Why the President’s 23 Executive Actions on Guns Are Well Within His Power, Despite GOP/NRA Claptrap

Just listen to the gunloons whine. Some of them are already screaming impeachment. Why? Because President Obama used his presidential power to initiate whatever he could regarding guns. They were screaming for weeks before he actually issued these orders, directives and other actions, and they’re screaming even louder now.

There’s just one thing wrong with all of this. Obama did nothing illegal, and everything was well within the scope of his presidential power. He went to great lengths to avoid overstepping his bounds. The Constitution says the president “he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” That means that, while the President can’t actually make laws, he is required by the Constitution to “execute” them.

The items on Obama's agenda that would require new law, he expressly asked Congress to address:

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These are Teabaggers. They Run the GOP. Still think both parties are the same?

The next time someone tells you “both parties are the same,” show them this gallery.  You can’t find a Democrat in the last 30 years who measures down to this level. And yet, these are the people whom Boehner is letting run the Republican show. 

You have to be brain dead to claim “both parties are the same these days. 

The first one literally says it all. This peckerwood actually uses racist terminology and racist imagery to explain why he’s tired of teabaggers being called “racist.” (the rest of the photos are still below…)


This video is a brave Democratic operative named Tyler Jones interviewing teabaggers at a gathering in South Carolina just a few days ago. Destined to be a classic…


The following photos are in no particular order, but they represent the racism, intolerance and the phenomenal stupidity of the teabagger movement. 



Pic 4

Pic 10


Pic 12

Pic 18 Pic 13


Pic 14




Pic 21b

Pic 001


Pic 19


Pic 40


Pic 66

Pic 39




Pic 1A

Pic 2

Pic 2a

Pic 3

Pic 3a






Pic 4a

Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 8




Pic 9

Pic 15a

Pic 16 Pic 20

































































































































































































Pic 23












Pic 22




















Pic 25












Pic 30












Pic 31









Pic 32
















  Pic 37



















Pic 46  




















Pic 42

   Pic 44











Pic 43










Pic 48

Pic 50



Pic 51



















Pic 56













Pic 57
















Pic 61







Pic 63












Pic 64











Pic 67














Pic 68












Pic 69











Pic 70










Pic 71












Pic 72














Obama is a trader


Pic 73












Pic 74












Pic 76












Pic 78












Pic 79












Pic 81













Pic 84











Pic 85











Pic 86





















Pic 87




















Obama teabaggerkenyan



Pic 88











Pic 90




















Pic 91  


















Pic 92




















Pic 94











Pic 96












Pic 98





















Teabagger spelling










Pic 80  











































































Pic 36












Dumb teabagger








Teabagger violent2


Teabagger violent1



Cure for obama is mccarthy





Once More, With “Chained CPI” Madness, Some Liberals Caught in “Sky is Falling” Mode

I said it before, and I guess I have to say it again; folks on both extreme ends of the political spectrum seem to have an amazing inability to think about more than one thing at a time, and they seem incapable of considering two related concepts at the same time.  We should expect this lack of critical thinking from the far right, but a similar level of cognitive dissonance has  increasingly become a feature of liberal politics, and it’s coming from people who should know better.

As I noted about a year and a half ago, the debt ceiling situation brought out the loon factor on the far left more than anything in years. We were given the choice between a few cuts in Social Security and default, and a significant and loud contingent of lefties actually chose default, despite the fact that allowing default would actually do more damage to Social Security than the cuts the GOP had proposed.

The same thing has happened again, when discussing the “fiscal cliff” negotiations. Some lefties have gone absolutely insane over the inclusion of a “chained CPI” codicil in President Obama’s latest proposal to solve the “fiscal cliff.” I see so many arguments on the left, in which reasonable liberals shrug over it, and others scream about gloom and doom and insinuate that such a proposal would be nearly impossible to kill.  So many libs have excoriated Obama over this proposal, it started making me laugh a few days ago. Some have even suggested that Reagan was to the left of Obama on Social Security, which is historically ignorant.  I also found myself amused by the lefties suggesting that Obama holds all of the cards in this negotiation, and he shouldn’t give the GOP anything, and just let the country go off the “cliff.”

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“Nones” Are Starting to Drive the Electoral Bus… The Beginning of the End of the Religious Right?

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There has been a lot of talk about the demographics of Obama’s Election Day win. He won just about every demographic group except WASP men and old people, and he won fairly decisively. Of course, this reality doesn’t bode will for the Republican Party’s future. because whites are becoming less of a majority. We won't become a minority until 2042, but let's face it; the white advantage won't end magically when we go below 50%. Long before then, the numbers will slowly dwindle, making dependence on white people alone a fool’s errand for Republicans.

But there is another, less-talked-about group that helped lead President Obama to victory, and it should have Republicans shaking in their boots. They’re called “Nones,” and their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. 

Nones have been a staple demographic among sociologsts since the term was coined, apparently in the late 1960s. An early mention of this term was made in: Glenn M. Vernon, "The Religious 'Nones': A Neglected Category," Journal For the Scientific Study of Religion, 7:2 (1968). The term refers to people with no religious affiliation.  Of course that group includes atheists and agnostics, but it also includes a lot of people who claim spiritual beliefs, including belief in a deity.

