Pseudo-Christians Using Jesus’ Name to Lie About Health Care Reform

(The original deconstruction of the right wing lies about the health care system is still here. You just have to click on the link at the top right… or you can click here)

I received
this in my e-mail Sunday (of all days). I'm having problems with formatting, so I apologize in advance. Not only is it sacrilegious on some
level, and should be seen as an affront to any actual Christian who claims a
belief in the words of Jesus Christ, but it also shows once again the lack of
an irony gene on the part of the right wing.

how can you call yourself “The Pray in Jesus’ Name Project,” and then tell out
right lies and swear to God on them? Think I’m exaggerating? Check out the signature
at the end. And then be sure to read about the guy who signs this crap "in Jesus' name."

Oh, and by
the way, look at what they include at the end of this thing. Faithful readers
of this blog will recognize it right away.

My Comments are in dark blue and bold…

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Washington Post confirms
Grandma faces Euthanasia under Obamacare

The Washington Post has
just confirmed as false two statements in the new White House video and AARP
emails, which had denied claims of Euthanasia in
"Obamacare" health bill HR 3200, that hostile,
socialist government takeover of your hospital, doctors, children, and
grandparents.  An editorial by respected bioethicist and Wash. Post
Editorial Board member Charles Lane entitled, "Undue Influence: The
House Bill Skews End-of-Life Counsel," blasts the false claims by
AARP and The White House that HR 3200 does not push euthanaia on seniors.

1) Proof that
EUTHANASIA is pushed by Obama's socialist government "health" care.

President Obama had been
confronted by a North Carolina woman asking if "everyone that's Medicare
age will be visited and told they have to decide how they wish to die."

In response Obama joked
morbidly about euthanasia, that he hadn't yet hired enough bureaucrats to
conduct such an operation, yet he could not deny the New York Post's
discovery the House bill "compels seniors
to submit to a counseling session every five years
(and more often if
they become sick or go into a nursing home) about
alternatives for end-of-life care"
(pages 425-430).  In
other words, your grandmother will be told, when insufficient resources are
rationed to young people, that her duty to die begins with mandatory
"end-of-life counseling,
" or as Obama explained,
"encourage the use of living wills" that terminate otherwise
salvageable lives prematurely through signed "do not resuscitate"
(DNR) legal releases that authorize "pulling the
on Grandma.  

Here’s what President Obama actually said to the lady
from North Carolina, according to
an actual

have heard lots of rumors going around about this new plan, and I hope that
the people that are going to vote on this is going to read every single page
there. I have been told there is a clause in there that everyone that's
Medicare age will be visited and told to decide how they wish to die. This
bothers me greatly and I'd like for you to promise me that this is not in
this bill.

THE PRESIDENT: You know, I guarantee you, first of all, we just don't
have enough government workers to send to talk to everybody, to find out how
they want to die.

think that the only thing that may have been proposed in some of the bills —
and I actually think this is a good thing — is that it makes it easier for
people to fill out a living will.

Mary, you may be familiar with the principle behind a living will, but it
basically is something that my grandmother — who, you may have heard,
recently passed away — it gave her some control ahead of time, so that she
could say, for example, if she had a terminal illness, did she want
extraordinary measures even if, for example, her brain waves were no longer
functioning; or did she want just to be left alone. That gives her some
decision-making power over the process.

problem is right now most of us don't give direction to our family members
and so when we get really badly sick, sadly enough, nobody is there to make
the decisions. And then the doctor, who doesn't know what you might have
preferred, they're making decisions, in consultation with your kids or your
grandkids, and nobody knows what you would have preferred.

So I
think the idea there is to simply make sure that a living will process is
easier for people — it doesn't require you to hire a lawyer or to take up a
lot of time. But everything is going to be up to you. And if you don't want
to fill out a living will, you don't have to. But it's actually a useful tool
I think for a lot of families to make sure that if, heaven forbid, you
contract a terminal illness, that you are somebody who is able to control
this process in a dignified way that is true to your faith and true to how
you think that end-of-life process should proceed.

don't want somebody else making those decisions for you. So I actually think
it's a good idea to have a living will. I'd encourage everybody to get one. I
have one. Michelle has one. And we hope we don't have to use it for a long
time, but I think it's something that is sensible.

Mary, I just want to be clear: Nobody is going to be knocking on your door;
nobody is going to be telling you you've got to fill one out. And certainly
nobody is going to be forcing you to make a set of decisions on end-of-life
care based on some bureaucratic law in Washington.

