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Compiled by @Sueinrockville and Milt Shook

Election Round-up

ted cruz 1Ted Cruz definitely had a “busy” week. From his partnership with John Kasich which evaporated  faster than an ice cube on a Cleveland sidewalk in July, the week began with a National Enquirer story alleging that his grifter dad as a companion of Lee Harvey Oswald. While that turned out to be less than credible, the Cube-nadian’s week was just beginning.  In the Northeast Super Tuesday contests, Cruz was soundly beaten by both Trump and Kasich in four out of five of the contests.
Mathematically eliminated from winning the GOP nomination on a first ballot, Cruz took the next illogical step in his delusional quest and chose a running mate; something that no other certain non-winner of a major party nomination has ever done before in history. In a brazen play to try to get California Republicans to vote for him, Cruz chose the only Californian he knows, Creulla De Fiorina, as his running mate. He apparently doesn’t know that Carly lost badly in a California Senate race, despite her putting a large portion of her personal fortune up in a bid to win. Why? Because Californians can’t stand her. Wonder if he knows that she’s also one of the worst CEOs in tech history, having pretty much ruined Hewlett-Packard.  That makes her somewhat less of a businessperson than Trump. Granted, she’s not as bad as one possible Trump running mate, Caribou Barbie (Sarah Palin), but not great. It’s sure the announcement caused his popularity to soar from 0 to 1%. I am pretty sure that he thought when she said she laid off 30,000 people at he misheard the word “laid” and thought he might get lucky?

Cruz CarlySpeaking of Cruz, this guy loves to parade his family for the media, to show what a great “family man” he is, but he probably shouldn’t. His daughter, Caroline, is the one who recoiled in terror when he went to touch her a few months back and she’s the one who ratted him out and told the world there was video of him dressed in a dress and a feather boa (First Guiliani, now him; no wonder they worry about bathrooms.). Now, there is video of Rafael reaching for his daughter at a rally in Indiana and Caroline running away in abject horror.
cruz luciferAnd yet, as bad as all of that is, his week got worse when former Speaker of the House John Boehner decided to play the honesty card and told a Stanford college forum that Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh. I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”
Meanwhile, the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump (if you wanna know how screwed Republicans are, let that phrase sink in. Seriously, progressives, if we can’t beat Republicans this year, we are screwed as a movement.) is so far ahead now, primarily due to rules the RNC cobbled together to prevent a repeat of 2012, which they considered a disaster. Until now. There is very little Cruz or Kasich can do to catch him, so Trump began to turn his attention to the November Election by attempting to “act presidential.” That lasted about five minutes. It pretty much ended when he took on Hillary Clinton for “playing the women’s card.” As always, it made no sense:
“She’s got nothing else going,” the idiot said. “And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the women’s card.”
Trump faceWhat he forgot to mention is that she has a hell of a lot more votes than he has and pretty much every forecast has her beating him. Therefore, based on his “logic,” the “women’s card” must be worth a hell of a lot more than the “white Supremacist card. If that’s all he has, Hillary’s going to have a great fall.
Attempting to establish his bona fides for the Oval Office, Trump also gave a long speech on foreign policy. It was typical Republican orthodoxy, which means it scared the shit out of our allies and was politely referred to as “incoherent.” Well, except to Putin.

Another week of Republican shenanigans, folks. The people who make up this party these days are shameful and bear no resemblance to the Republicans of our youth. If you are still suggesting that “Bernie or Bust” is a valid political strategy, hopefully, these weekly compilations will change your mind.

Of course, not everything disgusting done by Republicans was related to the presidential race.

GOP Predators on Parade

Let’s start with the shameful resolution of the case of a Republican former Speaker of the House, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison and an additional two years probation for his attempts to buy off the parents of victims of his child rape activities. Dennis Hastert has admitting to being, as the judge in this case called it, “a serial child molester” (I prefer “child rapist,” and so would you, if you read what his victims have said about what he did to them.) and the only reason he’s not spending a lot more time in prison is because of statutes of limitations that make that impossible. This is especially rich when you read and watch what he said to the House in 2003, while he was paying off boys he had raped.

The GOP Bathroom Patrols Have Begun

For the record, even though a number of Republican states have passed laws to “protect” girls from trans people, to date there have been more Speakers of the House who have raped children than trans people in bathrooms.

Speaking of which, a video has gone viral showing male police in Republican North Carolina throwing a girl out of the line to the women’s restroom because she didn’t “look feminine enough,” despite the fact that most of the women in line insisted that she was a woman and seemed anything but bothered by her presence in line.

Here’s the question, folks; can you ever remember this ever happening before there were laws against it? Essentially, the GOP has attempted to solve a problem that didn’t even exist until they created a “solution.” Now, you essentially have a situation where a guy can simply claim he was born a woman to be able to go to a woman’s room and a woman who wears her hair short and hates to wear dresses will pretty much forced to hold it.

Republican America; Land of the cowards and home of the brazen…


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