No Haircuts, No Makeup… How About Iraq, Health Care and the Environment?

Okay, can we all agree that rich people running for president spending a lot for grooming is kind of a non-issue?

From CBS News:

Republican Mitt Romney’s surge to the top of the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire is unquestionably good for his presidential hopes, but by rising to the top so early, it’s also left him with a big target on his back — and it looks like his opponents are now taking aim.

Taking a page from Karl Rove’s playbook, two charges waged against Romney this week target two of his supposed strengths: His anchorman-like looks and his squeaky-clean family values. When the Romney campaign released its full second-quarter spending report a few days ago, it included a $300 charge for makeup applied at a California beauty salon — echoing the story of John Edwards’ $400 haircuts. And like Edwards, Romney might soon see the "pretty boy" label start to stick.

Seriously, folks, this doesn’t matter a bit, whether it’s Edwards’ $400 haircuts, or Mitt’s $300 make up job. I don’t give a rat’s ass if they get manicures and pedicures every other day. I want to know if they can fix the goddamn mess Bush is going to leave. I’m sure Romney can’t, but it’s not because he’s a wusswho needs $300 in makeup to look good.

Please, news media… let’s concentrate on issues and substance. Leave the bullshit to Fox Noise Channel.

Hey… wonder if this will cause Hannity to stop bringing the $400 haircut up every single night?

Nahh… he’s not very bright.

Don’t Blame the Democrats

See, this is the problem, folks. Democrats simply do not have the votes to get anything Senate Republicans don’t want to go to the floor.Congress

Link: ABC News: Senate Scuttles Troop Withdrawal Bill.

Senate Republicans on Wednesday scuttled a Democratic proposal ordering troop withdrawals from Iraq in a showdown that capped an all-night debate on the war.

The 52-47 vote fell short of the 60 votes needed to cut off debate under Senate rules. It was a sound defeat for Democrats who say the U.S. military campaign, in its fifth year and requiring 158,000 troops, cannot tame the sectarian violence in Iraq.

This does not mean we can’t do anything, or that we are helpless. What it means is that we have to work harder and harder to create a climate in which at least eight more Republicans have no choice but to stop blocking these bills. We have to get out there and write and write and write people in Congress, post on every web site you can think of, write letters to the editor, and march if you can.

The only chance we have to end this war is by breaking the GOP’s political will, and the only way to do that is to make it crystal clear that they have no choice but to end this thing. Get out, get active…

And libs, stop whining… it’s our fault the Democrats are in this position in the first place…


Michael Vick Reflects Us

If you want to see where we have come after 40 years of Republican rule, the Michael Vick case is more emblematic than you might think. Vick and his buddies apparently were able to do this sort of thing for many years before they were caught. For so many years, no one saw a thing…

Before my rant, here are some little snippets from ABC News: NFL Star Sacked in Dogfight Probe.

Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly participating in a dog fighting ring.


Dog owners reportedly brought their animals from the Carolinas,
Maryland, New York, Texas, Alabama and other states to compete in the
illegal matches. The owner of the winning dog would receive a cash
prize. Those purses ranged from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Spectators and other dog owners were also allowed to bet on the fights.

But the dogs involved did not receive prize fighter treatment.
Prosecutors alleged that the losing dogs were sometimes executed —
drowned, hanged, shot or electrocuted.

One female pit bull was entered into a match around March 2003.
"The purse for the dog fight was established at approximately 13,000
[dollars] per side, for a total of approximately 26,000," the
indictment stated.

The Bad Newz Kennels dog, however, lost the fight. "Peace, after
consulting with Vick about the losing female pit bull’s condition,
executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and
electrocuting the animal," the indictment stated.

Dogs that were found during training sessions to be poor fighters were sometimes put to death as well.

One of those training sessions took place in April 2007,
according to officials. Eight dogs that didn’t make the cut following
that meeting were allegedly "executed" by Peace, Phillips and Vick "by
various methods, including hanging, drowning , and slamming at least
one dog’s body to the ground."

You know, there is nothing more disgusting to me than when the powerful abuse and terrorize the helpless, and this includes animals, not just humans.

I know this will sound odd, but I think this is what’s wrong with our country, honestly. We don’t think about the sick, so we don’t have universal health care. We don’t think about the poor, so we have homeless families, and families sharing their dangerous homes with rats and broken wires. We don’t think about those who can’t help themselves, so we have addled people walking the streets pushing shopping carts full of junk and talking to people who aren’t there. We don’t think about the rights of the average person, so we sit by, as Bush and his buddies take apart the Constitution. We don’t think the government will ever do us any harm, so we don’t really care about the Patriot Act, or spying programs. We don’t think about the cruelty that surrounds us every day, so Bush gets away with endorsing torture and false imprisonment of humans, and people like Michael Vick (allegedly) get to torture and kill poor, defenseless animals for years, before someone finally stepped in and said something.