Note that he says there aren’t enough government workers
to conduct so many interviews, and he’s not just joking; he’s pointing to the
absurdity of the government forcing itself into the position the right wing

You should also note that neither President Obama nor the
woman from North Carolina even addressed the editorial noted by these pseudo-Christian
liars. The editorial they refer to is one I’ve addressed previously, by one
Betsy McCaughey. If you see this woman’s name on anything having to do with
health care, you can assume it’s a lie,
as I pointed out
in a previous post
. That must be why they didn’t
include a link to the New York Post editorial. That’s okay, because I’m
putting a link
right here


The White
House made a quick video to refute claims of euthanasia in the health care
bill, but interestingly they deleted Obama's quote about living wills, and
AARP sent emails claiming rumors about euthanasia in the bill were generated
by conspiracy theorists.  But then a respected bioethicist
wrote a scathing editorial in the Washington Post,
confirming that euthanasia is initiated by the government in the bill.
Lane writes:

"Consultations envisioned
in Section 1233 aren't quite 'purely voluntary.'  To me, 'purely
voluntary' means 'not unless the patient requests one.' Section 1233,
however, lets doctors initiate the chat and gives them an incentive — money
— to do so. Indeed, that's an incentive to insist.  Patients may refuse
without penalty, but many will bow to white-coated
Once they're in the meeting, the bill does permit 'formulation' of a plug-pulling
right then and there."

Lane agrees the legislation mandates the doctor 'shall' discuss living
wills and durable powers of attorney, and their uses:  "Section
1233 goes beyond facilitating doctor input to preferring it. Indeed, the
measure would have an interested party — the government — recruit
doctors to sell the elderly on living wills,
hospice care and their
associated providers, professions and organizations.  You don't have to be a right-wing wacko to question that


state can't afford to pay for grandma's hip replacement?  Obama's
plan turns her doctor into a lawyer, paid by Uncle Sam to persuade her to
sign a DNR, explaining her hastened duty to die, and obtaining her signature
legally absolving him of all guilt.
says he personally has a living will, but doctors shouldn't be paid extra by
the government to push them on seniors.  
Euthanasia begins when
socialism replaces capitalism.


Okay, first of all, never EVER
accept an editorial as PROOF of anything. But I urge you to actually read
the editorial
itself, anyway.  

I love how these people pick and
choose which sentences they choose to quote, and feel free to remove all context
from everything they quote.

Here’s the entire section, as it
appears in Lane’s editorial:

Though not mandatory, as some on the right
have claimed, the consultations envisioned in Section 1233 aren't quite
"purely voluntary," as Rep. Sander M. Levin (D-Mich.) asserts. To
me, "purely voluntary" means "not unless the patient requests
one." Section 1233, however, lets doctors initiate the chat and gives
them an incentive — money — to do so. Indeed, that's an incentive to

Patients may refuse without penalty, but
many will bow to white-coated authority. Once they're in the meeting, the
bill does permit "formulation" of a plug-pulling order right then
and there. So when Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) denies that Section 1233 would "place senior citizens in
situations where they feel pressured to sign end-of-life directives that they
would not otherwise sign," I don't think he's being realistic.

What's more, Section 1233 dictates, at some
length, the content of the consultation. The doctor "shall"
discuss "advanced care planning, including key questions and
considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to";
"an explanation of . . . living wills and durable powers of attorney,
and their uses" (even though these are legal, not medical, instruments);
and "a list of national and State-specific resources to assist consumers
and their families." The doctor "shall" explain that Medicare
pays for hospice care (hint, hint).

He does claim (in his opinion) that
the meetings aren’t “purely voluntary,” but he DOES say they are “not
mandatory.” Note that his statement that “[p]atients may refuse without penalty”
is left out of their critique.  I would
also note that these pseudo-Christian liars also claim this as “proof” that
the government would initiate euthanasia. Lane’s concern is that doctors
might initiate some discussions about end-of-life issues for monetary concerns,
which is probably a valid concern. But in no way does he claim the GOVERNMENT
will force anyone to do anything.


As for the “state” going bankrupt,
all I can ask is, who’s bailing whom out these days, really?



The seniors advocacy group AARP
defended Obamacare, stating in emails to seniors:  "FACT #3: There is
no provision of any piece of legislation that would promote euthanasia of any
kind. The rumors out there are flat out lies…It is not mandatory and it has
nothing to do with euthanasia."  But since the House bill includes
the legal term "shall," the Dean of Liberty University School of Law
Mat Staver disagrees.  "I just went back and re-read the bill. The end-of-life counseling is mandatory and there is a
5 year requirement that it must occur every 5 years.
The bill is
on our website and people can read it for themselves. It
is not new that AARP favors killing their own members.
They…do not
have the best interests of their members in mind."  

