Overcoming the Chaos…

I love what I do with this blog. It’s not like other liberal blogs because it comes from the heart. That’s why, I would appreciate some help. I don’t want to be a typical professional left blog, where I run around and shout about gloom and doom and proclaim the end of all hope, just because that’s what so many unicorn progressives think constitutes “politics.”

That’s not politics. Politics is not about issues and emotions and feeling alternately hopeful and hopeless. Politics is about strategy. It’s about doing whatever is necessary to get what we want. Unfortunately, the right wing is really good at doing that and the left wing sucks donkey balls.

Okay, that was mean. But it’s essentially true. The right wing has attached itself to a major political party and it has sucked the life out of it because they know they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting what they want without votes. Meanwhile, a certain strain of white liberals with college degrees think they’re too smart to even work with a major party, even when that major party plays to them every chance they get.

In other words, folks, the reason the progressive movement has been stalled for a generation-plus is because the loudest, most obnoxious of us are always trying to go it alone, which is always the stupidest political strategy in a system where the most votes wins, in every case except the presidency.

Anyway, getting back to this blog, as most who follow it know, there have been some dead spots in the blog in the past 17 months since the federal government lost its soul, which happened about two-and-a-half months after the electorate lost its fucking mind. This is because there has just bee too much going on. It’s been too much to follow.

It’s been chaos.

Worse, this chaos is by design, because the people who make up Lord Donny Trump’s “base” think chaos gives them an advantage. I recently wrote that the only thing that matters to the right wingers running the GOP is pissing off liberals. There is nothing that gets them more excited than when we scream with righteous indignation. Well, there’s more. They also LOVE it when we get so pissed that we run around like Chicken Little, screaming about the end of government and declaring that the United States has become Nazi Germany.

It hasn’t.

It won’t.

We can win.

Winning is easy because it takes getting the most votes and we already technically have the most voters. Keep in mind, registered Republicans actually make up less than a quarter of registered voters. That means we have the other three-quarters to play with. Even if 90 percent of all. Republicans show up and vote for their ridiculous party, to win, we only need about 35-40% of the other three quarters.

The problem we have is, this chaos doesnt just affect those of us to talk and write about politics all the time. It has a major impact on most other voters, too. That makes it profoundly important that we correct the record as much as we can and present a simple, easy-to-understand message that most voters can relate to. That’s not hard; it just means we have to stop reacting to everything and just explain to voters what we can do better. If we do that, we won’t even have to react to the right wing’s nonsense.

For example, let’s look at the current immigration nonsense. Of course, we are all outraged by the notion that our government is snatching children away from their parents at the border, and in this case, the outrage is justified and it is having a profound effect on the government. However, under normal circumstances, when Trump and Sessions are NOT ordering the imprisonment of children, their approach to immigration is still wrong. Here’s a proposal that would resonate with almost everyone:

On immigration, it has been proven that a “zero tolerance” approach is not useful and is actually inefficient and counter-productive. Imagine if we took that approach with all policing. Imagine police assumed you had committed a crime wen you hadn’t and the burden was on you to prove you hadn’t committed one. That goes against the basic tenets of the Bill of Rights and there is a reason for that; most people who don’t commit crimes. Likewise, most immigrants don’t commit crimes, so why don’t we focus on those who do? When they present on the border and say they want asylum, why not background check them and, as long as they have committed no crime, let them live here? That is far more efficient and humane, and it serves the same purpose.

Imagine, if you will, that our grandparents were treated the same way as those coming over the southern border? Most of us wouldn’t be here. The fact is, most of our ancestors came here from other countries, presented themselves to authorities and were allowed in unless they were suspected to have a communicable disease. And even then, they were quarantined for a few days to a couple weeks and then allowed to live here. That’s not practical now because there are too many able to come here these days, but the response isn’t a draconian process at the border that singles out brown people and treats them like they are bank robbers.

That is infinitely reasonable, except for the Deplorables base, but we don’t care about them. Again, they thrive on chaos and fear and conflict, but who cares about them? There aren’t  enough of them to swing any election where more than  half of eligible voters show up. This is how you overcome chaos and confusion and take back the government from the merchants of chaos who have run it for far too long. Our grandparents figured this out when the GOP caused the Great Depression and they banished them from government for a generation. What’s happening now is actually worse because, in addition to trying to dismantle the New Deal, they are also wiping their asses with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If you hate chaos, the solution is to vote Democratic – this year and for a long time to come. It’s that simple.

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  1. “If you hate chaos, the solution is to vote Democratic – this year and for a long time to come. It’s that simple.”

    That’s it in a nutshell, Milt. And it has to be shouted from the mountaintops.

    And also, I confess that I’m pretty much done with anyone who howls “both parties are the same!”. If they have not seen just how full of crap that argument is, especially in the age of Trump, then there’s no hope for them.