Republican Pussies; Boner and Cantor

Today, we saw a
major reason why we have to get rid of the current incarnation of the
Republican Party, and do so thoroughly and quickly.

They’re the biggest bunch of pussies on the face of the earth.

When asked why he failed to
get a majority of Republicans to vote for this bill,big brave Minority Leader John
Boehner, he of the bronzing agent and the multiple drunk crying jags on the House floor, actually said;


do believe that we could have gotten there today, had it not been for this
partisan speech20070216tearfulboehner_2
that the Speaker gave on the floor of the House. I mean, we
were — we put everything we had into getting the votes to get there today, but
the Speaker had to give a partisan voice that poisoned our conference, caused a
number of members who we thought we could get to go south."


Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia should have made his fellow Virginians cringe with embarrassment when he
followed that sentiment moments later. Waving waved a copy of Pelosi’s speech
in the air, he whined;


here is the reason I believe why this vote failed. And this is Speaker Pelosi’s speech that
frankly struck the tone of partisanship that frankly was inappropriate in this


Seriously, why do we
allow these pussies to run our democracy? I mean, let them have a vote, but what kinds of constituencies put these pussy-boys in office?

We are sitting at the brink of a
fiscal crisis here. Our economy has sucked for a while, and these guys, among others, have
pushed us closer to a financial depression than we’ve been in about 75 years.
If these two wusses think the bill sucked, they should vote against the bill. But if they voted against a necessary emergency
bill because Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings, then their weenie asses need to be
out of the House, pronto. This bill is about saving the American economy, not Republicans’ egos.


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