Attorney Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel had
stronger words.  "AARP is lying. See
pages 424, 425 and 426 of HR 3200. The government 'consultation' that seniors 'shall' get if they have 'not had such a consultation
within the last 5 years' is clearly designed to encourage them to get out of
the way and to just go ahead and die already.


Widely respected Minister Rick Joyner wrote, after reviewing
Mat Staver's detailed analysis of H.R. 3200 "Health" care bill,
voicing his strong opinion that this bill "is about euthanasia, the
power to determine who lives or dies in America. Hitler and Stalin would
have loved to have had a means such as this for dispatching the millions they
-it would have made their job much easier, and probably given them
the ability to kill many more than they did. THIS BILL IS THAT SINISTER. This
is not a joke."  You can read Mat Staver's line-by-line analysis of
the 1000 page health care bill at the bottom of this email.

Once more, they lie
about what the bill says. Here’s the section mentioning the 5 years:


‘‘Advance Care Planning Consultation

(hhh)(1) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (4), the term ‘advance
care planning consultation’ means a consultation between the individual and a
practitioner described in paragraph (2) regarding advance care planning, if,
subject to paragraph (3), the individual involved has not had such a
consultation within the last 5 years. Such consultation shall include the


That’s the definition, and the five years clearly means that the
patient is only entitled to such a consultation once every five years. It just
means the government won’t pay for it if you change your mind every year.
Although there is also an exception for those whose health has taken a dramatic
turn for the worse. But I challenge anyone to read that section of the bill and
find anything mandating anything. It’s not there. You don’t have to have a
living will, even if you’re terminal. And even though Lane has a valid point,
that some doctors might try to coerce you into such a thing for a few extra
dollars, right now, many more doctors are talking people into doing it for
free. Now, they’ll get paid. Should we dump a necessary component of health
care just because a few unscrupulous doctors might take advantage? And if we’re
worried about that, why are we NOT worried about the unscrupulous things
private health insurers do now?  

2) Tax-payer funded ABORTION on demand is another guaranteed result.  

Last week several so-called "pro-life Democrats" executed a bait and
switch that will fully fund abortion on demand in the new Obamacare
"health" bill.  Led by compromiser and ex-pro-life Congressman
Tim Ryan (D-OH), who was recently booted as an advisor to Democrats for Life of
America for his lack of principle, the liberal House Democrats  overruled
conservative Republicans 30-28 to pass the hideous "Capps Amendment"
to H.R.3200 in the Energy and Commerce Committee.  This amendment now
deceptively creates a phony accounting scheme that
gives the false impression your tax-payer dollars will not subsidize abortion,

while it simultaneously nationalizes free abortions for low-income urban
neighborhoods, fulfilling the dream of Margaret Sanger (and her protege Ruth
Bader Ginsburg) that African American babies will be the first exterminated in
the government funded ovens that weed out "Populations that we don't want
to have too many of." 

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) explained the Capps Amendment: "It's one of the
most deceptive amendments I have ever seen.  The bottom line is that money
is fungible, and the plan itself will be subsidizing abortion-on-demand, with
taxpayer funding commingled, and the numbers of abortions will go up

 This is the
dreaded Capps Amendment.
Basically, it’s designed to reinforce that the current bill does NOT pay for
any abortions that the federal government is forbidden from paying for, which
right now is pretty much none. No one accepting the public insurance option
will be able to make a claim for an abortion that is not absolutely medically
necessary to save the life of the mother, just as Medicaid does now. Though
there is nothing in the bill itself that even mentions abortion, Rep. Capps,
who is pro-choice, thought to include this amendment to appease the wingnuts.
But these people – who claim to be Christians – so hate the idea of covering
everyone with health insurance, that they’re willing to claim that an amendment
that forbids abortion actually creates a mandate for it.  

3) Obama will REMOVE Christian prayers and symbols
from Government-run hospitals

The hostile socialist government takeover of Catholic or Christian hospitals
will eventually result in atheistic silencing of religious expression (and
removing all Christian symbols) from the very place where faith in God is
critical to sick and dying patients.  For example, look at the Veterans
Hospitals, already government-run, who are busy removing crosses and
Christian symbols from their chapels (like in Iowa), because easily-offended
atheist complainers
have successfully intimidated hospital administrators
with threats of lawsuit, by demanding separation of church and state.
 Just imagine more atheist lawsuits, when all Catholic and Christian
hospitals are seized
in the same way Obama took control of General Motors,
inviting easily-offended atheist complainers to demand we change the name of the hospital from "St. Luke's
Memorial" to the "Obama Government" hospital, 
claiming tax-dollars cannot subsidize religion.  But if St. Luke's refuses
government subsidies, they will be drummed out of business, and Christian
doctors' licenses revoked.

