React at OUR Peril

How do I put this?


Seriously… stop it.

Look, I am not happy with What Donna Brazile said about what she claims happened to the DNC in 2016. I think it was horrible in virtually every way. For one thing, in an era of “fake news,” it was not factual. And Elizabeth Warren’s proclamation that Hillary did indeed cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination, was pretty stupid in every way, although the most troubling part, again, was that it was in no way factual. It couldn’t have been.

That said, many of you will notice that I made one fairly long Tweetstorm about it, and left it alone. And I largely left it alone for a very simple reason: it really doesn’t matter. Donna Brazile wrote what she wrote to sell books. More than likely someone told her she needed something in the book that would provoke a response and that is what she came up with. And there is no doubt a lot of far left white liberal Bernie Stans purchased her book, so it worked. As could have been predicted by everyone who is not a Bernie Loon, they went batshit crazy in reaction to it because, in their fevered dreams, it proved that they were right and Bernie the Savior was cheated out of his rightful Democratic nomination.

You see, far left and far right white people share a common trait, in that they believe white people are superior by birthright. You may think I am kidding, but I really am not. Listen to Bernie’s rhetoric from 2016 and compare it to Trump’s for yourself. Both candidates tried to portray the United States as a veritable hellscape, in which everyone who isn’t rich is barely scraping by and where little match girls are standing on street corners selling apples to buy bread. I listened to one Bernie Speech in late 2015, about how horrible the economy was and how bad everyone in the 99 percent had it, as I was walking past an endless line in front of the Apple store, where people were gathered to be the first on their block to obtain the $800 miracles. I have nothing against iPhones or the people who own them; I own an iPhone and an iPad myself. However, it’s hard to make the case that tens of millions of people are starving in the streets when nearly everyone has a phone screen to stare into and pretending to communicate. Thanks to President Obama, the last recession, which was the worst in many years, lasted less than a year. And while Lord Donny is keen on taking credit for the current economic boom, the fact of the matter is, it’s been going on for about eight years now. President Obama and Democrats deserve all the credit. Yet, the “independent progressives” who treat Bernie as a God refuse to give Democrats credit for anything.

Instead, these idiots REACT to everything that sounds plausible and supports their God Bernie. They have the same traits, in many cases, as the Trump faithful and right wingers in general. They employ the Rush Limbaugh school of thought, in which they look at an issue or a candidate, then formulate “what a ‘progressive’ should believe” about that. A few years back, they decided that Bernie Sanders was saying “all the right things” and they decided to treat him like their “Savior” and their “God.” They continue to do so. They convinced themselves that the Democratic Party “cheated” Sanders out of the Democratic nomination, even though he was never that popular, that Hillary Clinton was/is more qualified to be president than just about anyone in history, and that everyone, including the Republican Party, Russian intelligence and these “independent progressives” were all working against Hillary Clinton. They should be ashamed of themselves for undermining People of Color, LGBT people and women, among others, and yet, they seem to be proud of the help they gave Trump. Hell; they are so delusional, every single one of them will tell you that “Bernie would have won,” which is ridiculous on its face.

Since the election, people have been coming together behind the Democratic Party to a greater degree than I have seen in a long time. There is a groundswell building, not just against Trump, but against the worst political party in the history of the United States. It’s about time. Finally, the electorate is learning a valuable lesson; they’re learning there are consequences if enough of us fail to vote; you completely incompetent asshole like Trump occupying the White House and making a mess of things.

Yet, here come the “independent progressives,” whom I refer to as the “progressive unicorn brigade” (PUB), latching onto Donna Brazile’s statements about Hillary and the 2016 election, and screaming so loud, they threaten to derail the progress we’ve been making on getting the electorate on our side. Yeah, there is nothing ironic about “progressives” derailing progress, is there? Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Brazile story is that the same Bernie Stans who are treating Brazile’s words as gospel wouldn’t have given her the time of day before this because she worked as a member of the Clinton Administration at one time.  Their reaction is calculated, it is based on pure ego and narcissism and it is ultimately supremely stupid and clueless. Just like most of everything that comes out of the professional left.

Here are some clues:

  1. The DNC raises funds and they coordinate resources for the general election.
  2. Primaries are state-run affairs. The national party has little say in how they are run. In fact, in red states, the GOP has more to say about the Democratic primary or caucus than the DNC does. In other words, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the DNC to rig anything.
  3. The professional left who are doing the most bitching are NOT Democrats.
  4. Standing outside a political party and demanding it change has never worked in the history of party politics.
  5. The Democratic Party is the party of the people. The problem is, it’s no longer the party of the white people.
  6. The Democratic Party is black people, Latinos, immigrants, LGBT and women. If you are a white liberal and you’re upset because they party isn’t treating you like the “base,” that is because you’re NOT THE BASE.
  7. If you’re a white liberal and you are refusing to support Democrats fully because they don’t treat you with “proper deference,” don’t be surprised when you are called racist, misogynist, etc. Whie people abandoned the Democratic Party 50+ years ago, and it wasn’t just right wingers.

If you really want to be called “progressive,” that’s fine. You can call yourself whatever you’d like; it’s a free country.  However, if you’re going to make a difference in the country and the world, you have to BE progressive. And that means getting rid of everyone in government who is the opposite of progressive. That means supporting Democrats, period. Not just “perfect” Democrats, but all Democrats. It’s now a moral imperative that you commit to the Democratic Party for the long haul. It’s the only way we’ll make progress.

One last thing; I know a lot of the “progressive independents” will lament the “two-party system” and whine that they want more choices, but my response is simple; you split from the Democratic Party 50 years ago and had plenty of time to create an alternative, so where the hell is it? Stop your whining and reacting and push Democrats – all Democrats – for 2018. It’s the only first step available to save this country.

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  1. “…far left and far right white people share a common trait, in that they believe white people are superior by birthright” I think a clue that this might be true was when all of the women and non-white people who just happened to prefer the non-Bernie candidate were declared “low information voters” by the PUB. And nobody in that echo chamber questioned that assertion because it seemed so obvious to them. Why would the people most affected by regressive policies be as informed or more informed about party politics than the typical white college guy? Why would groups of people who generally have to watch every word and fight twice as hard (or more) simply to get a point across and taken seriously – why on earth would we be as well-informed as the Bernie crowd? Why question the ad-hominem attacks and biased narratives when the people who diagree with you are “just” women and non-white people? (Lots of sarcasm here)