PCTC Podcast #62 – Take a Deep Breath

Please stop the panic! There is nothing to panic about! Relax!

Unicorn 2In this episode of the podcast, I talk about the Apple issue with the FBI and explain it in a way that would make Eddie and Glenn blush. In other words, I only deal with the facts.

Then, I discuss the freak out over the mere vetting of Republican Governor Sandoval of Nevada and explain to progressives why you need to relax and trust this president. He really does have your back.

Then, at the end, I address the silly notion that Donald Trump could become president, depending on which Democrat wins the nomination. Come on; it shouldn’t matter. It’s time all progressives and Democrats worked together to defeat our common enemy, the GOP. Or Trump, if he gets the nomination, which he probably won’t.

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Crap Cutting 101
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