“Real Progressives:” Don’t Undermine Dems

Every time someone announces their run for the Democratic presidential nomination, a whole host of so-called “progressives” pops up on social media to tear them down. Every single candidate. And every single one who does that will, in the same Twitter feed or Facebook page, declare that Donald Trump is a pox on this nation and needs to go.

You can’t hold both positions.

You cannot believe that Trump is “enemy #1” and has to be removed and then attack every Democrat who is chomping at the bit to run against him. Those are not politically compatible positions.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating. The purpose of the Democratic primary is NOT to choose the candidate who will deliver the progressive dream in full and make this into the country we all dream of. There is one purpose, and it is to choose the candidate that will appeal to most people and defeat the Republican nominee. And that’s why this cycle has to stop.

If you have been alive for the past 16 years, then you know what a disaster it is to allow the wrong person to be elected. In 2000 and 2004, “progressives” attacked Al Gore and John Kerry mercilessly and helped to give us two terms of George W. Bush. For two election cycles, they showed some decorum and didn’t attack Barack Obama, and he won two elections in two landslides with higher-than-usual turnout. Of course, between the elections, they reverted back to form and targeted “Blue Dog Democrats” as “the enemy” and blunted the effect Obama could have had on the government, by handing Democrats record losses in 2010 and 2014.

Then came 2016, which was a “low water mark” for this group of “progressives.” They adopted Bernie Sanders and treated him as if he was a god of some sort. At first, their expectations were realistic; they only wanted him to “influence the debate.” However, when he started getting more votes than they expected, they started to envision him winning the nomination, a delusion that was never going to happen. And being politically immature and thoughtless, they used that delusion as a pretext for attacking Hillary Clinton.

If Clinton made one mistake in 2016, it is that she didn’t shut these idiots down early on. Instead, she played to them. Before the convention, she gave Bernie and his Stans too much leverage on the platform, although maybe that wasn’t a mistake, since we already knew the platform wouldn’t matter in a race with Trump.

The end result was the closest loss of the electoral college in history; 77,000 votes in three key states. But these “progressives” still refuse to accept their role in the elevation of the Giant Orange Toddler (H/T Quinn Cummings) to the presidency.

And don’t deny it, Bernie Stans, you had a role. You don’t get to drag the Democratic Nominee through the mud for two-plus years and claim you had no effect. In fact, if you have no effect on the process, then it should be no problem shutting the hell up then, should it?

I mean, we have a ton of proof that far-left white progressives with more heart than brains keeps on giving us worse and worse Republican Presidents and majorities in Congress. Start with 1968, when your asinine rhetoric gave us Richard Nixon over Hubert Humphrey, who would have ended Vietnam sooner than Nixon did because he wouldn’t have been. As concerned with “Peace With Honor.” Then, in 1976, you people didn’t want Jimmy Carter because he was a Christian, so he barely won against Gerald Ford, right after Watergate. In 1980, you people fell in love with Ted Kennedy and tried to replace Carter, who had been the most progressive president in history to that point, even though Kennedy himself couldn’t articulate why he was running. You continued to badmouth Carter and we were stuck with Ronald Reagan. You undermined Dukakis in 1998, as well. And then there were the aforementioned presidential elections in 2000 and 2004 and the midterms in 2010 and 2014, where you targeted Democrats for defeat against the goddamn Tea Party Caucus! All those “Blue Dogs” you idiots opposed represented red districts, and their opponents were full-scale GOP teabaggers! In what way is replacing ANY Democrat with a teabagger in any way “progressive”?

Yeah, that’s right. These self-described “progressives” targeted “conservative Democrats” and were successful, getting rid of half of them. However, what they won’t admit is, every single one was replaced by a teabagger. They were apparently so proud of themselves, they finished off these “Blue Dogs” in 2014. Again, all were replaced by teabaggers.

In last year’s midterms, they seemed to calm down a little, but there was still a lot of bullshit about certain Senate candidates who were “too conservative,” and a few of those candidates lost and the Democrats lost two seats in the Senate, but they didn’t do as much to tamp down turnout.

However, they’re starting their shit again for 2020, at least at the presidential race level, and it needs to stop. If yo like Bernie Sanders, fine. But if other Democrats like someone else, that’s cool, too.

Being a liberal means you appreciate a big tent; you have to be able to accept that diversity is the watchword of the Democratic Party. And every white liberal out there needs to understand; white liberals gave up stewardship of the Democratic Party in the late 1960s, and the Democratic base is now made up of People of Color. And let me assure you, People of Color are at least as “progressive” as you are, if not more so.

There will likely be at least 12-15 Democrats running for president this year, but only one can be nominated, and we don’t know who that will be. Therefore, when you attack a Democratic candidate because you don’t support them, you are quite possibly doing damage to the eventual nominee. That shows an emotional immaturity and a lack of political savvy that is really distressing and can only lead to one result; a win for Donald Trump, or whichever Republican takes his place if he’s not on the ticket.

Grow the hell up and only speak badly of Republicans. They are the enemy. If someone announces their candidacy and they’re a Democrat, support your own choice without attacking them. The country will thank you for it.

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“Real Progressives:” Don’t Undermine Dems — 1 Comment

  1. “Real progressives” and teabaggers have a number of things in common, but I think one of the most important ones for the destruction of our democracy has been that neither group actually believes in our government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Both groups have bought into that whole “government is the problem” thing.

    At least the teabaggers take a somewhat consistent approach by pretending to ascribe to “limited government” most of the time (unless, of course, the issue is something like forced birth). The “real progressives” want to implement huge government programs to be run by whom, when they hate almost all politicians? It defies logic.

    The whole “term limits” song is just another sign that people no longer believe in our country or believe that most politicians can be good people. Term limits are a disaster that will increase corruption, not decrease it. I believe in the American experiment. I believe in the government that gave us the New Deal, the Great Society, and the vaccine for polio. I believe that government is still full of Democrats who want to serve our country to the best of their abilities. Most Democrats, even the blue dogs, do, too. No Republicans do. And no “real progressives” do, either. (They are not Democrats.) Call me naive or a hopeless optimist, but our government can never work while we don’t believe in it.