GOP again says, “Constitution Be Damned…”

Another reminder of what the Republican Party was really about when they ran the show for six years, folks. All of that talk about "states’ rights"? It was bullshit. What they really meant was, they would take your tax money, and give the states less money, thus giving them the

Aren’t These Stories Kind of Important?

Why were these stories buried in the news in the United States, well past the stories about hurricanes, Peruvian earthquakes, Karl Rove’s obsession with Hillary Clinton, brides ripping up wedding dresses and nude protesters on a glacier? Isn’t the apparent reconstitution of the Soviet Union, and perhaps an alliance with

In Mortgage Meltdown, Missed Signs – New York Times

Okay, I have to ask… How many more of these phony schemes do we allow before we finally get a clue and demand that the government re-regulate commerce, as they are required to as part of their constitutional duty?  A bunch of would-be criminals keep trying to find ways to

Padilla Found Guilty on All Counts in Terror Case –

I know the Bushies will never see things this way, but could we please get real here? Several men were given counsel, tried in a court of law and convicted of being involved in terrorist plots, thus proving that the system created by our founding fathers, and embodied in the

Why Dennis Kucinich is Second-Tier

You know, I would love to live in a place where all people have principles; where no one is judged based on what they look like; where a person’s qualifications are evaluated objectively, and where every single human being tries their best to put the best person in charge, no

And then, there’s Republican Corruption

Of course, republicans aren’t just dropping like flies through attrition. there is also the corruption component. Uncle Ted Stevens is just the latest in a long line of sleazy Republicans who thinks his job entitles him to a little extra "welfare… From: Feds eye polar contract in Stevens probe on

Another Vulnerable Republican See Writing on the Wall, Gives Up

First, Denny Hastert saw the writing on the wall, and decided to "spend more time with the family." Now it’s Deborah Pryce’s turn. There are a few relatively intelligent Republicans, who get that their time is done, and the wingnut domination of the party has killed its chances for a

Spy Satellites — They Can Find Us, But Not Osama

So, the real reason we spent so much of our kids’ tax money on spy satellites was not so that we cold use them to track the enemy when we’re at war. The real purpose of such satellites, apparently, was so that our nanny state can spy on us remotely,

Our Friend Pakistan…

Apparently, in addition to everything else, the Bushies may be backing the wrong horse in the "War on Terrrrrr…" From Raw Story: Pakistan, one of President Bush’s stalwart allies in the "War on Terror," gave substantial military support to the Taliban in the years leading up to 9/11, according to

China says No Reincarnation Without Permission

Yes, the following is an absurd example, but this type of thing is why we should keep church and state absolutely separate. This is extreme, but how is it different in principle from making everyone say "under God" in the pledge of allegiance, or by doing what the fundies want

Republican Law Again Puts the Rich Ahead of Hurricane Victims

Here’s yet another example of the Republican right wing legacy — rich developers using tax money meant to help Katrina victims rebuild, to build luxury condos near the University of Alabama, which isn’t really all that close to the Gulf Coast. From: Katrina Aid Goes Toward Football Condos – The

Karl Rove — Now That He’s Leaving the White House, Let’s Find Him an Orange Jumpsuit

I’ve never understood why anyone would consider Karl Rove a "genius." He’s a bully and a sneak and an asshole, but there’s no way he’s a "genius." George W. Bush has never actually won a presidential election, not even as an incumbent running for reelection. I’m not just talking about

GOP Candidates Foot-in-Mouth Disease

The Republican presidential field is so incredibly weak, it’s remarkable that the party doesn’t just pack it in and call it an election. Seriously, when Fred Thompson and Ridy Giuliani are among your "bright spots," it’s pretty much time to "turn out the lights." Witness the sheer volume of faux

Bush to Lose his “Brain” at the End of the Month

It seems that Bush’s erstwhile "brain," Karl Rove, is going to leave at the end of the month, to go back to Texas and plot his next government takeover, or perhaps to begin to pen his memoir, in which he apologizes for foisting Bush, Jr. on the world. Of course,

Romney Demonstrates Why GOP is Over…

If you want to know why the Republican Party is, and should be, done for, this is one of the shining examples…. From: Romney Speaks Up for Sons’ Decisions – The Huffington Post. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended his five sons’ decision not to enlist in the

Starving the Beast Just Makes Us All Hungry

Okay, that’s it. I’ve had it, and you should be sick of this crap, too. As noted, President Bush decided to turn the tragedy in Minneapolis into a political hammer, and tried to beat Democrats in the head with it, by suggesting that Democrats want to tax you into the