The Veracity of Truth Podcast #78 – Glitter Farting is Not Requisite

In this episode of the Veracity of Truth Podcast, I talk about the need to end the reign of unicorn progressives, especially those in the professional left and work our asses off to win, which is the only thing that matters, after all.

Think of this as a preview for a new book I am currently finishing, about how we can end the reign of the unicorn left once and for all and why it’s essential that we do so. Should be available next week on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the iBook Store for $4.99, although it’ll be available here at a discount…

If you like what this blog/network does, help us out. If you’d like to write for a decent-sized audience, drop a line to and let me know. Unless it sucks, you’re name (or nom de plume) will be in lights…

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