Out of the Way, Wingnuts! This Election is Too Important for Your Crap!

Just to make clear,
what you’re seeing all over the country is the far right in this country being
forced back to the fringes of political discourse in this country, which is
where they belong, and progressives and real conservatives taking back the country. This is not just people wanting a little
change in Washington; this is a movement. This is Americans waking up from a
slumber, and deciding to take the country back, before there’s nothing left to
take back.


And it’s so humorous
to watch these idiots flail, and try to hang onto power. Seriously, is there
anything more pathetic than watching Elisabeth Hasselbeck pleading wih the
others on "The View" to please take her seriously, because what she
has to say has huge national importance, or to see Sean Hannity beating the
Ayers and Wright horses well after they’re deceased, and starting to smell?


I’m going to put it
as bluntly as I can, folks. If you vote for John McCain, you are voting to
bankrupt the United States and turn us into a Third World country within our
lifetimes. That’s not to say McCain wouldn’t be a slight improvement over the
disaster who occupies the Oval Office currently. But shouldn’t we aim higher?
Instead of trading lung cancer for hepatitis C, why don’t we instead work for
the good health of the country?


One of the likely
reasons so many people are finally waking up, is because a significant enough
number of them have finally maxed out their credit, and can no longer pay the
bills every month, and it’s starting to dawn on them; perhaps something is


So, what’s been
wrong with neocon rule since Reagan? Gee, where do I start?


The United States
has gone from being the largest creditor nation in the world, to being the
largest debtor nation in the world. And the debt the United States carries as a
country is dwarfed by the debt carried by our citizens individually.


Rather than being
the largest manufacturer of goods in the world, the United States is now the
largest importer in the world, and the
resultant job loss has made us almost entirely dependent on other countries for
manufactured good; a circumstance that, ironically, none other than Dwight D.
Eisenhower, Republican president, warned us about 50 years ago.


Our health care
system has become unworkable in recent years, as premiums have skyrocketed,
even as access to care has decreased significantly. We now pay more than any
other industrialized nation in the world for health care, and more than one out
of five of our people have no access to health care, and as many as half will
only find out how insufficient their coverage is, when they actually need it.


Our reputation as
the most benevolent nation in the world has been transformed, to the point that
we are largely one of the most feared nations in the world.


Let me put this


Before the neocons
took over, it was possible to run a household with one income, our level of
debt was low, and we were the shining example of how great a democracy could
be. We had occasional problems, but as
those problems came up, they tended to be addressed. People could go to the
doctor, and afford to pay for it, in part, because they weren’t in debt up to
their eyeballs.


Now, look at us.


After about 30 years
of neocons running the show, it’s absolutely necessary for two people in any
family to work more 50 hours per week each just to scrape by. We’re having a
hard time making it, because good jobs have disappeared and wages have stagnated.
People are swimming in increasing amounts of debt, in large part because
they’ve been encouraged to do so, and because the neocon-led government has
removed most of the rules that used to be in place to protect consumers from
predatory practices. As if that weren’t
enough, we’re now forced to face the specter of terrorism, precisely because
many of the same people who once thought of us as benevolent, now object to our
increasingly threatening nature.


Here’s a clue for
the right wing morons who might read this treatise;


As long as people
are having a hard time making the mortgage payment; seeing their gas and
electric bills go sky high; paying $4 per gallon for gas; worrying about
whether or not they’ll have a job in a few months or a couple of years;
watching their health insurance go south, because their employer can’t afford
the premiums; watching their 401(k) drop like a rock every couple of years;
watching inflation take most of their meager pay raises each year, even as the
government tells them inflation isn’t very high; and having to undergo what
amounts to as a strip search, just to get on a plane to see their kids; they’re
not going to give a rat’s ass about whether or not Barack Obama might have
shared a kiss with William Ayers at some point, or whether or not Obama’s
former pastor is a bit of a nut.


You see, it’s the
same reason no one really gives a rat’s ass about who McCain associated with
years ago, or what his or Caribou Barbie’s pastors might have done or said at
some point.


This is a really
crucial election, and this decision is about who can lead a broken country back
to health. One of the reasons the neocons are losing the battle is because they
are all about ideology. They don’t give a damn about anyone who doesn’t vote for
them, or give them money. Politics in
this country has to go way beyond that now; we have to undo the damage the
right wing neocon ideology has caused, and that damage is quite extensive.


If you idiots want
John McCain elected, then you’d better figure out how to explain how McCain
plans to go about fixing a mess that he was complicit in for the last 26 years,
and stop trying to bring up completely irrelevant crap regarding whom Obama may
or may not know, or listen to in church.


If you can’t relate
to what the average family is going through at this moment, then admit it and
get the hell out of the way, because right now, you’re just getting in the way
of the discussion this country needs.

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