Nothing About the GOP is “Conservative”

DefendOne thing I’ve advocated for many years is that people stop using the word “conservative” to describe the right wing whack jobs who have taken over the Republican Party. I’ve had no luck, of course. I’m just me. But you’ll note that, in more than 1,000 posts on this blog, I have managed to not use the term.

These people are not “conservative.” Conservative implies something resembling “mainstream, and they are the opposite of that. Yes, people like Goldwater. Dole and Nixon were conservative, but as I have pointed out previously, the GOP is now nothing like that. While I disagree politically on just about everything people like that stood for, the fact of the matter is, they did stand for something. They cared about the country and the people in it. While we disagreed was on methods for making a better country, at least I got a sense that they did want a better country. Continue reading

Digging Deeper, You Find the Real Problem

WhinyYou know, it’s funny. PUBs (progressive unicorn brigade) and professional lefties constantly complain about things that Democrats supposedly do wrong or don’t do, and they love to apply blame to Democrats for everything, but they never delve very deeply into any issue, to look at the root cause. There’s actually a good reason for that, although they will never admit it. See, if you go deeply enough and look at the root cause of just about every problem is, well… The professional left’s ineptitude when it comes to politics. All politics, but especially electoral politics.

For the purposes of this column, I’m going to dig deep into a series of issues and explain that all of the progressive complaints about certain things that “Democrats” have done or not done are seriously misplaced.

Let’s start with something easy, shall we? Let’s start with Hillary Clinton’s vote on the Iraq War. Now, I know, if you read professional left sources and Bernie Stans on social media, you would believe that there was something inherently wrong with her vote. However, the woman was only one vote of many and she has since apologized for that vote many times and said repeatedly that, if she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn’t have done it. Continue reading

UPDATE: Apparently, Delegate Math is Hard

As you folks should know by now, I have not now, nor will I ever, demand that Bernie Sanders drop out of this primary race. He’s been a positive influence and a lot of his ideas are solid and will go great in the Democratic platform.

wizardbehindcurtainThat said, he’s lost the nomination. Short of a disaster, he has not won this nomination. Therefore, people like Shaun King need to put away their Hillary-hate and stop outright lying to people. The biggest Bernie supporters are still holding out hope that he can somehow pull it out, and shit like this article from today’s New York Daily News don’t help.  This is how Shaun King starts things off.

Hillary Clinton cannot and will not win the Democratic nomination before the Democratic Convention this July.

I’m not being salty. This isn’t my opinion. I’m not being biased for Bernie.

This is 4th grade math.

When she and Bernie Sanders get to the convention, the only possible way she can cross the necessary threshold of 2,383 delegates is for the party elite, also known as superdelegates, to put her there. There are a total of 4,766 Democratic delegates available — 4,051 of them are pledged, 715 are superdelegates. The winning candidate needs 2,383 votes to win. Until then, we don’t have a nominee. Period.

And it gets worse. The entire article is full of math fails. Apparently, King flunked “4th grade math,” and still would. Continue reading

The Modern GOP: Live by the Racists, Die by the Racists

Earlier this week, Rob Reiner was taken to task by MSNBC’s resident moron, Joe Scarborough, otherwise known as Morning Joke, for his claim that most media doesn’t follow up enough when they interview Donald Trump. Reiner definitely held his own and forced the hosts into a defensive posture, which  indicates that they know they’re wrong and that MSNBC is aware of their complicity in providing Trump with what has been estimated as $1.2 BILLION in free media coverage so far.

Lost in the subsequent discussions of the exchange was the reaction to Reiner’s assertion that racists support Trump to a disturbing degree. While Mika and Joke apparently misunderstood the assertion (again, really defensive), Reiner wasn’t saying that most of Trump’s followers are racist, but that most racists support Trump. Continue reading

Republican Right Boobs of the Week!

