Right Wingers: So Desperate to Be Relevant, Stupidity Reigns

Sometimes the sheer desperation in the RW's quest for relevance is too funny to pass up. This is a response to my List of President Obama's accomplishments:

From: Mike Garcia [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 4:58 PM
To: milt.shook@gmail.com
Subject: Obama accomplishments

Funny how you're trying to name everything wrong Obamas done to make them seem like positive achievements. Everything listed is not an accomplishment, they are in fact the opposite, or an exaggerated view of a partial fact. The economy is failing, gas is going up, unemployment will average 8% for his first term, and government and their salaries have gone up. Also, it wasn't his plan that found and killed Osama, or brought our troops back. It was him following the initiative that Bush started, these are his own words. But just by reading what you wrote I can see you're not interested in facts, you're just blindly following who will go down in history as the worst president ever. The man who incurred a debt higher than all his predecessors combined. Or maybe you're part of his propaganda crew SEICU, Acorn, or Media Matters. Either way you're credibility and lies are showing. 4 more years of him and we can kiss the American Dream and our way of life goodbye. Maybe that's what you want, in which case he has been successful. The fundumental transformation of America.
I pray he does not…

Mike G=


It is as it does. 

Why We Lose: This Earth Day Obama Doesn’t Beat Climate Change Dead Horse, Left Pounces

I never cease to be amused by the lengths some "liberals" go to in order to bash President Obama. Take this article, from Joe Romm at the Think Progress Green Page, in which he rails about changes in the president’s Earth Day proclamations between last year and this year.  His complaint? That last year’s White House proclamation contained the phrase “climate change,” and this year’s (GASP!) DID NOT!

It’s quite the shocker, isn’t it? Apparently, if Joe Romm doesn’t see the words “climate change” in every annual proclamation, he assumes that no one in government believes it’s actually occurring. This sort of argument reminds me of Bill O’Reilly’s annual lament about the “war against Christmas,” which is based on the retailers' alleged failure to wish everyone a “Merry Christmas.” Apparently, that failure means there is no Christmas in those years.

And no, I’m not exaggerating. This is how Romm starts the article:

You’ll be glad to know that in the last 12 months, that whole climate change problem went away. At least that’s the impression left from comparing President Obama’s 2012 Earth Day proclamation with the 2011 one.

Like I said; if the president doesn’t mention it, Romm thinks people will cease to believe it’s a problem.

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Trayvon Martin and Fear of Black Men: This Happens too Much

I think everyone should be able to agree that freedom should include being able to walk down the street innocently without being shot. When it does happen, freedom should include authorities seeking justice for your death. While some are using the example of using drone strikes to take out people who are committed to mass killings of Americans (and it’s a valid question to be debated), few if any of those same people are using the same energy to confront a problem that is far more threatening to the freedoms of a great many more people, and which is far more common. Apparently, black men are so threatening to the (mostly white) populace that they are being shot with alarming frequency, and many are getting away with it. We all know “Driving While Black” is a crime in a number of jurisdictions. But “walking while black” apparently too often carries a death sentence.

One thing that bothers me most about the shooting of Trayvon Martin is that it doesn’t seem to bother enough people.

The short version of the story is, on February 26, Trayvon and his father were visiting friends, who live in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, a community near Orlando. Trayvon, who was black, decided to take a walk to the local 7-11. As he was coming back, a 28-year-old white “neighborhood watch captain” in an SUV, George Zimmerman, decided the unarmed black teenager pictured here looked “suspicious”, and called 911. The 911 dispatcher promised to send police and told Zimmerman to do nothing. Zimmerman apparently ignored the admonition and went after the kid anyway. Trayvon was armed with a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea. Zimmerman was armed with a 9mm handgun. By the time police arrived, Trayvon was lying face down in the grass, fatally wounded in the chest.

Again, that was February 26, and to date, Zimmerman is free, and there is talk that he may skate by claiming self-defense. Yes, self-defense. A 28-year-old man was so AFRAID of that 17-year-old kid that Florida authorities will let him stay a free man.

Now, I want you to read up on this case, because it’s fascinating. Listen to the 911 calls, which are chilling, because they show Martin calling for help before being shot. Also, you should call everyone you can, and demand that this Zimmerman person pay with a considerable amount of time in a prison. Here is a list of authorities to contact to do so.  There’s a lot of talk about this case right now, finally, after three weeks of inaction by Sanford, Florida police. But what’s most bothersome about this case is that it’s not as unique as it should be. As I said, black men are still really scary to white people and police, and that fear apparently creates something of a license to kill.

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Government, wealth, and jobs

I'm sure you've heard the claims many times:

1) Government can't create jobs

2) Government can't create wealth

3) Government workers are just overheard, and a drain on the economy

Variations of this quasi-hardline-libertarian material have been promulgated ad nauseum over the last few years.  We heard it this very morning, as Senator John McCain claimed on Meet The Press that government can't create jobs.

