Republican Pigs Wear Lipstick?

I know, I was surprised to find this out, as well…

If you want to know just how useless the press has become, this has to be the benchmark of all benchmarks.

Apparently, because Sarah Palin said the word "lipstick" when referring to pit bulls and hockey moms last week, she essentially co-opted the word for all time, and certainly for the rest of this election season, at least as far as the "lazy unfair" press is concerned.

Seriously, how stupid do you think you are to the average reporter? How many people, outside of a few right wing loons who are looking for anything at all to attack Obama with, saw any relationship between Sarah Palin’s use of the word "lipstick" a week or so ago, and Obama’s use of the word yesterday.

Obama is too polite to call Sarah Palin a pig, folks. He would never stoop to using such a word, and the implication that he might by the "lazy unfair" press should be seen by you is insulting. At what point do you tire of these rich elitist reporters teling YOU what you think about that sort of thing? When do you finally throw up your hands and tell the millionaires who report political news you’ve had it with their pretending to speak for you?

Barack Obama has never referred to either John McCain or Sarah Palin in anything but respectful terms, and he has asked the rest of his followers to do the same.

That said, I’d like you to consider a few questions…

Is a public official who abuses the power of their office somewhat porcine?

Isn’t a person who thinks a woman who is raped, and becomes pregnant as a result, should be forced to carry the fetus to term kind of pig-headed?

If you were to put lipstick on someone who thinks nothing of wasting your tax money on things that only benefit her, would it make that public official less porky?

If lipstick were applied to public officials who spend their lives demanding that others conduct their personal lives according to a code of conduct they themselves were not willing to follow, would that make them less piggy?

Look, folks; if you want to know why our government sucks most of the time, this is why. It’s because the Republicans want to distract you with bullshit, and the "lazy unfair" press is more than willing to go along with it.

Stop letting them get away with it.

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