Press Discovers What We Knew All Along

So, finally… after the damage is done… NOW the press has figured out that there may be a problem with Trump’s (or any other narcissistic billionaire’s) massive conflicts of interest.

In Saturday’s New York Times, A group of reporters finally seemed to notice that, well, Trump’s many overseas contacts and business interests might present a bit of a problem when dealing with other countries on foreign policy matters.

This great revelation comes roughly a week after the Argentinian press showed up our press and reported that Trump asked for special favors to get a building in Buenos Aires moving again after the development had been stalled. (Source) He asked the Argentinian president for these favors during a call congratulating the fatuous orange gasbag for his “win.”

I don’t normally engage in conspiracy theories, but there is something rotten in this election and it needs to be addressed. We cannot afford to inaugurate the big orange toddler as President. Our country can’t possibly handle it.

It’s time we had a working press in this country, but it needs to work for US, not just stockholders. The news can’t be a consumer product like a toaster; its function is way too important. If this type of news report had been dominant during the campaign, we might not be looking at the death of democracy right now. These conflicts of interest are certainly more consequential than a few Hillary emails, for which she has been cleared multiple times.

A responsible free press is the brain of a free nation. Every journalist in this country has to get off his or her puffy, corpulent ass and report on what is really going on in this country and this government or we are doomed. And I don’t want to be doomed.

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