On the One Hand, There Are the Emails, But…

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the reason the Trump deplorables brigade gets so excited about a few emails is because they literally have nothing else? I mean, seriously, if Hillary was as horrible as advertised, why would they have to be so focused on a couple of emails that may have been mishandled. Out of tens of thousands of emails, the FBI found less than a half dozen that were questionable. Hell; the way most of the Trumpies talk about them, they don’t even understand what happened. I don’t care how you handle your email; it’s not the same. You should also know that, when she became Secretary of State, the federal government’s IT was a little bit behind, to put it mildly. In fact, in 2009, it probably made more sense to use a private server. Pre-2008, I communicated a lot with the State Department as part of my job and I sent email to private email addresses quite often, if not most of the time. One person was still using Hotmail and they said it was because they didn’t trust the State Department’s system. In fact, the State Department was hacked during Clinton’s tenure, while her personal server was not.

In any case, all they have is emails. It’s sad, really, especially when you consider what we know about Donald Trump…

  • Between Election Day and Inauguration Day, Trump will be headed to court to defend himself against charges that he raped a 13-year-old girl. To make matters worse, her story is being corroborated by a girl who was 12 at the time, who was forced to perform oral sex on the billionaire.
  • He has admitted to routinely sexually assaulting women and dismisses what he said as “locker room talk.”
  • His campaign has routinely solicited donations from foreign sources, in violation of campaign law.
  • He promised a “self-funding” campaign, but violated that promise within weeks.
  • Millions in donations to the Trump campaign have gone to the Trump Organization and he charges his campaign premium prices for goods and services provided.
  • Several high-ranking campaign officials have strong ties to the Russian government.
  • The Russian government has taken an active role in attempting to get Trump elected, which indicates that they will have some sort of active role in a Trump Administration.
  • He has refused to release a single tax return.
  • Based on what financial information we do have, he has outstanding loans with Russia in the hundreds of millions of dollars. He also has significant investment in China.
  • He used a tax strategy to avoid paying that may have been illegal.
  • He lost $916 million in a single year and may have used that to avoid taxes for nearly two decades.
  • He has gone to bankruptcy court six times.
  • He has been sued hundreds of times for non-payment of debts he has incurred.
  • He is looking at a muli-million-dollar payout for the scam that was Trump University.
  • He is currently a party to thousands of lawsuits.
  • He hs been ordered to shit down the Trump Foundation because it didn’t meet standards.
  • He believes that he can negotiate down the national debt, the way he cheats his creditors.
  • He thinks not paying taxes is “smart,” which insinuates that everyone who does pay taxes is a dope.
  • He thinks a nuclear war is “winnable” and that, since we have them we should use them.
  • He knows nothing about most of the foreign powers he will have to deal with should he become president.
  • Few in the military support Donald Trump and many in military leadership have already promised to refuse many of his orders, should be become president.
  • The CIA has promised mass resignations should Trump be elected, based on his promises to enact a torture protocol that would violate international law.
  • He is so thin-skinned, he has hinted that he would happily start a war and put our troops in harm’s way if someone insulted him.
  • He has promised to start a world war while president.
  • He has promised to violate the Geneva Convention by invading countries to take their oil.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now, how can anyone seriously claim that Hillary’s emails are even a minor concern when you look at Trump’s record and the promises he has made during this campaign?

Please… cut the crap. No one thinks Hillary Clinton purposely disclosed secrets to any foreign country. On the other hand, can you be sure Trump hasn’t?

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