Cutting the Crap on the Minimum Wage

Here's another lie we'd like to put to rest once and for all; the one about the minimum wage hurting small businesses. The "conventional wisdom" seems to be going like this: small businesses are being hit hard by this minimum wage increase, especially during a recession, because they can't afford

The Gates Fiasco is Not About Racism; It’s Worse.

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates was not arrested because he was black, and the police officer who arrested him is not a racist.   I actually think it's worse than that. I think this is about something that has been developing over the last 30 years, in which we have

Michael Steele Fills His Empty Suit With Excrement

If you want an example of just how toothless and ineffective the current Republican Party is, listen to them talk about proposed health care reform.  Take RNC Chairman and designated empty suit, Michael Steele.  For those unfamiliar with Steele, he was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee last year,

In 1969, We Moonwalked and Chewed Gum at the Same Time; What Happened to Us?

Today is the 40th anniversary of the day man first walked on the moon. I'm sure everyone who was alive then knows where he or she was when the live, grainy black and white video showed two men first climbing down a ladder and jumping onto the moon. It was

Public Health Insurance Won’t Cost Us; It Will Save Us A Lot, Including Money

One of the most shameful methods the far right has attempted use to scotch attempts at meaningful health care reform is to cite the tremendous cost involved in offering a public option, and to suggest that it's not possible to pay for it.  According to their  twisted "logic," such as

Sen. Jeffy Beau Sessions: Racist Inquisitor

Sonia Sotomayor is the most qualified judge nominated to the Supreme Court in many years; possibly more so than anyone in my lifetime.  The woman has at least 15 stellar years as a judge, and there is really nothing for Republicans to smack her on. Okay, they really do; she's

Right Wing Idiot of the Day: Jon Kyl – Should a Senator Have to Pass Civics First?

Are you as sick of this one as we are? The drug-addled gasbag Limbaugh has been pushing this one for months, but it's even more appalling when someone sitting in the Senate is this stupid. According to the right wing BS machine, Judge Sotomayor is somehow not qualified to sit

Republic Whacks Ban Centaurs!!!

An interesting  little blurb in this morning's Politico, by Glenn Thrush gives us some insight into just how bull goose looney the far right has become. It seems that Sam Brownback, one of the nuttiest wingnuts of all wingnuttery, has taken his obscenely extreme "anti-choice" rhetoric to new heights. It

Open Appeal to Caribou Barbie: Please Go Away!

Seriously; when does Caribou Barbie actually go away? Is there any way to speed up the process?   I get the media's fascination with her; I really do.She's comedic gold. I know, every time I see her, the one-liners flow like the oxycontin dispenser at Limbaugh's house. In my experience,

DC Teabaggers Make the Founding Fathers Laugh From Their Graves

Apparently, the teabagging isn’t going so well, at least in DC. Fox News’ Publicity Department should be ashamed… First off, some genius thought the initial idea, to dump 1 million teabags in the Potomac River, was a good idea on some level. Now, anyone with a pulse would have to

Teabagging for Profit Once Made a Person a… Never Mind…

You know, when you look at the right wing “teabagging” episodes happening all over the country today, you really can't do anything but laugh. Here, we have a bunch of extremely rich, authoritarian morons asking middle- and working-class people to protest in mass numbers against a tax increase on the

We Reveal Our Right Boob Once Again…

This has been coming for quite some time… You knew it was just a matter of time… The Republican Party leadership is absolutely morally and ethically bankrupt these days. I actually feel sorry for Republicans, by and large, because their leaders are absolutely worthless. They have become the "Party of

Barney Frank Calls Scalia a “Homophobe”– Frank’s Right As Usual!

Seriously… you have to love Barney Frank. He seems to be one of the few Congressional Democrats who just says what he thinks, without running it through a "political expediency" filter. In a recent interview with the gay news Web site, Frank called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (why