Opinions Are Like… You Know…

You’ve heard the phrase, “everyone is entitled to their opinion” before, right? Well, I think we all can agree with one thing; We live in a society that values free speech, so if you utter an opinion about anything, you should be protected from the government.

The problem is, these days it seems as if everyone with an opinion feels like it’s their right to be free from criticism. Listen to right- and left-wingers when they offer up an opinion; they think their right to an opinion means its mere existence means it’s a good opinion. No opinion could possibly be wrong because they’re entitled to it.

That’s just plain wrong. There are good opinions, but there are most definitely bad ones, as well. The simple fact that you have an opinion and that we all agree that you’re entitled to it does not mean your opinion is right. And it’s certainly not fact, in any case.

That seems to be another miscalculation many make these days; there is a wide chasm between opinion and fact, and a growing number of humans seem to confuse them all too often. It’s not unusual to state a fact like “Climate change is occurring right now” and to be opposed by “I don’t believe climate change is real.” What you believe is not fact, whether you’re talking about climate change, Trump’s guilt, or God almighty. (With the last one, let’s just say there’s a reason it’s called “faith.”)

Again, you are entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else. In other words, when you express your opinion on whatever you choose, and other people disagree with you or call you wrong, everyone is exercising their right to free speech. You are entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else. If their opinion is that your opinion is asinine, your right to opine has not been affected in any way.

Some opinions are just wrong, and I don’t understand those who think there is something wrong with others expressing that. Why do so many people think their opinion is too good to be opposed by anyone, and why do they claim major insult when someone says their opinion is wrong?

I mean, if you think Trump’s been a great president, fine. Of course, you are entitled to be deluded to that level. However, you shouldn’t be surprised or offended when people point out that most of what Trump claims as accomplishments are flat wrong. This is not the best economy in history; far from it. In fact, the economy is showing signs of major weakness, and his reliance on statistics like the unemployment rate are the same stats he dismissed as wrong during his campaign.

The only thing that is going right at all right now is the economy, but it’s not because of anything Trump has done. It would actually be difficult to find something Trump has done that has been positive for the economy. And most of the economic factors he cites, no president really has a hand in. The stock market is up about 25% since he took office, but then, it tripled under Obama. Unemployment is down a little over a point, which is about 25% of where it was when he took office, but Obama dropped unemployment by more than half when he was in office.

All I’m saying is, the best thing you can say about Trump n the economy is, he hasn’t done enough to cause a recession – yet. However, if you want to opine that Trump is the best ever, of course, you’re allowed to say that. However, you should also expect that not everyone will agree with you. And it’s not personal, in any case. You didn’t make him “president,” a lot of people helped you. Like Putin and Russian intelligence officials, as well as Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and a lot of Russian oligarchs who want to sow chaos all over the West.

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