Can a government-run hospital still allow Christian chapels, or pay
Christian chaplains, or permit Christian doctors to pray Christian prayers with
their willing patients, or even allow Christian parents
to control the
health care options forced upon their dying children?  Just ask Florida Hospital
Chaplain Danny Harvey
, fired last year from Leesburg Regional Medical
Center because he prayed "in Jesus name
" at a public memorial
service.   Ask Christian Pharmacists who Washington has already
forced to dispense "Plan-B" abortion pills against their conscience,
or doctors denied a "conscience clause" to opt out of abortions when
Obama refused to renew Bush's pro-life executive orders.  Ask Nurse
Catherina Lorena Cenzon-DeCarlo,
who recently was forced
to participate in a second-trimester abortion against her will
, and is
now suing Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan for "blatantly" violating
her rights under a 35 year old federal law that protects health care workers
with religious objections from being forced to assist in murderous abortions.
 Ask Pentecostal Ministers Dale and Leilani Neumann, who were charged
with second-degree murder
of their 11-year-old daughter, because they
refused to trust the power of a government hospital to heal
little girl who tragically died with diabetes.  Can you say mandatory
godlessness in "health" care?  If
government has power to dictate your health care options, they also have power
to seize your children when you refuse.
about it.  Will you dare refuse the H1N1 vaccine when ordered to poison
your children?  No religious exemptions for doctors, patients, or
parents are readily apparent in the current Obamacare bill.
 So take
action with me…

These people are blithering
idiots. There is no mention of religion in this bill. And it only pays for
medical procedures. Why would the government care if a hospital had a chapel
or was run by a religious group? Medicare money has gone to religious hospitals
for years. In any case, this bill does NOT create a national health care
delivery system; it only creates a privately funded insurance option for
people who choose not to be covered by private insurance. In other words,
just as Medicare has never denied coverage for people who are treated at
religious hospitals, neither will this new health insurance plan. Once more,
it creates ZERO government-run hospitals. NONE.

Now, when it comes to the
second issue, I’m sorry, but if you are a pharmacist, you have a solemn duty
to fill every prescription given by a doctor to its patient. Period. You
ethical duty goes beyond your own personal belief system. And there is a
choice in the matter. If you can’t bring yourself to dispense birth control
pills to a woman who comes to you with a script, don’t become a pharmacist. I
feel slightly different about doctors, in that no doctor should have to
perform an abortion if it’s not medically necessary, but if it is, no doctor
should be allowed to refuse. Again; you know this going in; if you can’t
handle it, then you don’t need to be a doctor. Or you can become a proctologist
or dermatologist or something.

And if they want examples of
people dying at the hands of the status quo, dominated by private insurance
companies, well… I’ll have a post for them next week…

4) Homosexuals free $50,000 tax-funded sex-change
surgery not excluded by Democrats.

My friend Matt Barber with Liberty Counsel made phone calls to several
Congressional staffers, and Democrats from the offices of Sen. Harry Reid, Rep.
Charlie Rangel, Rep. Barney Frank and the House Subcommittee on Health all
refused to give, very simply, 'an assurance that the proposed health care plan
will not allow taxpayer funded gender reassignment
or hormone therapies.'  Instead, they affirmed page 972
of the House version of the bill (H.R. 3200) which provides for
"standards, as appropriate, for the collection of accurate data on health
and health care" based on "sex, sexual orientation [and] gender
identity."  The Senate draft likewise requires the Department of
Health and Human Services to "develop standards for the measurement of gender." (i.e., officially
recognize subjectively self-determined "transgender" or
"transsexual" gender identities).  It further mandates
"participation in the institutions' programs of individuals and groups
from…different genders and sexual orientations."  Democrats want more than 2 genders included the bill.
 In your townhall meetings, ask them how many? 
Forgive me,
but I was raised on a farm, and there was one simple test for "measuring
the gender" of mammals
. They're either male or female.  Just

The bottom line?  Your tax-dollars will pay for
preferential hiring of homosexual hospital administrators, who distribute
$50,000 grants to gender-confused activists for unneeded elective surgery to
mutilate their own genitals, (and force Christian doctors to perform it.)

 And nobody has yet offered an amendment that excludes this.  Let's
get started, by asking your Congressman in your town
hall meetings this week,
"Will you sponsor an amendment that
excludes elective sex-change operations from tax-payer funding?"
 Some media complain conservatives hire thugs to challenge Congress with
tough questions, but we don't.  So please just read the bill summary
far below, get informed, and show up to speak Truth at town hall.

