PUBs and the Progressive Message

Before I begin this part of the rant, I want to assure people that this blog is not 100% dedicated to calling out the Progressive Unicorn Brigade (PUBs), or whatever you want to call them; puritopians, emo progs, or whatever, and the professional left. I plan to spend the period after the conventions picking apart Republicans and the right in general, like it has ever been picked apart. But I will also be doing something else; I will be propagating a progressive message.

And that brings me to part five of this rant. The progressive message. I want to address the serious question of why everyone in the country is not progressive. Why is that, do you think? I mean, we’re supposedly in favor of social justice, right? Aren’t we the ones who believe that every working person in the country should make enough money to have a decent life and that no one should either die or be financially ruined because they happen to get sick? For that matter, don’t all liberals and progressives think everyone should have the right to do anything they want to do and get the education necessary and desired to become productive members of a progressive society?

There is a lot more. And if people actually knew and understood what we believe, there is no possible way we would be dealing with 40 years of Reaganomics and Republican obstruction. You see, there is nothing we believe that the average person wouldn’t accept and go along with, if they knew about it.

And that is the problem. The loudest component of the progressive movement, who are PUBs and the professional left, do absolutely nothing about messaging. Oh, they mention the word at times, but they don’t seem to believe in messaging, really. Like I said, they seem to prefer to shout meaningless words and phrases as if they have a bad case of Tourette’s Syndrome and they come up with clever “catch phrases,” which they cling to like a dog with a favorite chew toy. This election season, we have been repeatedly treated to meaningless phrases like “establishment” and “status quo,” and they treat words like “centrist,” “moderate” and “pragmatic” as if they’re pejoratives. Basically, they treat everyone who is not like them as if they are lesser, and…

Actually, I was going to finish that sentence with “…then wonder why so few people go for their positions,” but that would be inaccurate. They don’t even see to notice. Look at the Bernie Stans this year; they seem to have no clue that they lost the primary race. They don’t seem to realize that they are not in a position to demand anything because they are demanding everything. Not a day goes by that a Tweet from a Bernie Stan doesn’t come across my feed with the hashtag #DropOutHilary. No shit.

But the purpose of this post isn’t to call out the Bernie Stans, it’s to make note of the fact that the progressive message seems lost on people. As I pointed out yesterday, most voters don’t like us very much. And part of the reason for that is that the loudest contingent of the progressive movement tends to call them stupid and lies to them about Democrats. That is largely the same reason the progressive message gets lost. In 2000, the message coming from PUBs and pro lefties wasn’t that Ralph Nader planned to bring social justice to the country, it was that Al Gore was a “sell-out” and was largely just as bad as George W. Bush. In 2004, it was that John Kerry wasn’t “progressive” enough. In 2010 and in 2014, these same idiots spent all their time targeting Blue Dogs, as if they were the biggest problem the country faced. During the healthcare reform debate, they were so focused on “the public option” that they ended up killing the actual public option that was in the bill before they started their screaming.

This year, for every minute they spent on such tone-deaf issue positions as “income inequality,” free college and “single-payer,” they spent 10 trashing Hillary Clinton as a “corporatist” and a “tool of Wall Street” and adopting the lies the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy have been propagating for more than a quarter-century. If you are spending all of your time trashing Democratic candidates, referring to political moderates as “sell-outs” and using buzz words that your “progressive” overlords say you should use, doesn’t that, in fact, become the de facto progressive message? Can you see where this kind of message may not resonate with most people? Can you not see how such a message might actually turn people away from the progressive cause? No message is getting out, folks. No one knows what we actually believe, because the loudest among us don’t bother to articulate anything.

Again, we live in a democracy. I can’t believe I have to type that out loud on a progressive website, but it seems as if a lot of self-described “progressives” just can’t grasp this concept. ¬†That means, you have to become popular. You have to have a clear message and it has to resonate with most people. I know, I know. That means we have to become (gasp!) popular. PUBs and pro lefties only want to be popular with each other. They live an insular existence and they only talk to each other. They only watch “news” and listen to people who think exactly the way they do. Validation is more important than accuracy. I opened up the comments on this blog about a month ago, and I have two rules; you have to be civil and you have to tell the truth. Use facts. Every day, I have to delete comments (yes, I moderate!) from so-called “progressives” with no regard for the truth. That’s not progressive. Facts have a liberal bias, which means there is no excuse for not telling the truth. None.

PUBs and the pro left spend far too much time NOT propagating a progressive message for the public to actually adopt a progressive message. Trashing Hillary Cinton or the other Democrats is not a progressive message. Advocating for “free college” and calling the fellow Democrat who is advocating for debt-free college a “corporatist” or “Shillary” is not a progressive message. Trashing civil rights icon John Lewis because he didn’t endorse your messiah Bernie is not a progressive message. When Hillary Clinton adopts Bernie’s position on an issue, that is a progressive message, but it is not a progressive message to claim she’s lying. Calling a candidate who calls for a $12 minimum wage by 2018 a sell out because your candidate wants a $15 an hour minimum wage by 2022 is not a progressive message.

The progressive message should be all about justice for all. It should be about equal access to everything society has to offer, and an easier life for everyone who lies here. The progressive message should be about making sure everyone who lives in this country is treated fairly. I wrote a book about the progressive message a while back, and it only costs a dollar. (Go here to buy a copy) This is what liberals and progressives should be about. No more with the Eeyore bullshit; we have to be positive. Liberalism is about a positive view of the future; why do we always sound so damn negative?

Some of you may think that being more like the right wing is the key to success, but obviously, that doesn’t work. So what does work?

That will be the next installment. I made a promise when I started this blog, that I would not make this a blog full of complaints, but a blog full of solutions. Starting with the next installment, we try to solve this problem.


PUBs and the Progressive Message — 3 Comments

  1. One of the habits that bothers me about the PUBs in the their ritual punishment of the Democrats, every time they do something right. Hillary makes a progressive policy announcement? First the PUBs do a victory dance and gloat over their awesomeness in forcing the Shilldebeast to move left, then they sneer that she’s a lying corporate whore and setting them up for a betrayal. There is no negotiating with these people.

  2. Excellent rant! I think you meant to write aren’t we the ones to believe that every working person should make enough money to have a decent life. You wrote aren’t we the ones who don’t believe.