Flashback: There’s No Such Thing as an “Indefinite Detention Bill”

Update: I cant believe this one has lasted so long. Thankfully, they've stopped calling it the "Indefinite detention bill," but the same people still swear up and down that the NDAA allows for indefinite detention, which is patently false. It's been well over a year; you'd think they'd have read the section by now. Yet, just in the past week, I've been told about the NDAA many times, and how it will lead to Obama rounding up everyone and throwing them all in jail, or something equally dire. That's ridiculous. 

I wrote this in December 2011, and I checked everything, and it's still valid now. There are minor language changes, but the substance and the underlying facts are unchanged. 


One of the most galling aspects of the professional left is their penchant for lying to make a point they think you'll buy. As a progressive, there is no need to lie to those who read your stuff. As this blog notes time and time again, the truth has a liberal bias; Fox News needs to lie; we do not.

Case in point; the hysteria over what many pro and emo lefties refer to as the “Indefinite Detention Bill.” Even people I often admire are buying into the hysteria, and it’s become depressing.

First thing you should know is, there is NO SUCH THING as an “Indefinite Detention Bill.” The actual bill Obama first threatened to veto and has now agreed to sign is called the “National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012.” The part about the “indefinite detention” is actually one small portion of a very large bill. 

Yet, who the hell do these "liberals" go after? Not those who put that crap into the bill in the first place, of course. No, they go after President Obama, who has command of the military (which includes my son, who’s working hard trying to rebuild Afghanistan, by the way) and have little choice but to put up with such amendments. How did so many progressive really learn NOTHING from the 2010 elections?

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The Veracity of Truth Podcast #11: Finding Emos Droning On and On and On…

My rant about emo progs and their inability to articulate anything but complaints. This time, it's about the drone program. 

2013-02-10 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast

Once again, here's a link to the stats for the drone program. Now, imagine if we'd sent troops in and/or dropped bombs on people instead. 

The Veracity of Truth – The PCTC Blog Podcast #10: Hitler the gunloon, drones and Aussies

Here is episode #10 of the podcast, where I discuss the "Hitler banned guns" gunloon argument, give a new perspective on drones, and suggest, we need to give the world a new perspective on us. 

2013-02-06 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast

Drone Stats


Article about Marines in Australia



The Veracity of Truth Podcast #9: Winning the debate, skeet shooting and conspiracy BS

In this Super Bowl Sunday episode of the podcast, I talk about what progressives have to do to win, the numbing stupidity of the skeet shooting story and what it shows us about the American press, and the silliness of conspiracy theories. 


2013-02-03 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast


The Veracity of Truth – The PCTC Blog Podcast #8: Fifi LaPierre & Gunloons

Today's podcast is brought to you by the letter "G" for Gunloon.  

For a guy who uses the words "honest" and "honestly" as Fifi LaPierre does, he sure doesn't tell the truth very often. Also, some people were whining about the dumbest thing this morning… And the pressure on our economy is tremendous due to a lack of realism. 


2013-01-30 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast


A Fairness Doctrine for the 21st Century

Broadcast radio is a mess. The experiment has failed. A few huge "media conglomerates" tried to buy up all of the stations and monopolize the advertising revenue, and it failed miserably.  It's time to pack it up and roll things back to where they used to be. Local stations owned mostly by local people, who cared about the community. 


Now, you may argue the importance of terrestrial radio in the Internet age, but the fact of the matter is, everyone has easy access to a cheap-o AM/FM radio, and a local signal, even in a time of crisis. We need information about traffic and weather, in order to make decisions about our daily lives, and let's face it; news is an important part of our lives. 


The conglomerates have completely ruined radio. Most of the content is "piped in." Most of the best air personalities are now hawking podcasts. There is far too much "sports talk," because it's apparently very being offered really cheaply.  And talk radio is dominated by one point of view. That simply shouldn't be the case. It's time we went back to basics. Stop treating radio as if it's a "free market" in which anyone can own a station and do what he wants, and go back to treating broadcasting as a public trust, which it is. 

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The PCTC Blog Podcast: The Veracity of Truth #7: Fili-bluster with a little Church hypocrisy as an appetizer

This week's podcast is a tough one. But all of you folks who are excoriating Harry Reid for some sort of betrayal are missing the point, and you're starting to poison the 2014 election. If 2014 is a repeat of 2010, you'll wish we still had a filibuster. 


2013-01-27 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast

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Veracity of Truth #6 – The PCTC Blog Podcast: Benghazi, Debt Ceiling, Climate Change

Here is the latest PCTC Blog podcast – the sixth episode of The Veracity of Truth. 

Enjoy it, and as always, please support the blog. 


2013-01-23 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast


The Veracity of Truth #5 – The PCTC Blog Podcast: Gunloons and Gerrymandering BS

This is the first of many podcasts this year. This time, I talk about Gerrymandering BS, the gunloon phenomenon and Gun Appreciation Day, and the overall cluelessness of the Republican right. 


2013-01-20 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast


And here is the 1991 Reagan op-ed from the New York Times

S#!+ Rush Limbaugh Says, Updated

The fight to get rid of Rush Limbaugh continues unabated, despite the fact that he’ll never actually go off the air, unless his listenership drops. The best way to do that is to make his words available to everyone. By doing that, no new listeners will tune him in, even as his old listeners die off. 

We should also be really careful how we use advertiser pressure to effect change. As we’ve seen over the last year, it can come back and bite us. Consider the situation at Dial Global, which owns Bill Press’, Thom Hartmann’s, Stephanie Miller’s and Ed Schultz’s shows. They were forced to take a huge write-off, because a number of advertisers defected from all talk radio in the wake of the pushback against Limbaugh, post-Sandra Fluke. In other words, advise the advertiser of what they’re supporting, and stop making threats against advertisers and/or slagging them publicly. I mean, really; if they advertise on Limbaugh’s show, but they also advertise on every progressive talker out there, are they really “bad guys”? 

To do this right, point out that Rush Limbaugh goes way beyond just being a typical right winger and Republican shill. You’ll have to show advertisers that what they are buying is something akin to a hatefest. To do this, you’ll need ammunition. Luckily, this blog is a helper. Here are some of Limbaugh’s most famous statements and tirades. Let advertisers know this is what they’re supporting when they buy ad time on Limbaugh’s program. But when they don’t respond, let it go. This is about education and enlightenment, not revenge.

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