 Meanwhile I will do more research for you myself.

I can’t wait to see
it. The only coverage the public option offers is for “medically necessary”
procedures. Nothing else is covered. Boob jobs are not covered under this plan,
so why would elective gender reassignment surgery? There are a few cases where
medical professionals might consider it medically necessary, but it’s not very
much. But this bill doesn’t approve or prohibit anything that specific, anyway.
It simply establishes a system, and authorizes a commission to determine
exactly what will be covered.

But don’t you love the
bigotry in the above? Here’s a clue, pseudo-Christians; most homosexuals will
never even want gender reassignment surgery. And most of those who do, don’t
consider themselves homosexual. Not they they’ll be able to get their tiny
little brains around that…

let me summarize Obama's health care plan:  1) Euthenizes grandma, 2)
Mandates funding murder of innocent children, 3) Empowers atheist litigants to
outlaw the healing power of the Christian faith, 4) Refuses to exclude funding
sex-change operations.

May I summarize? Nothing in
HR 3200 or any amendment “euthanizes” anyone. (Lie!) Nothing in HR 3200 or
any amendment authorizes federal funds to be used for abortions. (Lie!)
Nothing in HR 3200, or any other law forbids government money to be used for
a medical purpose, even at a hospital run by a religious group. (Lie!) And
this bill doesn’t specifically exclude ANY specific medical procedure of ANY
kind. It merely authorizes a commission to decide what coverage will be
included. Just curious; does Medicare authorize sex changes? I’m not actually
sure. (Not a lie; but a pretty huge straw man…)

We all gasped when
the federal government seized control of General Motors, and Obama effectively
fired the Chairman and replaced the board with government bureaucrats selected
by Treasury Secretary Geithner.  Now Obama and his liberal Democratic
House allies want to replace your doctors with bureaucrats, hasten grandma's
demise, abort and kill children in urban neighborhoods, cut doctors' pay and
control their religion, and transform Christian hospitals into
government-controlled atheist bureaucracies.  Does any of this remind you
of Communism?  I won't stand idly by to allow this.  I will fax
Congress to say, "no to Obamacare."  Will you?  Please
sign our petition and I'll send your faxes now.
 Then please forward
this email to all your friends who care about our beloved country, especially
those senior citizens who may be at greatest risk.

Bless you, in Jesus' name,

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt

P.S. Time is urgent!
When the House and Senate return from summer vacation their first priority is
to send Obama this dangerous "health" care bill.  Please don't
delay, but sign our petition today!  

(Note: the following disclaimer was actually put all the way
at the END of the e-mail, AFTER the hundreds of lines of lies put out by
Liberty Counsel, but I moved it up, to provide context, and of course, to

Disclaimer: The views of Chaplain
Klingenschmitt, who was honorably but involuntarily discharged from the
Navy in 2007 after facing court-martial for praying "in Jesus name"
in uniform, (but was later vindicated by Congress), are his own personal
views, not the views of any political party, government, or organization.

Now, the first thing one has to ask is, why would they put a
huge six-page reprint of a list of lies about the health care bill BEFORE
this disclaimer?

Well, isn’t the answer to that question kind of dependent on
the other question you MUST have when you read that disclaimer? WHY would a CHRISTIAN
CHAPLAIN face a COURT MARTIAL for praying “in Jesus’ name” while in uniform?
Isn’t that the chaplain’s JOB?

Well, it turns out that, while the wingnuts consider this
schmuck a “hero,” he’s actually anything but. See, the military doesn’t have
a problem with service people praying while in uniform, as you would imagine;
if they did, I’d be out there protesting; soldiers should have the same
religious freedoms as everyone else. But they DO have a problem with soldiers
who wear their uniforms to political or partisan events. Americans United has
the whole story; here’s an excerpt:

Capt. Norm Holcomb, command chaplain at
Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, sent an e-mail to the Kentucky House,
giving every representative the facts about the Klingenschmitt controversy.

Holcomb’s message is very powerful, and
reading it, one can sense the anger he feels that an officer who refused to
follow orders is being treated like some kind of hero.

Holcomb also clarifies an important point:
Klingenschmitt, despite what his defenders say, was not punished for praying
in the name of Jesus. He was court-martialed for refusing to follow orders.
It’s a simple as that.

“I was the dishonored ex-chaplain’s supervisor
for the past 2 years,” Holcomb wrote in his message. “I found him to be
totally untruthful, unethical and insubordinate. He was and is contemptuous
of all authority. He was not court martialed for praying in Jesus’ name. I
sent him out in uniform every week to pray at various ceremonies and
functions. He always prayed in uniform and in Jesus’ name. He was never told
that he could not pray in Jesus’ name. In fact, the issue of prayer had
nothing at all to do with his dismissal from the Navy. He disobeyed the
lawful order of a senior officer. I am sure that you understand that Navy
Regulations forbid any of us, regardless of rank or position, to appear in
uniform in support of any political or partisan event.”

