Right Wing Loons Rail Against Judge Hamilton

It seems the far right is having a conniption over President Obama’s first judicial nomination, as they have already started their full-court press against the guy. Obama’s first nominee is US District Court Judge David F. Hamilton, who will be elevated to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Hamilton has

Don’t Let ‘Em Fool Ya! The Neocons Screwed Our Economy

One of the more fascinating arguments used by right wingers to justify their continued belief in the ridiculous concept of supply-side economics, or "trickle-down" as they like to call it, is the truly hilarious argument that "private investment in markets created your job." Yeah, I know. The concept is pretty

Republicans: The Party of Drug Addled Gas Bags? Works For Me…

The kerfuffle surrounding Rush Limbaugh (who tied with Ann Coulter with the most times as our Right Boob of the week) is absolutely priceless. It’s also proof that Barack Obama has political instincts that are absolutely unparalleled. If you’re paying attention, President Obama actually started this by suggesting to the

Jon Stewart Rips Rick Santelli and Business News “Experts” a New One

Seriously, check this out… it’s sad that a comedian seems to have a better eye for news than most journalists. Why do we keep looking at these idiots as “experts” anyway? The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c CNBC Gives Financial Advice Daily Show Full EpisodesImportant

Making Money From the Messes They Made, When They Should be on the Way to Jail

This has to stop, folks. Apparently, a couple of former executives at Countrywide have gone into business for themselves. Now, for those of you who have really short memories, Countrywide was pretty much at the epicenter of the mortgage meltdown, and had to go out of business because of the

That Wacky Mainstream Media! We Passed This Story on Last Week!

UPDATE: Want to know why the public in this country seems so mud-dumb sometimes? It's because the major news media doesn't pick up on stories for a long time after bloggers do. Check out the story that was on CNN.com today. We passed this along to you last Wednesday, when

Druggie Limbaugh and Moron DeMint: More On the Fairness Doctrine Ruse

A few days ago, I offered an alternative to the Fairness Doctrine on this blog, and it received a lot of attention. But the reason I offered it was because something has to be done about the radio business. We own the airwaves, and the current license holders are effectively

Right Wing Monkeys Get Us to Dance!

Update: I'm looking really psychic about now… The New York Post has issued a half-assed apology for the offensive cartoon below. More info when we receive it… ———————————————————————- When are we going to get it? This is a cartoon that appeared in this morning's New York Post. The cartoon is

David Gregory’s Question Deserves an Answer

David Gregory's Latest Tweet: Q for Obama on housing: does keeping people in their homes (who can't afford to be there) help the economy or is it only social policy? deserves an answer… With apologies to President Obama, I'm going to answer it, even though I am just a regular