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A Great Night, and An Even Greater Future, If We Can Capitalize. 2014 Starts NOW

What we saw in 2008 was the beginning of the end of the right wing dream. We were severely sidetracked in 2010. But what you witnessed last night was the death of that dream. Everything the Republican Party tried over the last four years failed. Their main political goal was to make President Obama a one-term president, and they failed miserably at that goal. The only people who probably won’t see that is the current leadership of the Republican Party.

Of course, to avoid the right wing zombie apocalypse, progressives will also have to play better politics. When Obama hands us a pony, we have to stop pouting and demanding a pegasus.


But I'll have plenty of time to talk about that. This is a positive post, about our future

Look at the exit polls. President Obama won all important demographics, except old people, who are apparently so scared of the repercussions of letting "the gays" get married that they're willing to sacrifice their children's and grandchildren's Medicare and Social Security, and Southern White Males, who are soon to be a minority. Obama won women, LGBT, non-Cuban Hispanics and blacks. But most encouraging was, he won young people in a walk. In fact, he won big with everyone under the age of 40.  And if you look at the states, Obama scored big in all cities, even cities in the Confederacy.  He won big in working class suburbs, as well. 

That's called a future. 

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The Difference Between Democrats & Today’s GOP on Health Care

I won't give glowing praise for Democrats and a complete dismissal of Republicans on health care throughout the last century, because Democrats were only slightly better than Republicans when it came to fixing the complete mess our health care financing system has become. 

But this isn't about history, it's about now. It's about the choices voters will face next week, and for at least the next several election cycles. Once again; we don't have a buffet of choices each election, despite your idealism. We have two choices in pretty much all races; a Democrat and a Republican. And right now, Democrats have taken steps to fix the health care financing system, and the Republican Party blocks them every step of the way and protects the status quo.

Two and a half years ago, Congress passed a historic reform of our health insurance system, called the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Every vote for passage of this bill came from a Democrat; not one Republican voted for it. This is not an indication of the bill's flaws, but rather an absolute statement that Republicans have no intention of supporting any health insurance reform. They added hundreds of amendments to the bill, and never had an intention of ever supporting it. 

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Hey Romney Voters; How Do You Know Which Romney You’re Voting For?

There are a lot of articles and websites about Romney's legendary flip-flop tedencies, but they don't do him justice. This guy has done a 180 on a number of issues that many folks consider to be very important. It's not just liberals and Democrats who should think ten times before voting for this guy. How do you right wingers know what you're getting? 

Here are some of his most spectacular changes of position. I can't believe anyone can look at this evidence and then happily vote for this guy. He's bad news. 

For example: 

Issue: gay rights and marriage equality.

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More RomneyLies™; From the Third Debate, Debunked

I’ll give Willard Romney a tiny bit of credit this time, because he didn’t lie quite as much in the third debate as he did in the first two. Of course, the lies he told were generally new ones, since he hadn’t been asked much about foreign policy, and he seems to be cowering a bit on Libya and didn’t try to exploit that last night, too much. 

And there were some really smelly lies in that debate punch bowl, and they need to be debunked. And I’m just the guy to do it, so here goes…

Romney claimed that he never called Russia our our biggest geopolitical foe, and that he called Iran our biggest threat.

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Some RomneyLies™ From the Second Debate, Debunked

It seems Willard Romney simply is incapable of telling the truth. I only say that because this is the second debate out of two in which there were too many lies to fit comfortably into a single blog post. He's not worthy of a book, so I'm cherry-picking lies the way he cherry-picks his data.

And what is it about "my plan"? He talks about his "plan," as if he actually has one.  If there's a plan, where are the details, Willard? We have never elected a president who promised "secret plans," because not all of us were born yesterday. Romney sounds like those informercial hucksters who hawk "programs" showing you how to make millions off real estate. If they're so damned good at it, why are they making money selling books and CDs? If Romney's so great at business, why is he running for president. Oh, wait… It's because he can make $21.7 million in one year from a company he claims not to even own. Why work, right? 

Okay, back to the lies. Among the more significant lies in the second debate are:

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A Look at Where We Are Compared to 4 Years Ago. We’re Much Better Off. Thanks, President Obama

Blaming President Obama for all of the bad things in the economy is just absurd. If you want to blame someone, feast your eyes on the Republican Party.  George W. Bush and the GOP Congress watched and congratulated themselves as the mortgage bubble grew and then burst, causing the Great Recession, the worst downturn in 80 years.  Obama and the Democrats were able to stop the bleeding and restore some semblance of order to the economy, but a population that expects instant results wasn't satisfied.

The GOP was elected in 2010 to get things moving even faster, but they've largely stood by and done nothing for almost two years now.  For example, a year ago September 8, President Obama submitted the American Jobs Act to Congress, and most of the bill still sits in the House. They won’t take it up, they won’t discuss it, and they won’t even offer up an alternative. It just sits there, because they can't bring themselves to do anything that President Obama may take credit for. 

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