Progressives: It’s Not About You, It’s About US. All of Us.

It’s time for all “progressives” to clear their mind and open it up. We liberals have a job to do, and only one of the major parties can do it. But that one party – the Democratic Party – can’t do it without every liberal in the country on board, fully.

Scanning social media this morning, I have seen some phenomenally stupid shit coming from self-described “progressives.” In one case, a “progressive” rattled off all the Democratic presidential candidates and gave a single reason why she couldn’t support each one. In every case, it was something that candidate said that wasn’t acceptable to a full-on “progressive.” Apparently, this person hasn’t heard that the perfect candidate doesn’t exist and never has. And since this person didn’t say they would vote for whoever the Democrats nominated, it’s not clear they learned anything from 2016 and the Trump election theft.

Then, there was the “progressive” who declared that the primary vote was the time when we could vote for our dreams. No shit; this “progressive,” a very prominent figure in the progressive movement, actually said that. In their defense, they did actually say they would vote for anyone who won the Democratic nomination. However, it’s stunning that they think that, with Trump as “president” and the government in disarray, they think they can indulge their fantasies in a primary.

The purpose of a primary is to choose the Democratic candidate who is most likely to beat the Republican nominee in the General Election. If you want to throw your vote away to soothe your ego, I suppose you have that right, but it’s not very “progressive.”

Why do so many self-described “progressives” believe this way? I mean, aren’t we supposed to represent the rational side of the debate? Which debate, you ask? Any debate. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about; our focus is on societal “progress.” That is why we call ourselves “progressive,” right? Because we are most interested in moving society forward. We are supposed to be the greatest hope of mankind. We want to make things better. So, why is our side of every debate so irrational and egotistical? Why do so many self-described “progressives” sound so much like right-wingers, whose main goal is to stoke fear and sound irrational?

Either way, with the first votes of the 2020 election less than a year away, everyone has to get a grip. We cannot be 100 percent emotional; we have to nurture our practical, pragmatic side, too. Even the primaries are not about finding the candidate who is perfect; it is a time to determine which candidate is best able to beat Trump, or whoever emerges from the Republican pack, if Trump quits before then, which is still possible. It is a time to choose the Democrat who is most likely to appeal to a majority of Americans.

Yes, that’s right, folks. Any hardcore “progressive” who is so enamored with their positions on issues that they believe most Americans agree with them is very sheltered. Either that or they have allowed their ego to take over all common sense. If your ideal candidate is 100 percent cool with all “progressive” issues, then you should understand that such a person doesn’t exist, and if someone says they’re “progressive” on every issue you care about, you should worry about your “gullibility factor.” NO ONE with a chance of winning is 100 percent “progressive,” in the way any white liberal defines that.

It’s time everyone is pragmatic and understands that “good” is the best we will ever get. “Perfect” doesn’t exist and never will, so learn to be truly progressive and support everyone against the GOP. It’s really that simple.

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