One Reason They ALL Have to Go – NOW!

The 2020 election is well underway. In fact, the campaigns are coming fast and furious, at all levels of government. And one thing is clear;

  • Liberals are largely hopeful of creating a country that actually lives up to our ideals. You know, the part in which everyone has equal rights and where we welcome everyone to our shores and our culture.
  • Meanwhile, the far right, who call themselves “conservative,” seemingly without irony, only cares about winning. Or more accurately, they care about beating everyone who isn’t as mindlessly jingoistic as they are.

That may seem somewhat unfair, but really, this has been the dynamic for more than a generation. If to surprises you, then you now know why progressives have been so unsuccessful, politically, for a half-century. We are too preoccupied with being civil and fair, and we’re too unwilling to get our hands dirty. Meanwhile, the far right is willing to do or say anything that makes their minions happy.

And that, in a nutshell, is the difference between left and right these days. Look at the ads and you can see it. The Biden ads vs. the Trump ads alone are remarkable, if you bother to look at them. I can only access what I see here in Arizona, and I don’t know how representative they are, but generally, Biden’s ads are all about reforming the presidency and returning it as a force for good for the American people. At the same time, Frump has chosen a point of view that is in line with the far right’s vision for many years, but it all seems horribly dated.

In one Trump ad, for example, the characters are elderly people, but the gist of them is that a United States with Joe Biden as president will mean no public protection. Apparently, Trump has decided to take the “defund Police” idea absolutely literally. In one ad, the old woman calls 911 and she’s told she’ll have to wait five days to get an officer to come out.

This isn’t exactly a new thing for the far right; they’ve been trying to scare us for years. In fact, it’s such a staple, it’s exactly what Trump ran on in 2016. If you’ll recall, his campaign portrayed the American economy as a hellscape, even though we were in the midst of one of the longest economic recoveries in history and we were close to record-low unemployment at the time. Not that it mattered if you’ll recall, Trump suggested that the unemployment rate was “rigged” and the “real” unemployment rate was hovering above 30 percent.

In her second Senate run in two years, Republican Martha McSally may be even more of a downer than Trump. In addition to suggesting (falsely, of course) that her opponent, astronaut Mark Kelly has been “ripping off” taxpayers for millions of dollars and working closely with “Communist China” to become “rich.” Even though he’s really not, by most measures, and some of his income is shared with his wife, former Representative Gabby Giffords.

McSally seems to be stuck in the 1960s, if not the 1950s, and not in a good way. She loves to love to use the word “Communist” to describe China. She has also taken on the Trump attack on China by referring to Coronavirus as the “China Virus” on that rare occasion she even mentions COVID-19. She is also continuing the lie that she told in the 2018 campaign (which she lost to Kirsten Sinema), where she promised to protect people with pre-existing conditions. This time, though, she has been adding lies, as an incumbent Senator, telling people she’s written bills to do just that. She’s also claimed to have written and advocated for a bill to transfer the manufacture of most prescription drugs to the United States, which she touts as “bringing jobs back to America.” Of course, her ads on the subject feature fearful old people who claim to be worried that “Communist China” might withhold her prescriptions from the market and she could die.

It’s 2020, people. Yes, the Chinese Communist Party is a threat, but not to their customers. The people who have to worry most about the Chinese Communist Party are the Chinese people. However, the far right in this country love buzz words, and their most virulent strain still likes to instill fear of “commies,” not unlike they did 60+ years ago. That is why they are so racist and misogynistic; that was the style back in the 1950s.

We have to get rid of these people at all levels of government. They are the opposite of “conservative,” anyway. They’re more radical than the “hippies” ever hoped to be. There is no place in 2020 society for these idiots.

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