Okay, It’s Time for Donny to Go

There has been a lot of talk about the 25th Amendment and the fact that Lord Donny Trump is batshit crazy enough that it should have been invoked by now. The problem is, we are directing our ire at Trump himself, when we should be directing it at the Republican Party in general, since they are the ones who ultimately get to decide whether the Big Orange Toddler stays or goes.

It’s certainly the case that Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be President of the United States. Whether or not he is “crazy” or “mentally ill” or even if “dementia” may be setting in are questions for greater minds than I. However, when you look at his Twitter feed, it’s easy to say he does not have the temperament or the gravitas necessary to be our leader in the world community. Look at his Tweets from the last few days, for a few examples. He basically dared two relatively unstable nuclear powers to attack him. Here are two Tweets directed at Pakistan:

Then, there was the infamous, “my button is bigger than your button,” which he directed at the dictator of North Korea, at a time when Kim Jong Un was actually trying to make overtures to South Korea, which should have been a hopeful time”

If that’s not enough, Donny also promised to hold a sort of fake news awards, where he would continue his attack on the American press and help promote his buddies at Fox News:

However, as unhinged as all that was, consider his reaction to Steve Bannon today.

You see, the neo-Nazi Bannon was quoted in a book and he’s in the process of selling it for the author, Michael Wolff. One of the “highlights” of this lowlife’s quotes was to call the meeting between Donny Junior and the Russians, “treasonous.” According to several stories, Trump was running around the White House, screaming and cussing and scaring the idiots stupid enough to work for him. Finally, he issued the following press release. Keep in mind, the following was allegedly written by a 71-year-old “President of the United States!”

In what way is this not shameful? In what way does this read as if a sane 71-year-old responsible adult wrote it?

What the hell does this asshole have to do before the Republican Party decides they’ve had enough and they at least start the proceedings to get rid of his ass. I don’t know what the problem is, but this is not a proud moment for the United States of America. He has to GO. NOW.

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