How Republican Thinking Costs Us – Repeatedly.

Ya know, I’m sick of hearing about how Democrats who are supposedly “tax & spend liberals” and it’s the Republican Party who will save the country from everything. There is literally nothing Republicans have done in recent years that hasn’t cost us, as American taxpayers, billions and even trillions of dollars. The only difference is, due to their affinity to borrow the money for things they want to do, they submit the bill to our children and grandchildren. Consider is the cost of two wars, which they kept off the books for political expediency. I mean, we can’t be asking billionaires who are making money on these conflicts to foot some of the bill, right?  Just as importantly, though, consider the costs of their attempts to engineer society into a right-wing utopia, in which everyone is chaste and virtuous and anyone who wants to attack us is afraid to because we’re so badass.

And really, you have to consider the cost of “fear,” which they try to produce and maintain for as long as they can. The current incarnation of the Republican Party is trying to make the entire country fearful. Whereas government under Democrats used to tell us, “The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself,” the Republican motto seems to be, “Fear everything! Someone might try to kill us all! Run and hide!” I mean, a Texas legislator actually said last week that he wouldn’t allow Syrian refugees into Texas because it’s too easy to get a gun. What does that tell us? Well, keep in mind, this is neocon ideology, so it doesn’t actually make sense.

GOP gunloonIt tells us that, in Republican-land, people are so fearful that they can’t imagine not having a gun. They lock their doors and windows and buy special screens so that no one will come in and steal all of the cheap crap they bought at Walmart and that easy access to many guns is so necessary, they can’t bring strangers in because they might get a gun and shoot all the Texans.  Besides being flat stupid and incoherent, the Republican fear ideology is killing us all. It also costs us a whole lot of money.

Case in point; Ahmed Mohamad, the 14-year-old kid who made a clock to impress a schoolteacher and was instead taken to jail and arrested because, well, he was in Republicanland, where people of a darker hue are looked at with suspicion, apparently because guns are too easy to get. Well, Ahmed’s family has hired a lawyer and sent a demand letter to the Texas school district where all of this happened, asking them for $15 million and a written apology or they will file suit. Now, when I saw this, I admit that I did roll my eyes a bit; $15 million is a bit much. But then I thought about it a little more and realized that the school district brought this on themselves, based on Republicanland thinking. Let me explain…

First of all, we all know for a fact that, had this kid been white, privilege would have kicked in and they would have done nothing. In fact, there’s a better than even chance that they would praise him mightily because none of them could imagine that his idiot white father, Cletus, could produce a child so bright. (Sorry, was that a stereotype? Bummer, fellow white people.)  But he was a Person of Color, which means, to the white people of Texas, he was a troublemaker, and he was Muslim, which means it was only a matter of time before he strapped a bomb to his chest and blew up the school.  Because, in Republicanland, fear is very important.

AhmedThe Republican white people who handled this situation are asking us to give them credit because they were so “patient.” However, look at this kid; how could he not make you smile?  Yet, no one smiled. Instead, some Republicanland schoolteacher eventually decided that that the clock looked like it could be a bomb, but not really, so she turned him in to the principal, who felt as if he had to act as if it was a bomb and go completely overboard. Well, kind of.

Seriously, did no one at that school even think that how they treated this situation might come back to bite them in the ass? Forget being a bunch of laughing stocks; are their “Republican values,” such as they are, so ingrained that they couldn’t imagine anything happening to them for going way overboard? They had to know that this is America and someone would sue, right?

GOPvoterOf course they did. But they don’t care. Republicans never really care about anyone’s money but their own. So, in typical Republicanland fashion, they called police to handle a school matter and the police, instead of telling the school to handle the school matter, decided to do what police do these days; they treated the kid like a “common criminal,” and abused the hell out of him. That’s what you do in Republicanland; the way authorities get people to respect you is by making them fear you, and the only way to make them “respect” you is to abuse them.

Like I keep saying, stop looking for this to make sense. It’s incoherent neocon thinking.

What makes this even more ridiculous is, everyone involved KNEW the clock was no bomb. They KNEW it! How could I possibly know that? Consider:

  • School officials didn’t isolate the “bomb”;
  • School officials didn’t evacuate the classroom;
  • The bomb had gone from classroom to classroom and only one teacher was nervous about it;
  • The police didn’t isolate the bomb when they showed up;
  • The police didn’t call the bomb squad;
  • The police and school officials manhandled the clock in a way they would handle a device they suspected had even a remote chance of being a bomb.

GOP field 2016This is another example of the Republicanization of America, folks. Ahmed will get a settlement and an apology from the school district. It probably won’t be $15 million, but it’ll be high enough to hurt. However, those who live in Republicanland don’t care, because taxpayers will pay for all of it. Well, some taxpayers will, although not the rich Republican ones. All in the name of “looking tough” and roughing up the brown people because, after all, that’s how you engender fear in people. And fearful people don’t vote rationally.

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