PCTC Podcast #4 – GFY Pro Lefty Shadowproof

In this episode of the podcast, I point you to a pro left website that is so full of shit, you need to warn your friends to stay away…

The article that was brought to my attention was entitled, “GFY, Kurt Eichenwald.” You know, Kurt Eichenwald, who used his immense journalistic chops to warn everyone about Donald Trump and what a win by him would mean. More like “GFY, Kevin Gosztola.”

The site also spends an inordinate amount to time trying to rationalize the abject stupidity of voting for Jill Stein, like the following:

THE COMPLICITY OF OBAMA, DEMOCRATS SET STAGE FOR DANGEROUS TRUMP PRESIDENCY (Yes, that’s right, a so-called “progressive” is trying to blame the election on Obama and “the Democrats.”)

AMERICA VOTES AGAINST EMPIRE  (And here, a mook named Dan Wright doesn’t know what the word “empire” means.)

And before the election, Kevin wrote,

YOUR VOTE FOR JILL STEIN IS NOT A WASTED VOTE (Not a bit of logic in the article, either. Not surprising, since voting for someone who not only won’t win, but isn’t even trying to win, meets the very definition of a wasted vote. A vote for Jill Stein had roughly the same elective effect as a write in vote for Tony Stark.)

This is the first in what will be a long series of direct takedowns of professional left sites. This site calls itself “journalism,” but there is no actual journalism at the site. Read anything there with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, Kurt Eichenwald has a hell of a pedigree that goes back decades. There is his 20 years as one of the top reporters at the New York Times during its heyday. There is his tireless advocacy against those who would hurt children. There are the books he’d written about actual spying that has been done by our government and his amazing takedown of Glenn Greenwald and his pretend journalism.

Between Eichenwald and little boy Kevin Gosztola, little Kevin has no call to be telling Eichenwald to do anything.

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  • maryl1 says:

    I had a dedicated Jill Stein voter quite from that exact article. Her ‘conscience is clear’ and her ‘hands are clean. I couldn’t even answer her because the article was so pathetic that if she had read it and bought into it, nothing I could do it say would make any difference. This is a woman who prides herself on her intellect and rational abilities. She refuses to see that she has sold out every’ progressive’ position she holds and every group of people she supposedly supports. People like her are as bad as any fact-adverse TeaPartyist who listens Fix News and Breitbart all day.

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