Quinnipiac Poll: Trump is an Embarrassment

Today, Quinnipiac University released a poll that, in any other White House would be grounds for major embarrassment. Start with the fact that, while 90 percent of those polled think it’s important that a president set a really good example and be a role model for children, more than two-thirds of those polled believe Lord Donny is NOT a good role model for children. That margin was 67-29. Let that 29 percent be a guide as to how many people in this country are blind about Trump. Face it; anyone who thinks he is a good role model is in denial.

And just FYI, these results were roughly the same, regardless of gender, education, age and race. Even white voters with no college said he’s a bad role model, by a 54-41 margin, and that is the Trump Sweet Spot.

If that’s not embarrassing enough, the poll showed that 63 percent of American voters think Trump fails to provide the U.S. with moral leadership. More depressing is that 33 percent said he does. On that question, those same white voters without college are split, 47-47, although 80 percent of self-described Republicans think he’s a moral leader. If you can’t see from that why the comparisons between the two parties as “the same” are delusional, well…

Whereas the poll gave Trump a 36 percent approval rating, about the same as it’s been for almost a year, and 58 disapprove, only 27 percent of voters were willing to claim they are proud to have Donald Trump as president, whereas 53 percent say they are embarrassed. If you’re keeping track, that means embarrassed is twice as common as proud. No wonder his approvals have pretty much never topped 40 percent. On the other hand, 86 percent of Republicans approve of the Trump shit show, and 50 percent of the white voters without college approve. Again, this is not the stuff of political success.

However, the poll is actually worse. A full 57 percent say Trump doesn’t care about average Americans, while 65 percent say he is not level headed. A full 60 percent say he is not honest, while 61 percent say he doesn’t share their values and 59 percent say he does not have good leadership skills.

Lord Donny won’t like this poll. Good. Maybe he’ll resign.

Read the entire poll here.

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