presence in the MSM. You speak for many of us who feel very left out of the current political discourse.