Republican Right Boobs of the Week – Perverted “Family Values” Edition

by @SueinRockville and Milt

The week in GOP silliness is both enlightening and highly perverted. What is it about the obsession with anything sexual demonstrated by modern-day Republicans?

As always, when you talk about Right Boobs, Donald Trump is at the top of the class. Of course, the highlight of Trump’s week was his sit-down with Megyn Kelly, during which they made up like two former spouses. She called him a “bully,” to his face, but really; does that word have any meaning anymore? I mean, yes, he was rude and crude to and about her, but for God’s sake, does that have any relation to a gay kid getting harassed or beaten up, or even an abused wife whose husband hits her? The Atlantic kind of hits the nail on the head. And other than that, she went really easy on him; so much so, it was surreal. It was as if Roger Ailes had told her to do so. (Source) But he wouldn’t do that, would he?

Meanwhile, the state hasn’t even voted yet, but Trump is having a hard time with his delegates in that state. You’ll recall that one of his delegates was outed recently as a white supremacist, which the Trump people blew off as some kind of “clerical error.” Well, now, another of his delegates and a major fundraiser (that’s right, Trump voters; he is NOT “self-financing his campaign!), former state Senator Tony Strickland, was just cited this week for violating California campaign finance laws in 2010, for one of his own campaigns. In an agreement with the Fair Political Practices Commission this past week, Strickland admitted to funneling campaign money through local Republican committees as a method for hiding the sources. (Source) So, basically, a money launderer and campaign finance cheater is working for Trump. Compare that to the scandal-free Obama Administration. Not off to a great start.

Then, another Trump delegate, this time in Maryland, Caleb Andrew Bailey, was indicted this week for child pornography and illegal gun possession. And when we say child pornography,in this case, we’re not talking about finding a few pictures in the deep recesses of his computer’s hard drive. Bailey actually exploited children to create the porn. (Source) It’s kind of strange that Republicans keep telling us how “warm” he is, but look at the people who flock to him.
Kim jong TrumpTrump also suggested he would like to meet with Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea and the only world leader with a temperament similar to his own. What a great triumverate, huh? Trump, his buddy Putin and his little buddy, Un. (Source)
Then, there are Trump and his taxes. He keeps putting off releasing his tax returns, making the specious claim that he doesn’t have to, and now we know why. Apparently, he released some tax returns to New Jersey gaming officials in the 1970s, back before he opened and bankrupted several casinos, and they revealed that, for at least a couple of years, he paid exactly $0 in income taxes. (Source) The press, finally starting to do their job, if only a little, then pointed out that he hadn’t given Mitt Romney a pass on releasing tax returns in 2012.

Rape and sex seemed to themes for Republicans this week. For example, in a Fox News interview, Trump claimed that Bill Clinton had raped a woman, a warmed-over right-wing smear from the 90s that was never proven in any way, shape or form. (Source) But he forgot two basic cardinal rules about smearing political opponents. The first one is, make sure you can prove it. And we know he can’t because, if it could be proven, the Republicans would have done so back in the day. The second is, make sure the accusation is not something that can come back to bite you, and rape is probably not a subject that Trump should be broaching. First of all, there is the California lawsuit in which a woman claims that Trump and another man, a later-convicted sex offender, raped her repeatedly over the course of several months, when she was only a teenager. (Source) And then there are the accusations out there that Trump once raped his first wife, Ivana, which she made in her 1993 book. He’s never answered those allegations, except to point to a canned statement by Ivana, obviously coached and/or coerced, probably with promises to cut her off if she says anything.
What is it about Republicans and sex, anyway? Not that rape is a sex crime; it’s not. It’s a violent crime. But the GOP fascination with anything to do with genitalia is puzzling, to put it mildly.
In fact, their fascination with trans people and bathrooms is nothing short of psychotic. The abbreviation for Oklahoma may be OK, but Republicans in that state are definitely NOT!
OK spermSee, Oklahoma sits in the heart of tornado alley and they have seen an enormous increase in the number of tornadoes in recent years, due to the climate change most Republicans claim isn’t happening. To add to the problems in the state, since fracking began, the number of earthquakes has also risen. In 2015, the state saw a total of 111 tornadoes and 890 earthquakes. So, it should surprise no one that state Republican lawmakers and Republican Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency, right? Well, what may surprise you is that they didn’t declare a state of emergency because of tornadoes or earthquakes, but to keep those icky transgender people out of the “wrong” bathrooms!
“It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval,” Senate Bill 1619 stated in part.” (Source)
You know, because trans people taking a shit is far more dangerous than a tornado. How can you not know this? Come on!
lightbulbAnd it that’s not bad enough, Governor Fallin, who is being floated as a running mate for Donald Trump (you know, because woman), also had to veto a bill that would have made a doctor who performed a (LEGAL medical procedure called an) abortion a felon. (Source) The bill was passed by a  wide margin in a Republican-run legislature that seems unaware that doing something that is legal and considered a constitutional right by the Supreme Court is not a crime and can’t be charged as a felony. Derp, indeed.
Then, there is the Utah Republican lawmaker, Sen. Todd Weiler, who recently declared pornography (not the child kind, but the kind that uses consenting adults) a “public health crisis” plans to up the ante on porn. This week, he revealed plans for at least three new proposals, including one to require ISPs to install filters so that everyone in Utah would be forced to opt-in to view pornography. (Source) Anyone else thinking he’s never heard of a VPN? Not to mention, no one has that kind of jurisdiction, anyway.
Of course, he’s got nothing on the Lousiana Republican lawmaker, Kenny Havard, who proposed a law that would limit the age and weight of strippers. Apparently, his ideal stripper is under 28 and weighs no more than 160 pounds. (Source) He claims it was a “joke.”

By the way, the Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives tried to kill an amendment to the NDAA that would have outlawed discrimination against LGBT people among all federal contractors. The GOP shamefully killed the amendment. (Source) This is part of their “religious freedom” push, folks, with “religious freedom” meaning “the right to discriminate against LGBT people, no matter what the Constitution says.”
Let’s end this with a loving tribute to the most overlooked stupid Republican governor in the country, Paul LePage of Maine. Sure, there are Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Rick Snyder (seriously, it’s as if Republicans use the same name generator), but Paul LePage is the dumbest of all, as John Oliver points out so eloquently:

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