Holcomb goes on to say, “He appeared in direct
support of a political event, demonstrating contempt for the order of his
Commanding Officer and Naval Regulations that we all swear that we will abide
by…. The ex-chaplain is a man without honor and you have accepted his story
and in doing so you have had ‘the wool pulled over your eyes.’

Now, we know why they tried
to hide the disclaimer. He’s an unethical pseudo-Christian creep. That’s why
he can tell all of those lies “in Jesus’ name.” Even if you agree with him,
according to the New Testament, such a thing is actually against the rules.
It fits the actual definition of “using the Lord’s name in vain,” in fact.

But check out what these
appalling pseudo-Christians addend this e-mail with… you’ll recognize it if
you’ve followed this blog for a while. I’ll spare you a redundant analysis of
these same talking points.


Liberty Counsel, in other
words: My rebuttal to this drivel can be found

Health Care Plan Details

HR 3200 currently under consideration in the House of Representatives

 *HC = "Health Care"

Pg 22 of the HC Bill MANDATES the Government will audit the books of ALL
EMPLOYERS that self insure!!

Pg 29 lines 4-16 in the HC Bill – YOUR HEALTH CARE IS RATIONED!!!

Pg 30 Sec 123 of HC Bill – THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE that decides
what treatments/benefits you get

Pg 42 of HC Bill – The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your benefits
for you. You have no choice!

Pg 50 Section 152 in HC Bill – HC will be provided to ALL non-U.S. citizens,
illegal or otherwise

Pg 58 HC Bill – Government will have real-time access to individual's
finances and a National ID Health Care Card will be issued!

Pg 59 HC Bill lines 21-24 Government will have direct access to your banks
accounts for electronic funds transfer.

Pg 65 Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in
unions and community organizations (ACORN).

Pg 72 Lines 8-14 Government is creating a Health Care Exchange to bring private
health care plans under government control.

Pg 84 Sec 203 HC Bill – Government mandates ALL benefit packages for private
health care plans in the Exchange

Pg 85 Line 7 HC Bill – Specs for of Benefit Levels for Plans = The government
will ration your health care!

Pg 91 Lines 4-7 HC Bill – Government mandates linguistic appropriate

Pg 95 HC Bill Lines 8-18 The government will use groups i.e., ACORN &
AmeriCorps to sign up individuals for government Health Care Plan

Pg 85 Line 7 HC Bill – Specs of Ben Levels 4 Plans. #AARP members – Your
health care WILL be rationed

Pg 102 Lines 12-18 HC Bill – Medicaid Eligible Individual will be
automatically enrolled in Medicaid. No choice.

Pg 124 lines 24-25 HC No company can sue the government on price
fixing.    No "judicial review" against this
government monopoly.

Pg 127 Lines 1-16 HC Bill – Doctors/ #AMA – The government will tell YOU what
you can make.

Pg 145 Line 15-17 An employer MUST auto enroll employees into public option

Pg 126 Lines 22-25 Employers MUST pay for health care for part-time employees
AND their families.

Pg 149 Lines 16-24 ANY Employer w/ payroll 400k and above who does not prov.
pub opt. pays 8% tax on all payroll

Pg 150 Lines 9-13 Businesses with payroll between 251k and 400k who do not
provide public opt pays 2-6% tax on all payroll

Pg 167 Lines 18-23 ANY individual who doesn't have acceptable health care
according to government will be taxed 2.5% of income.

Pg 170 Lines 1-3 Any NONRESIDENT Alien is exempt from individual taxes
(Americans will pay).

Pg 195 Officers & employees of HC Administration (GOVT) will have access
to ALL Americans' financial and personal records.

Pg 203 Line 14-15 HC – "The tax imposed under this section shall not be
treated as tax." Yes, it says that. 

Pg 239 Line 14-24 HC Bill Government will reduce physician services for
Medicaid.  Seniors, low income, poor affected.

Pg 241 Line 6-8 HC Bill – Doctors, it does not matter what specialty you
have, you'll all be paid the same.

Pg 253 Line 10-18 Government sets value of doctors' time, prof judg, etc.
Literally value of humans.

Pg 265 Sec 1131Government mandates and controls productivity for private
health care industries.

Pg 268 Sec 1141 Federal Government regulates rental and purchase of
power-driven wheelchairs.

