One Week to Go: Calling Out Republican Lies

With a midterm election in which the Republican lie machine is working at full speed, it’s time to correct the record on some of the most blatant lies they are telling in a desperate move to prevent a possible blood bath. The desperation level is pretty much unprecedented, indicating the likelihood that they’re aware of how precarious their position is.

Good. Let’s make it happen…

In the meantime, let’s clear up a few of the most obvious lies they are telling nationwide, in most districts, without even customizing the lie for the candidate.

Pre-existing conditions and health insurance in general

All over the country, Republican candidates are suddenly claiming they supported the ACA, especially the part of the law that provides protection for people with “pre-existing conditions.” Before the ACA, insurance companies routinely either denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or jacked premiums up so high, no one could afford them. Obamacare stopped that practice and millions of people who had been denied coverage previously were not allowed to be excluded or overcharge.

Democrats passed the ACA in 2010 with the help of exactly ZERO Republican votes. Since 2010, the Republican Party has tried to repeal the ACA and a scant few have voted against repeal a couple times. The last one, you’ll remember, since it was opposed by none other than John McCain, who suddenly had a fit of conscience and gave a dramatic thumbs-down. Then, late last year, thinking they just needed to think less broad to “win” and take away health insurance from millions, the GOP House passed a bill that would have allowed insurance companies to not cover people with pre-existing conditions. It was only this year – at a time when they could feel power slipping away and they were desperate to appeal to voters – that the House took up a bill that would expressly protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Also, in the two years since Trump took office, Republicans in Congress, figuring out they can’t outright repeal Obamacare, have been chipping away at the funding and canceling provisions in a way that makes health insurance less affordable to the people who finally found insurance they can afford with the ACA. Another thing to consider is, the GOP leadership has already signaled they plan to cut the Medicare budget, which will have an effect on all health insurance premiums.

When you look at the facts, on balance, Republicans are dead-set against Obamacare and plan to kill it. Every single Republican candidate who claims they will protect people with pre-existing conditions, or healthcare in general, for that matter, is lying to us.

Border Security

I have written a lot about this recently, but the only problem we actually have with border security is the direct result of Trump policies and the complete abdication of oversight responsibility on the part of Republicans in Congress.

We do not have a border security problem. We have a few isolated problems with drug cartels trying to get their goods over the border, but the vast majority of people coming across the southern border are simply trying to escape horrible conditions in their own country and hoping for a better life. However, this image of thousands of migrants streaming across the border illegally simply is not true. Even Trump himself has said so. On April 21, 2017, just three months into his term, he noted that border crossings were at their lowest point in 17 years, which was one of the few statements he’s ever made, according to Politifact. (Source: )

Again, this was three months into his reign; he hadn’t been around long enough to implement anything. The fact is, 2000 was the peak in border crossings, and they have been declining since, reaching extremely low levels since the Great Recession. In fact, border apprehensions were down from an average month of 133,000 in 2000 to 12,193 in March 2017, just before Trump bragged about the numbers.

Therefore, when a Republican candidate tells you border crime is a huge problem and they plan to be “tough” and demand a wall be built, they are lying. The border problem is overstated and the human rights abuses committed by Donny, such as the jailing of children, is a bigger problem than “brown people” streaming over the southern border, which actually hasn’t been happening for more than a decade. The wall is pointless, which is why Republicans are lying to us.

The Deficit is Caused by Entitlement Spending

This one is a piece of cake.

Social Security and Medicare both have trust funds. In other words, the money that you and all workers pay into that trust fund is essentially safe and is paying for all benefits. Neither Trust Fund has ever run out of money, although they came close once. In 1986, with St. Reagan as president, the Democratic Congress shored up the trust fund, after their Republican predecessors had begun raiding them to make the deficits they were running look smaller.

In reality, neither Social Security nor Medicare have ever contributed a single red cent to the deficit. That said, because Republicans borrow from the funds, a lot of people are holding paper backing what the nation owes to the two trust funds, but the federal government will have to pay off that debt at some point, when we stop Republicans from running up huge deficits through massive and unneeded tax cuts.

And that is the key to all of this. Since 1981, when St. Ronald of Reagan was elected, about 90% of the debt that has been added has come courtesy of the Republican Party. Our debt in 1981 was $900 billion. By the time Clinton was elected, the debt was more than $6 trillion. It was still $6 trillion when Bush 43 took over and ballooned to almost two-and-a-half times that by the time Obama was elected.

The current level of deficits and debt, which are setting records for peacetime, are mostly caused by sinking revenues, meaning the tax cuts for the very rich that Republcans are obsessed with perpetrating every time they have power. Republicans lie about this incessantly; the problem with the deficits is not spending, it is revenues that are the problem. And can we please put an end to the Republican lie, that supply-side economics, also known as “trickle down” simply does not work? At no time has a Republican tax cut ever led to an increase in revenues. Why would it?

Both Parties are the Same on Hate Speech, Inciting Violence

The latest Republican lie is that “both sides” do it. According to GOP candidates, everyone is uncivil and everyone needs to tone down the rhetoric, for fear that it will incite some nutcase. Except that it’s really not “both sides” at all. It’s all coming from the right. Republicans have been encouraging hate speech for years, too; it’s not a new thing since Trump became politician, after a long career as a con artist.

Back in the 1960s, after the GOP got its ass kicked in 1964, the party embarked on its “Southern Strategy,” in which they recruited all the racists and reprobates who occupied the branch of the Democratic Party who proudly called themselves “Dixiecrats” into their fold, and they have continued to do so for more than a half century. In fact, those people, who include white nationalists and Neo-Nazis, make up a significant portion of the Republican “base.” Trump has highlighted these idiots in his quest to turn the presidency into his own personal fiefdom, but they have been there all along. While white nationalists and Neo-Nazis generally don’t register as Republicans, they faithfully vote Republican, when they vote at all.

Most atrocities that have been perpetrated in the last few years are perpetrated by someone who usually votes Republican. The little asshole who shot up the church; the asshole who shot up Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School; the Nazi who ran down and killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville; the moron who shot up Sandy Hook and the people who have been calling it a “false flag” ever since – all vote Republican and some even wear MAGA hats. They have one shooter – the psycho who shot up an Congressional baseball practice – and every time something happens – and face it, it seems like it’s happening daily now – they bring up Steve Scalise. That is a lie, too, since Bernie Sanders denounced the shooter as soon as he heard about it and, for all his faults, Bernie has never called for violence against anyone.

Republicans are lying to you. Don’t buy any of it. They are against just about everything the average American is for.

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