Republican Family Values? What a Joke!

GOP BaseThe greatest political oxymoron in history has to be the concept of “Republican Family Values.” I mean, the fact that they can get traction for this for almost 40 years is astounding to me. Earlier, I posted a list of things Democrats have passed that make family life easier. Before the Republican Party turned to shit in the late 1960s, they actually joined in on some of that. However, that Republican Party is long gone. Now, instead of a selection of liberal Republicans helping LBJ pass Great Society legislation and the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, you have the entire Republican Party, en masse, cutting SNAP, refusing to accept Medicaid money for their states and promising to repeal Obamacare.

These are “family values”? Really?

Earlier, some helpful right wing clown clued tme into the fact that there are “scumbag Democrats,” too. You know, because I had no idea about that. Wow. I’m glad he told me; I wouldn’t want to go through life believing that Democrats and progressives are all perfect. yes, he’s right. There are some really horrible Democrats.

But see… here’s the difference:

In 2008, while John Edwards was running for president, it was revealed that he had apparently conducted an affair with a staffer, Rielle Hunter, and she had his child. Or “love child,” as the media called it. This was happening while his lovely wife, Elizabeth Edwards, was battling for her life with cancer. While I don’t know the guy and can’t vouch for his character, it was a sleazy and disgusting thing for him to do.

As a result of his actions, John Edwards is pretty much persona non grata within the Democratic establishment these days. He was actually charged with felonies for using campaign funds to keep Hunter quiet, although he was acquitted on one charge and there was a mistrial on the others. His political career is over and he returned to his previous career as a trial attorney. He doesn’t appear as a Democratic spokesman, nor does he appear on TV as a Democratic surrogate.

Meet Newt Gingrich.

NewtieNewtie’s first marriage was to his math teacher. While she was in hospital fighting cancer, Gingrich was having an affair with another woman named Marianne and served his ailing wife with divorce papers. Yet, not only was he elected to Congress, the GOP proudly allowed him to guide them to victory in the 1994 election and made him Speaker of the House. A few years later, he followed the same basic pattern, sans the death bed, had an affair with a staffer, WHILE he was passing articles of impeachment against President Clinton for a blow job.

These days, Newtie is a highly respected Republican spokesperson who spends a whole lot of time on the Republican Party organ known as Fox News.

Again, see the difference? Anthony Weiner was drummed out of Congress and snubbed by the party when he ran for Mayor of New York, even though he never actually touched anyone else. Meanwhile, David Vitter was a regular customer of the DC Madam, where he apparently liked to put on diapers and engage in sexual fantasies. Nothing wrong with that; to each his own. Except that “Republican Family Values” call anyone else who does that sort of things “perverts” and tries to limit their rights and abilities to do so. And Vitter was not only supported by the GOP in another run for the Senate after that scandal, which he won with 57% of the vote, but they supported him in his losing bid for governor and they prepared to support him for a third Senate term, until he decided not to run.

But nothing tops the story about Dennis Hastert. Not only had the admitted child rapist been a Republican Family Values favorite for his entire career, but he even got in front of the House and made the following speech, knowing what he’d done:


Of course, because of the horrible statutes of limitations that allow predators to get away with their crimes, he couldn’t be convicted for child rape, but only for paying off the victims to keep them quiet. As an aside, I’d also note that Hastert was also key in covering up the sexual crimes of one Mark Foley, another “Family Values Republican,” for years. Foley apparently was being inappropriate with pages, all of whom were under age.

GOP Family valuesBut for the purposes of this article, I’d like to note that 41 people, most of them Republican officials and office holders who spout about “Republican Family Values,” filed letters of support for Hastert the child rapist, including former Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, former California Reps. John T. Doolittle and David Dreier; former Illinois Rep. Thomas Ewing; and former Connecticut Rep. Porter Goss. Actually, the number actually filed was 60, but the judge refused to even read them unless those filing the letters agreed to allow them to be public. In all, 19 people who filed a letter didn’t want anyone to know who they were.

“Republican Family Values” is a joke. PCTC will be proving that all through election season.

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