Pg 272 SEC. 1145. Treatment of certain cancer hospitals – Cancer patients –
welcome to rationing!

Page 280 Sec 1151 The government will penalize hospitals for what government
deems preventable readmissions. (Incentives for hospital to not treat and

Pg 298 Lines 9-11 Doctors that treat a patient during initial admission that
results in a readmission-Government will penalize you.

Pg 317 L 13-20 PROHIBITION on ownership/investment. Government tells Doctors
what/how much they can own.

Pg 317-318 lines 21-25, 1-3 PROHIBITION on expansion- Government is mandating
hospitals cannot expand.

pg 321 2-13 Hospitals have opportunity to apply for exception, BUT community
input required. Can you say ACORN?!!

Pg335 L 16-25 Pg 336-339 – Government mandates establishment of outcome based
measures. Health Care the way they want. Rationing.

Pg 341 Lines 3-9 Government has authority to disqualify Medicare Advantage
Plans (Part B), HMOs, etc. Forcing people into Government plan.

Pg 354 Sec 1177 – Government will RESTRICT enrollment of special needs

Pg 379 Sec 1191 Government creates more bureaucracy – Tele-health Advisory
Committee. Health care by phone/Internet?

Pg 425 Lines 4-12 Government mandates Advance [Death] Care Planning
Consultion. Think Senior Citizens end of life.

Pg 425 Lines 17-19 Government will instruct and consult regarding living
wills, durable powers of attorney.   Mandatory!

Pg 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Government provides approved list of end of
life resources, guiding you in death.

Pg 427 Lines 15-24 Government mandates program for orders for end of life.
The government has a say in how your life ends.

Pg 429 Lines 1-9 An "advanced care planning consult" will be used
frequently as patient's health deteriorates.

Pg 429 Lines 10-12 " advanced care consultation" may include an
ORDER for end of life plans. AN ORDER from Government.

Pg 429 Lines 13-25 – The government will specify which doctors can write an
end of life order.

PG 430 Lines 11-15 The government will decide what level of treatment you
will have at end of life.

Pg 469 – Community Based Home Medical Services=Non-profit orgs. Hello, ACORN
Medical Services here!!?

Pg 472 Lines 14-17 PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORG. 1 monthly payment to a
community-based org. Like ACORN?

Pg 489 Sec 1308 The government will cover Marriage and Family therapy. They
will insert government into your marriage. 

Pg 494-498 Government will cover Mental Health Services including defining,
creating, rationing those services.

PG 502 Sec 1181 Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research Established. –
Hello Big Brother – Literally.

Pg 503 Lines 13-19 Government will build registries and data networks from
YOUR electronic medical records.

Pg 503 lines 21-25 Government may secure data directly from any department or
agency of the U.S. who have any of your data.

Pg 504 Lines 6-10 The "Center" will collect data both published and
unpublished (that means public and your private info).

PG 506 Lines 19-21 The Center will recommend policies that would allow for
public access of data.

PG 518 Lines 21-25 The Commission will have input from Health Care consumer
reps – Can you say unions and ACORN?

PG 524 18-22 Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund set up. More taxes
for ALL.

PG 621 Lines 20-25 Government will define what quality means in health care.
Since when does government know about quality?

Pg 622 Lines 2-9 To pay for the Quality Standards, government will transfer
money from other government Trust Funds. More Taxes.

PG 624 "Quality" measures shall be designed to assess outcomes and
functional status of patients.

PG 624 "Quality" measures shall be designed to profile you
including race, age, gender, place of residence, etc.

Pg 628 Sec 1443 Government will give "Multi-Stake Holders" Pre-Rule
Making input into Selection of "Quality" Measures.

Pg 630 9-24/631 1-9 Those multi-stake holder groups include unions and groups
like ACORN deciding health care quality.

Pg 632 Lines 14-25 The Government may implement any "Quality
measure" of health care services as they see fit.

PG 633 14-25/ 634 1-9 The Secretary may issue non-endorsed "Quality
Measures" for Physician Services and Dialysis Services.

Pg 635 to 653 Physicians Payments Sunshine Provision – Government wants to
shine sunlight on doctor but not government.

Pg 654-659 Public Reporting on Health Care-Associated Infections – Looks

PG 660-671 Doctors in Residency – Government will tell you where your
residency will be, thus where you'll live.

Pg 676-686 Government will regulate hospitals in EVERY aspect of residency
programs, including teaching hospitals.

Pg 686-700 Increased Funding to Fight Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.   Do
they mean like the government with an $18 million website?

PGs 701-704 Sec 1619 If your part of health care plan isn't in Government
Health Care Exchange but you qualify for Federal aid, no payment.

