“Pro-Life,” My Ass

So, Lord Donny is a coward…

Who didn’t know this? I mean, the same asshole who shows off every Executive Order like a toddler who did his first doody in the potty actually signed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in private. He did it secretly, where no one could see him.

If you take a deep breath and think about it, we all know why he decided to do this in secret. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was all-too-eager to take credit for the bill in order to make the “base” happy, so he didn’t have to do that. In fact, Ryan was strutting like a peacock all day yesterday. It was pathetic.

Trump, on the other hand, liked playing to the GOP “base” in order to win election, but seriously, he doesn’t give a shit about them otherwise. He’s not really anti-choice. It was a device to win election and nothing more. Moreover, while life will be harder for Planned Parenthood going forward, they won’t go away or die, so what was the point of all this?

Let’s be clear; there is nothing “pro-life” about defunding Planned Parenthood. Nothing.

First of all, in the years since Roe v Wade was decided by the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood has never spent one dime of taxpayer money on abortions. They cannot do so, since doing so has virtually always been illegal. Put simply, taking federal funding away from Planned Parenthood will have zero effect on abortions performed by Planned Parenthood, except that it may result in more abortions.

Yes, that’s right you anti-choice losers; virtually everything your “pro-life” politicians do actually results in a greater need for abortion, which would seem to be the opposite of the actual intention you had when voting in these morons. Those of you who voted for Paul Ryan because he would stop abortions really should know that he’s doing the exact opposite. These cuts will likely result in more deaths, not fewer.

See, since none of the federal funds sent to Planned Parenthood have ever been used for abortions, the money that’s being denied them will come out of the other services they provide. That’s not hard, since 97% of the Planned Parenthood budget goes to standard healthcare, not abortion. Abortions only account for three percent of their budget That means these “pro-life” politicianshave done essentially nothing but endanger the healthcare of millions of people.

That money will come out of the budget for providing prenatal care for fetuses not destined to be aborted, which will put the “babies” they claim to love so much in mortal danger.

It will come out of the budget for cancer screenings, which means many women and men who may benefit from a cancer screening won’t receive one, which means more cancer patients and potentially more cancer deaths.

And the cuts will also come out of the budget for pregnancy prevention, which (ironically) means more women becoming pregnant when they don’t want to, which is the most common reason women choose to have an abortion in the first place. Women terminate their pregnancies most often because they feel that they can’t have a child at the time they find themselves pregnant. And while anti-choice cretins like to engage in fantasies through which people stop having sex in order to prevent pregnancy, we all know that’s never going to happen.

Republicans are just plain cowards. Trump had to sign this bill in private and Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans had to get this done under the Congressional Review Act because they didn’t have the balls to push a bill to specifically defund Planned Parenthood because such actions are not really all that popular.

Regardless of their cowardice, however, don’t let these people use the term, “pro-life” to describe it. In point of fact, more people are likely to get sick and die through this move.

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