The Veracity of Truth #72 – The Wrath of (Hating) Khan

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss Trump’s seeming implosion, specifically with regard to Mr. and Mrs. Khan, as well as his infantile view of the issue of sexual harassment.

Then, I talk about something a lot of people won’t like, and that’s too bad. I discuss why there is no rational reason to support Jill Stein. I clarify her positions on issues and tell you why voting for Hillary makes more sense.

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Here are a couple articles I reference on the podcast:

Jill Stein Deletes Tweet That Says ‘There’s No Evidence That Autism Is Caused By Vaccines’ (Gizmodo)

Jill Stein’s Ideas Are Terrible. She Is Not the Savior the Left Is Looking For. (Slate)

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