PG 705-709 SEC. 1128 If Secretary gets complaints (ACORN) on health care
provider or supplier, government can do background check.

PG 711 Lines 8-14 The Secretary has broad powers to deny health care
providers/ suppliers admittance into Health Care Exchange. Your doctor could
be thrown out of business.

Pg 719-720 Sec 1637 ANY Doctor who orders durable medical equipment or home
medical services MUST be enrolled in Medicare.

PG 722 Sec 1639 Government MANDATES doctors must have face-to-face with
patient to certify patient for Home Health Services.

PG 724 23-25 PG 725 1-5 The same government certifications will apply to
Medicaid and CHIP (your kids).

PG 724 Lines 16-22 Government reserves right to apply face-to-face
certification for patient to ANY other health care service.

Pg 735 lines 16-25 For law enforcement, proposes the Secretary-HHS will give
Attorney General access to ALL data.

PG 740-757 Government sets guidelines for subsidizing the uninsured (That's
your tax dollars people).

Pg 757-762 Federal Government will shift burden of payments to
Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) to States. (Taxes)

Pg 763 1-8 No DS/EA hospitals will be paid unless they provide services
without regard to national origin.

Pg 765 Sec 1711 Government will require Preventative Services including
vaccines. (Choice?)

Pg 768 Sec 1713 Government – Nurse Home Visitation Services (Hello union paybacks).

Pg 769 11-14 Nurse Home Visit Services include economic self-sufficiency,
employ adv, school-readiness.

Pg 769 3-5 Nurse Home Visit Services – "increasing birth intervals
between pregnancies."   Government ABORTIONS anyone?

Pg 770 SEC 1714 Federal Government mandates eligibility for State Family
Planning Services. Abortion and State Sovereignty.

Pg 789-797 Government will set, mandate drug prices, controlling which drugs
brought to market. Bye innovation.

Pgs 797-800 SEC. 1744 PAYMENTS for graduate medical education. The government
will now control doctors' educations.

PG 801 Sec 1751 The government will decide which health care conditions will
be paid.  Can you say RATION!

Pg 810 SEC. 1759. Billing Agents, clearinghouses, etc. req. to register.
Government takes over private payment system.

Pg 820-824 Sec 1801 Government will identify individuals ineligible for
subsidies. Will access all personal financial information.

Pg 824-829 SEC. 1802. Government sets up Comparative Effectiveness Research
Trust Fund. Another tax black hole.

PG 829-833 Government will impose a fee on ALL private health insurance plans
including self-insured to pay for Trust Fund!

PG 835 11-13 fees imposed by government for Trust Fund shall be treated as if
they were taxes.

Pg 838-840 Government will design and implement Home Visitation Program for
families with young kids and families expecting kids.

PG 844-845 This Home Visitation Program includes government coming into your
house and telling you how to parent!!!

Pg 859 Government will establish a Public Health Fund at a cost of
$88,800,000,000. Yes that's billion.

Pg 865 The government will MANDATE the establishment of a National Health
Service Corps.

PG 865 to 876 The NHS Corps is a program where doctors perform mandatory
health care for two years for part loan repayment.

PG 876-892 The government takes over the education of our medical students
and doctors.

PG 898 The government will establish a Public Health Workforce Corps to
ensure supply of public health prof.

PG 898 The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of civilian employees
of the U.S. as Secretary deems.

PG 898 The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of officers of Regular
and Reserve Corps of Service.

PG 900 The Public Health Workforce Corps includes veterinarians.

PG 901 The Public Health Workforce Corps WILL include commissioned Regular
and Reserve Officers. HC Draft?

PG 910 The government will develop, build, and run Public Health Training

PG 913-914 Government starts a health care affirmative action program thru
guise of diversity scholarships.

PG 915 SEC. 2251. Government MANDDATES Cultural and linguistic competency
training for health care professionals.

Pg 932 The Government will establish Preventative and Wellness Trust fund-
initial cost of $30,800,000,000 billion.

PG 935 21-22 Government will identify specific goals & objectives for
prevention & wellness activities.   That means controlling

PG 936 Government will develop "Healthy People and National Public
Health Performance Standards"   Tell me what to eat?

PG 942 Lines 22-25 More government? Offices of Surgeon General -Public Health
Svc, Minority Health, Women's Health

PG 950- 980 BIG GOVERNMENT core pub health infrastructure including workforce
capacity, lab systems, health info sys, etc.

PG 993 Government will establish school based health clinics. Your kids won't
have a chance.

PG 994 School Based Health Clinic will be integrated into the school
environment. Say government brainwash!

PG 1001 The government will establish a National Medical Device
Registry.    Will you be tracked?

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