Other lawmakers and Right Wing commentators have gone full in with all three claims, of course.

So, is there any truth to them?  In a word, "no".

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Pro Lefty Uses Bovine Fecal Foundation to Manufacture Outrage Against… Obama?

One of the problems with the concept of "manufacturing outrage" is that many of its biggest manufacturers build it out of bovine fecal matter.  

If one was to read or listen to some on the professional left, one might think President Obama was routinely rounding up Americans and throwing them in secret prisons, or that he's become a rogue agent, targeting US citizens all over the world and taking them out with drones. It would actually be funny, if such rhetorical garbage didn't make the entire progressive side of the aisle look like a bunch of idiots. Consider this, folks; when people read progressive media, then figure out Obama's actually doing no such thing, what do you think happens to their opinion of progressive media?

Whether you like it or not, we are in a fight with terrorists. While I disagree with the concept of calling it a "war," because theword is misleading and too easy to manipulate, there really are rogue bands of thugs who would like nothing better than to commit another attack as they did on 9/11, or something far worse, and kill as many of us as possible. Some scenarios, like the concept of someone carrying a nuclear bomb in a briefcase or backpack, are absurd. But there is no doubt that like plots are being planned as we speak. And while they call themselves "freedom fighters," it's absolutely unclear whose "freedom" they're "fighting for." They seem to be little more than religious extremists, with zero political affiliation, except to other extremists.

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Progressives and “Manufactured Outrage”; Why We Lose Elections

An apparent specialty of the professional left and a large number of their minions is the manufacture of outrage.  Look at lefty blogs, and there is no end to the demands for outrage over something. Check out their Twitter streams; they are always fishing for subjects they think might piss you off, and get you reading them day after day. Their followers will demand that you be outraged, too. Whenever I post my comprehensive list of President Obama’s accomplishments, invariably, I’ll get a few stray “progressives” reminding me that I should be outraged that Obama killed an American citizen, and that Bradley Manning had to be naked in his cell for an hour or so, referring to that as torture because, well, the word “torture” is designed to evoke more outrage.

Outrage may make for a decent marketing tool, to attract like-minded people to your blog, but it’s useless as a political tool.

The other night, a prominent far lefty told a bunch of us that we should be outraged because an NFL investigation showed that the New Orleans Saints had a bounty program, where they were paid money to injure other players.  Apparently, this “progressive” doesn’t follow football as closely as I do, because I remember Baltimore (yes, I said Baltimore) Colts players telling me about similar instances back in 1976. But this “progressive” went so far as to demand that the team’s operations be suspended for a year.  I responded by asking him about all those people who depend on the Saints organization for jobs, but received no answer back. Obviously, the statement was a trial balloon of source, to see if it generated enough outrage. It didn’t.

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Why Limbaugh’s “apology” isn’t enough

By now, news of Limbaugh's rare apology for his slanderous characterization of Sandra Fluke has made the rounds.

It's not enough.

NOT because apologizing isn't a good thing; far from it.  But Limbaugh's "apology" itself indicates he STILL hasn't bothered to watch Fluke's testimony, nor has he bothered to inform himself (and his listeners) as to what she actually said, or what the issue actually is.

So, the damage among Limbaugh's listeners remains.  Those who get their information from "el Rushbo" STILL believe Fluke wants the taxpayers to pay her for "all the sex" she's having.

Rush's "apology" states regret for his choice of words.  But the bottom line is, that's not remotely the issue.

UPDATE:  this is one reason why what Limbaugh said matters.

Neuter Limbaugh AND the GOP by Also Going After His Owners, Like Willard Romney!

I fully support the attempts by women’s groups and others to put pressure on Rush Limbaugh after his misogynistic comments earlier this week. There seem to be some who are operating under the illusion that they may be able to shut Limbaugh down and get him off the radio altogether. In my opinion, even stating that as a purpose could come back to bite us. Let me assure you, this won’t happen. Some point to the example of getting Glenn Beck canned from Fox News, but radio operates under a completely different financial model than a cable network, which would make it close to impossible to shut him down completely. 

But that doesn’t mean the effort is worthless, which is why I have been joining the effort all day, contacting advertisers and others, to make sure sufficient pressure is placed on them to make them nervous.

Note, I said and others. Who are the others, might you ask?

Can you say the Republican Party and Mitt Romney?

Let me explain something. You see, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t actually work for “EIB.” He works for an entity called Premiere Radio Networks. That entity is owned by Clear Channel Media & Entertainment.  By the way, Premiere also owns the Glenn Beck Radio Program.  But what’s most interesting about this are the owners of Clear Channel; Thomas H. Lee Partners LP and…

Bain Capital Partners, LLC.

Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

That’s right; Mitt Romney owns the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck radio programs.  Talk about your conflicts of interest. And our golden opportunity!

