The Veracity of Truth Podcast #79 – Killing Unicorns and Epi-Pens, Oh, My!

In this episode of the podcast, I take on unicorn progressives and their penchant for doing the wrong thing. I make fun of some of my favorite unicorn progressive petitions, and I discuss the Epi-Pen controversy and explain why the professional left is again way too late to the party.

The Veracity of Truth Podcast #77 – Lochte, Trump and White Privilege Everywhere!

In this episode of the podcast, which is available on iTunes, I discuss the Lochte mess and white privilege, Donald Trump and the angry white man and the real problem with voter suppression. Thanks for listening. If you like what we do, please support us with a donation or, if

The Veracity of Truth – PCTC Podcast #71 – Goofus and Gallant

In this one, I tackle George Stephanopolous’s interview with Donald Trump on This Week. It’s pretty amazing really, because it once again reveals him to be a petulant, childish cheapskate who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Here’s the video of it. There is so much more coming this election