Get your head out of your own life for a moment, and look around you, and see what this country is becoming, as you sit there in your little world, pondering only those things that you feel affect you in your life, like Paris Hilton and Plasma televisions;

We have become a nation that starts wars with countries that are no threat.

We have become a nation that seems to prefer war over peace.

We have become a nation in which the majority of people has ceded its power to a small cabal of rich.

We have become a nation that no longer looks at the lesser of us as humans who need a hand, but rather as a "drain on the economy" that needs to be plugged up.

We have become a nation in which our leadership can do anything it wants, be as corrupt as it wants, and can disregard the law whenever they like, simply by scaring us into believing Bogeymen want to kill us.

We have become a nation that fosters bigotry, rather than fights it. We no longer look at intolerance as a cause to be faught. Instead, we look at tolerance as an irritant, that makes it more difficult to make money.

We have become a nation in which entertainment has become more important  than information, and we have become  incurious as a result.

We need a movement, folks. Not an anti-war movement, or a pro-health care movement, but a "thought revolution." It’s not that we don’t care; it’s that we don’t think about things.

It’s time we started…

Michael Weiner-Savage Viciously Attacks Congressman Based on Religion

One more time; I will never excuse Don Imus’ remarks Savage
with regard to a group of young ladies playing basketball. But come on, folks!

Why is Imus singled out for his racist outburst, when Weiner-Savage engages in this kind of crap damned near every night; at least a few times a week.

His latest, courtesy of  Media Matters, manages to combine racism with religious bigotry that certainly wouldn’t be allowed when aimed at a Christian.

At issue was a recent speech
given by Rep. Keith Ellison, who just happens to be Muslim, to Atheists for
Human Rights (I can see wingnut heads spinning over the mere existence of such a group. How could an atheist possibly be in favor of human rights?)  The speech drew controversy, when he compared the Bush Administration’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks (after Bush shit himself and ran away for a while, that is) with Hitler’s power grab after the Reichstag fires.  "After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it,
and it put the leader of that country in a position where he could basically
have authority to do whatever he wanted," Ellison said.

Now, I can see where uneducated wingnuts would see that comparison and be up in arms. Compare their hero to Hitler? How could anyone do that? Well, start with the Patriot Act, then the signing statements, the unauthorized spying on Americans, the secret prison network, the secret torture, holding prisoners indefinitely, without charges or counsel… yeah, I see there point; how could anyone call that a power grab, right?

So, Weiner-Savage responded with the following.

    How about the former member of the Nation of Islam who pretended he was reformed, Keith Ellison, Democrat in Minnesota, who ran for office, and he was elected by all the good liberals, including Jewish liberals, in Minnesota who thought he was going to be, "Right on! All power to the people. Bring it down, Keith. Right on, all power to the people. We’re behind you, man. Right on!"

So now Keith Ellison now calls Bush Hitler, thereby degrading what was done to the people by Hitler and diminishing what was done to the people by Hitler, and of course the "All-power-to-the-people-right-on" people don’t even know who Keith Ellison is. But he spoke at the Atheists for Human Rights organization. Now here’s a devout Muslim convert who’s speaking to Atheists for Human Rights. Now what would a devout Muslim radical have in common with atheists? Answer: hatred of Christianity and hatred of Jews. I’ll be right back.

Okay, let’s skip the part where he claims Ellison "call(ed) Bush Hitler," which is completely untrue, and Ellison "diminishing what was done to the people," which is also a complete fabrication. He discussed how Hitler consolidated as much power as possible after the Reichstags fires, which was true! See my above examples, and add to that the fact that Bush refuses to answer to the rule of law on anything. Sound familiar? Heil Dubya, perhaps? He’s not talking about the later Hitler, where he started using that power to exterminate people; he’s talking about the time when the German people sat back and let Hitler take all of the power for himself, and not have to answer to anyone.

So Weiner-Savage has proven he’s profoundly stupid. That’s not good enough for right wing radio listeners, apparently; he has to throw them some other bigoted red meat.

So, look at the religious bigotry in the above. First, he doubts Ellison’s conversion. This, from a guy who was once a flaming liberal, and about whom rumors fly with regard to his, um, possible "friendship" with Allen Ginsberg. Seriously; what is it about radical leftists who later become radical rightists, that they can change 180 degrees, but if someone else changes 20 degrees, they’re somehow suspect?

But the worst aspect of this, Weiner-Savage, who is apparently a Jew headed for Hell, if I were guessing, actually assumes that all Muslims and all atheists hate Christians and Jews. Just assumes that their religion makes them anti-Semitic.

Keith Ellison is not a radical Muslim, he’s Muslim. He’s speaking about history, not preaching hatred. The only radical here, speaking against religion in a bigoted way, is Weiner-Savage. Muslims and atheists don’t automatically hate anyone because of their religion.

So, what’s the Weiner’s excuse?