See, one of the limitations on going after Limbaugh’s advertisers is that his program doesn’t make as much money from national advertisers as it does from individual radio station fees and local advertising from affiliates.  But with two investment companies owning Limbaugh’s program, we have a whole new set of ways to hit Limbaugh’s owners, financially. We also have an opportunity to force the likely Republican nominee to disavow the titular head of his own party, Rush Limbaugh, which will likely create problems with his own base in the upcoming election. Actually, such an event could even give his rival, Rick Santorum, enough of a lift to make him the nominee, which would set up an actual general election between what the right wing actually stands for and what reasonable people stand for. And wouldn’t that be a shame?

The Democratic Underground has a list of Limbaugh’s national advertisers, which is a good start, although I urge you to use your own language when you write them; don’t just cut and paste; it makes them not pay attention.  But in addition to his advertisers, let’s also go after Thomas Lee and Partners, LP and Bain Capital Partners, LLC, and put some pressure on them.

In addition to them, plaster Mitt Romney and Reince Preibus with messages, demanding that the Republican Party denounce Rush Limbaugh for his statements against women. Let very voter KNOW there is a DIRECT CONNECTION between them and radio's biggest gasbag. 

Some companies connected to Thomas Lee and Partners, LP:


Dunkin Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins)

Warner Music Group (also co-owned with Bain Capital)


Michael Foods (makers of Better’n Eggs, AllWhites, Crystal Farms and Simply Potatoes)

inVentiv Health Services  

Ceridian Corporaton (a human resources company)


Some companies connected to Bain Capital:

AMC Theaters


Toys R Us

Domino’s Pizza (also a major sponsor of Limbaugh’s program)


Burger King

Burlington Coat Factory

Guitar Center

Michael’s Arts & Crafts

HCA – Hospital Corporation of America



Let’s really go after his, and make it full-fledged political issue, and go a lot deeper than just advertisers. And let's make sure the Republican Party sweats a bit, too. 


Separation of Church/State IS Absolute, Santorum

It’s weird how many so-called “strict constitutionalists” don’t seem to have read the Constitution. If they have read it, they don’t understand what they read. While there are some on the left who don’t seem to understand it much, either (you can’t simply round up “banksters” and throw them in jail because something happened that caused the economy to collapse, for example; you need a specific broken law and enough evidence to convict in a court of law), the far right wing simply has no clue what any of it means, including the Second Amendment. 

It’s bad enough that the average Republican voter doesn’t seem to get the Constitution at all. But their candidates don’t understand it at all, and that is inexcusable. How can you take an oath to uphold something you don’t even understand in the first place.

Yesterday’s edition of "This Week" on ABC featured an exchange between George Stephanopoulos and Rick Santorum (Google it!), during which they discussed John F Kennedy’s September 1960 speech before Baptist ministers, in which he assured them he believed the separation between church and state was absolute. Here is that exchange. I placed a link to the transcript of the speech where it says “Begin Video Clip.”

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REPOST: Breitbart Whines, Says Buffalo Beast Walker “Punk” same as his Frauds on ACORN, Sherrod. Nope, Andy, It’s not.

Because Andy Breitbart took my last reposting so well, I decided to repost this one, too, which I wrote on Febrary 23, 2011.. It's also time to recall Scotty Walker, and get his ass out of the Governor's office in Wisconsin, so this will serve two purposes. 


Once again, the idiots on the right just don’t get it. They’re just not smart enough.

In case you haven’t heard, Wisconsin Governor Walker was punked recently by Ian Murphy, a reporter from the Buffalo Beast. Mr. Murphy called the governor and pretended to be David Koch, one of two brothers who head one of the richest and most dangerous players in right wing politics. The Kochs hate unions, and they do whatever they can to bust them.

Well, the far right, led by little Andy Breitbart, is apoplectic over this. How DARE anyone “prank call” a governor like this, right? But being Breitbart, he either hasn’t a clue, or he considers his lapdogs to be too stupid to have a clue (I think it’s the latter; he really can’t be as stupid as he acts.), and he likens this “prank,” with his O’Keefe videos and the video he’s currently being sued over, in which he implied that Shirley Sherrod was racist.

Obviously, it’s not the same at all, which I will explain after you listen to this phone call, in two parts:



I would call this funny, but it  really isn't. Here you have the governor of a state pretty much acquiescing to a plot to bring in outside agitators to interfere with the right of citizens of his state to peaceably assemble. It’s telling that he’s bragging about his making the Right Wing Fart Machine rounds, but bitching about Obama saying anything about this at all. I laughed out loud when he mentioned that Obama’s budget deficit was a lot larger. Funny thing; he had a surplus when he took office. What can you say about an asshole who plans to announce layoffs of state employees just to bring political pressure on the other party. And really; busting the PATCO union led to the fall of the Soviet Union? This guy’s a loon.

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