The Veracity of Truth Podcast #74 – The Truth About Truth

As you know if you have been reading this blog for some time, I value truth more than anything. Unfortunately, in everyday life, truth seems to be taking a backseat to opinion and it needs to stop.

The truth is important. If you are going to say to me, “Facts are facts,” you need to know what a fact is, or you’re a liar. See how that works. Specifically, if you’re going to tell me that Hillary Clinton is dishonest, unethical or a liar, you need to support that with fact, or I will have no choice but to assume you’re lying.

I discuss the latest Clinton emails and why they aren’t what a lot of people assume they are. I refer to the following as background:

Meet Judicial Watch

Running With Judicial Watch’s Storyline, Media Manufacture Another False Clinton Email Scandal

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