Ours to Lose – Stop Losing

It’s difficult to put into words just how bad this election is to the American psyche. Thank God, I have a lot of confidence that this election marks the end of an incredibly dark period in our history, and we will be able to wake up from this nightmare soon and fix things. However, we still have a few weeks of this nonsense to deal with and I’m here to help.

I will never forget the somber feelings I had when I voted in 1980, when this nightmare started. Voting was hard, but then I had to go to work. I had to listen to the election results on the radio. For you millennials, radio was a formerly useful resource for information that Republicans have basically ruined in the intervening years. Now, I am normally a very positive person; I despise cynicism, and I always think the best of people, until they give me a reason not to. But I was practically despondent over Ronald Reagan winning the 1980 election, primarily because of what it represented. In the space of about a decade, liberals had gone from running the show and getting almost everything they asked for to being shoved aside and treated as an afterthought. The word “liberal” had become an epithet, which can’t happen without our quiet acquiescence and I didn’t understand it. I truly thought the Reagan era would be short-lived and the neocons would be one and done within a short time. I admit to being naive; I thought far left liberals were smarter than right wingers and it would be just a matter of time before we made a comeback.

Little did I know that, 36 years later, we would be looking at a Republican Party that nominated the worst candidate in the history of the republic and it’s not clear, three weeks out, that Democrats are looking at a landslide. In fact, unlike 1980, the professional left has a significant media presence and they spend as much time whining and complaining about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats than they do pointing out that the Republican Party is the most disgusting and anti-American that it has ever been. What the hell is going on? After 36 years in the political wilderness, what will it take for the loudest segment of the progressive movement to get a goddamn clue and realize that this country has two viable parties and only one of them is even open to the possibility of political progress. You can hem and haw and dream of perfection all you want, but the fact of the matter is, politics in a democracy isn’t about perfect, it’s about improvement. It’s about making society better.

There is no choice in this election and there hasn’t been a choice in any election since 1980. We have to go with the Democrats because there is no one else we can turn to for progress in the areas in which this country needs attention. It should be easy, really. There is literally not a single problem you can point to right now that isn’t traceable to the Republican Party. Seriously, think about it.

  • The reason the poor are getting poorer is because of Republicans. The minimum wage has only been raised once in the last 19 years and now sits at almost $4 below where it needs to be to keep up with 1968, adjusted for inflation. I know the professional left likes to blame Clinton for “welfare reform,” but the fact is, that was a Republican bill that would have been worse than it was without a veto threat. Clinton also set up the economy for Al Gore to take it and run with it; how the hell was he supposed to know that pro lefties and Naderites would hand the election to the most incompetent boob to run for president in the pre-Trump era?
  • It is a damn shame that college students are graduating with the largest debt burden in history, but how do you think things got to that point? Republicans have cut funding for education, they cut funding for student financial aid and they allowed the banks to lend money at whatever interest rates they wanted with virtually no risk. And Republicans have run a majority of states and in their tax cutting zeal, they have cut funding for most colleges at the same time they command all sorts of additional accountability. No one expects college to be free, but the cost of student loans shouldn’t be higher than many mortgages. And all of it comes from the Republican Party.
  • We could solve the immigration problems in no time, if it wasn’t for Republicans and their fearmongering. However, the problem has been allowed to fester for almost 20 years now without a solution because the GOP demands that everyone fear “others.” People who come here for work to make their lives better shouldn’t be subject to inhumane treatment, ever, but that is a Republican staple. As long as Republicans have enough control of government to block reform, it will be blocked.
  • Look at the economy. It is just a fact that the economy moves well under Democrats. Republicans crash the economy, while Democrats rescue it. Just in the current neocon era, Saint Reagan and the Republican Senate cut the hell out of taxes and blew up the deficit. it wasn’t until Democrats took the Senate back that they fixed Social Security and returned the tax code to something resembling sanity. When Bill Clinton won, he forced the newly Republican Congress to learn how to balance the budget and create jobs, but as soon as Repubicans had the White House and Congress, they blew off those lessons and acted irresponsibly again. We know how to make the economy soar, but Repubicans won’t do any of it. They are obsessive about tax cuts, they abhor regulation and Tory to cut it when they can and they treat economic bubbles as a good thing. Again, the professional left loves to blame Bill Clinton for “repealing Glass-Stegall,” but Glass Steagall’s repeal has little to do with the mortgage meltdown that led to the worst collapse since the Great Depression and Congress would have overridden the veto anyway; they had the votes.
  • And you should also be worried about the tenuous nature of reproductive rights. It’s really getting bad. But it’s bad at the state level. More specifically, it’s bad in states run by Republicans.

We have the greatest opportunity in a generation to rid ourselves of the slovenly Republican Party once and for all. That means voting for Hillary Clinton, of course, but it also means getting your head out of your ample rectum and looking around. Democrats work hard for Americans and they are at least open to progressive political issues. On the other hand, the Republican Party thinks progressives are assholes and wrong about everything. They don’t give a rats ass about the American people, they think poor people are lazy and they think brown people are criminals. They also think women are too stupid to make personal medical decisions themselves and while they talk about “small government,” they are the only political party talking about government-mandated vaginal probes and substituting government judgment for that of American women and families.

This election is ours to lose. That said, all elections are ours to lose. For Chrissakes, people; only about a quarter of the electorate identifies as Republican, which means we always have any advantage. And yet, we have lost almost every election since 1980 because somehow, a large contingent of the progressive movement has decided that we’re too good for the Democratic Party. They got us Social Security, Medicare, civil rights laws, environmental laws and financial regulation, while the GOP is taking all of that away, brick by brick. Why are we not all making sure the Republican Party loses every damn election in a landslide? Forget trying to perfect the Democratic Party; our primary goal needs to make sure Republicans don’t win anything. They have a majority in the House and Senate. They have majorities in a majority of state legislatures. They hold three-fifths of governorships. How does that happen when we have a majority on our side, except that we, as progressives are not doing our jobs. It’s time to rescue America; support the Democratic Party. For now and in the foreseeable future, it’s out only hope.

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  1. I’m thinking Amen and Amen! When people say things like’both parties are the same’ I think what God-like pinnacle are you looking down from that we all look like ants to you? From where I stand, every single thing that progressives have gained they’ve gained through the Democratic Party. If they all worked for the party and voted in every election, we would have an even more progressive party, because politicians could take risks without knowing they’d be thrown under the bus at the next election for being sky blue instead of royal.