One More Thing We Have to Do…

I feel especially prescient lately.

Within the last few days, a number of news stories have come to light explaining that Lord Donny really is not a big fan of his job as “president.” And there is a single thread running through all of them. He doesn’t like the job because it’s not what he thought it was. I’ve seen the signs all along. his sole purpose for running in the first place was to win. He had no platform, he had no goals; he simply said whatever he thought would get him the “win.” There is a reason why he can’t stop talking about his “win.” To him, that was the end of it; he was unprepared for anything else.

Donald Trump has no concept of the job he ran for. None. It has been obvious ever since he started running that his vision of the job of president was similar to that of a CEO or the president of a company. His idea was that he would essentially become the “boss of America.” There is little doubt that the response to many of his “orders,” which has ranged from strong protest to abject ridicule, depending on which one we’re talking about, has shocked him to his core. This is a man who is used to issuing the memo and having everyone else in the company fall at his feet and attempt to comply with everything they have. This is a man who has never worked for anyone else in his life, except his father, kind of, and there is little doubt that Freddie Drumpf treated his young charge/son as if he was something of a partner. How could someone like that ever understand that he’s not an executive of a public company, but rather, the highest-profile public SERVANT in the country. Every previous president in history (yes, even George W. Bush) got the fact that they worked for the people, but I don’t sense that Lord Donny has that idea at all.

Imagine the dilemma he faces. He wants – and even demands – that everyone show deference to him. He is personally wounded when someone criticizes him. He has the thinnest skin of any public figure in political history. And yet, every single day, he is rebuffed in his attempt to do anything he wants. It has to be eating him up. And it is eating him up.

Look at the video of his appearance with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today. A lot has been made of Abe’s face after the too-long handshake and the fact that Abe had to graciously tell Donny of the protocol for such sessions, but you’re looking at the wrong thing. Donny’s body language BEFORE the cameras started clicking is far more telling. Look at his hands, his leaning forward as if he’s about to be called into the principal’s office. This is someone who is completely uncomfortable. he is absolutely scared to death he will fuck something up, in part because he knows he will. However, he’s also too narcissistic to ask the White House Office of Protocol about what he should do.

We are doing a great job of keeping the pressure on Donald Trump. We have to keep ridiculing him and making him feel like he can’t do the job. And keep it up for several reasons. First of all, it’s fun. Also, it keeps him off-balance, and the last thing we need is a narcissistic gasbag who feels confident in what he is doing. We want him to feel like the whole fricking world is against him and we want to feed his lack of self-esteem. The fact that he’s calling Michael Flynn at 3 a.m. to ask about strong and weak dollars means he knows he’s in over his head and he wants to do better. I know that sounds screwy, but this is someone who may be mentally ill; rationality doesn’t enter into it.

There’s something else we have to do, though. We have to turn that same spotlight onto the entire Republican Party. We need to keep them all off-balance and we have to make sure it’s clear to every single voter that the GOP gave us the incompetent Lord Donny. Don’t let anyone even insinuate this is normal, but it is also important to let everyone know that very little of what Donny has said or done over the last two years differs from what the Republican Party has stood for all along. We have to go after every single Republican as hard as we go after Trump, and we have to do it with just as much vigor. It doesn’t matter at what level, either. Our biggest problem isn’t even at the federal level. All of the laws that make abortion almost impossible were passed at the state level. All of those right to work states? That didn’t come from the federal government. And if you’ve been complaining about gerrymandering over the last 8 years, guess where those districts came from? And voter suppression sure as hell isn’t coming from Congress.

it’s time to go after the real problems with this country and that means going after the Republican Party every chance you get. It also means not going after Democrats for anything, but that’s another column for another day. Just know that you can’t limit your ridicule and your vitriol to Donald Trump. We have to go after the entire Republican ideology with everything we have. Look at what we’ve been able to do to Donny so far; we can do that to every single Republican.

And we have to.

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