By @SueinRockville (with an assist from Milt Shook)

Little did I know how prescient I would be in giving the hashtag  #Failorina to Carly Fiorina last Fall. She has managed a feat little seen in politics: The Triple Splat!

1. A huge loss in her bid for the Senate in California.
2. An #EpicFail in her bid for the presidency including her horrendous lies about Planned Parenthood.
3. A disastrous 6 day term as Ted Cruz’s VP pick.

Down goes Fiorina!  In fact, it happened quite literally indeed. Check this out. Continue reading

What Good Old Days?

I know the (old) name of this blog is (was) “Please Cut the Crap,” but the name was always sardonic. While I like sarcasm, I save it for those who deserve it and have absolutely no use for cynicism. I know some people seem to think it’s just as great as intelligence, but if I’m being honest (and I pretty much always am these days), I think it’s a poor substitute and even a sign of a lack of intelligence.

That’s why I loved Barack Obama as a candidate and why I love him as a President. Like me, he really truly believes that “yes, we can” and he has worked his ass off to bring the “hope and change” he promised. Even with a Republican Party that has been purely obstructionist, he’s gotten a lot done. Not the least of his accomplishments has been to calm us all down and give other nations a reason to trust us again. Continue reading

The Zombie Party

imageDonald Drumpf has essentially won the Republican nomination. Ted Cruz dropped out last night and there is word this morning that John Kasich will drop out today, making it very difficult to deny Drumpf the nomination.

Yes, I know. I said it couldn’t happen. I was wrong. I actually gave the RNC at least a little bit of credit for having the brains to prevent it. I shouldn’t have. No human being can bring a zombie fully back to life.

The Republican Party actually contracted a bad illness in 1929, when their economic policies cause the stock market crash that dragged the world economy into a sinkhole that was so deep, it would take about a half-century to climb out. In 1964, when they suffered their worst electoral defeat in history, they contracted the disease that would ultimately kill them. The “Southern Strategy” is what has ultimately turned the GOP into the Zombie Party. Continue reading

Another Meme Bites the Dust

Jesus, this primary is getting ridiculous. Here’s another meme I have to rebut. This is getting absurd.


Before I start, I’d like to make a plea…

After you’ve tried something for a year, and you end up losing badly as a result, at what point do you figure out it’s not working? Continue reading

What Happened to the Democratic Party? Nothing.

There seems to be a meme floating around many “progressive” circles, in which the Democratic Party has somehow stopped being the “Party of the People” and become… what? No one actually says, really.

This post is going to be harsh, so strap yourself in. Some of you won’t like it.

imageThe Democratic Party is actually MORE progressive than its ever been. That’s just reality. Never before in Democratic Party history have two primary opponents fought so hard to prove which one was “more progressive.” The Democratic platform, at least as it’s being conceived (nothing is finalized yet) includes a higher minimum wage. higher taxes on the rich, a far higher investment in alternative energy and a weaning of the country from the big oil teat. There are massive plans to rebuild infrastructure, which will beef up the admittedly lagging jobs market. It also includes full support for full civil rights for everyone, including all of the initials in LGBT, and they plan to enact major criminal justice reform. There is also movement on ending the “drug war” for the first time in 40 years. They have always supported the right to unionize and they have always been staunch supporters of labor, which is why unions are pretty much always their largest supporters. You do realize that’s why the Citizens United decision came about, right? Unions have always supported Democrats and Republicans wanted to compete with that. Continue reading

PCTC Podcast – Networking and Ranting

This is the last podcast that will be random and the last one that won’t be available on iTunes. It is also the last one that won’t be part of the new PCTC Network.

limbaughenqOn this episode, I explain a little about the network, talk about why Rush Limbaugh isn’t going anywhere and why the boycotts to stop him are plain stupid (again!) and I discuss why the new network has to drown out the PUBs and professional left in a monstrous rant.

I also pay tribute to Prince and include another song you might like, but Limbaugh won’t.