Republicans are Just Cowardly

GOPussies5Like I keep saying, it’s time we started calling the current incarnation of the Republican Party out for what it is if we are ever going to have a shot at taking our government back for the people. I’ve done this in a number of ways, of course. I’ve shown you just how incompetent they are by pointing to statistics showing just that. (Go here) And through a series of posts, I’ve shown that they simply don’t care about us.

But the thing is, there is something that all liberals should be making clear to every single voter out there…

This country faces a lot of challenges going forward and the ideology of the Republican Party is simply too cowardly to handle them. We used to be a country that fought for principles, but during their reign of error, they have turned is into a nation of wussies. We used to invest in ourselves and try things that no one has ever tried before. Now, Republicans have turned us into a fearful people, unwilling to do anything that may not work out perfectly.

Miss McConnell is afraid

Miss McConnell is afraid

Consider their current position on allowing Syrian refugees into the country, for example. Their entire position is that we can’t allow refugees here because, well, something might happen; someone may get in here and do something bad. In other words, they’re the exact opposite of courageous. Of course, they claim the government can’t do anything right, but it’s funny; in the 14 years since the 9/11 terror attacks, we have taken in 750,000 refugees from a number of countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan, and they have committed exactly zero terror attacks. That’s ZERO, with a 0.

The Republican/right wing positions are the most cowardly, unprincipled positions possible. The vast majority of Syrian refugees are children and their mothers and they are escaping a war. They don’t want to leave Syria, they used to love it there, but they are trying to protect their children at any cost and they don’t want them recruited by either Assad or Daesh (ISIL’s new name on this blog, from now on) to be killed in the name of their authoritarian version of nationalism.

Compare US Republicans with the French President François Hollande, who, just days after 129 Parisians were murdered in cold blood by Daesh, stood up to them and said he would take in at least 30,000 Syrian refugees in the next two years.

In other words, he stood up and flipped Daesh the bird, whereas American Republicans have been bending over and basically saying “Thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

The way you stop bullies is not by handing them your lunch money, but by standing up to them and making them take it. The thing about bullies is, they’re also cowards, and they will take the path of least resistance every time. If you stand up to them enough, and they realize they can’t cow you, they will eventually stop and look for someone who’s an easier mark.

By way of explanation, Republicans, because you don’t seem to get it, while you have this delusion that Daesh fears that your party might be elected next year, let me assure you, the opposite is true. They fear Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders a hell of a lot more than they fear anyone in the Klown Kar because Hillary and Bernie actually have principles and will stand for them, whereas you have none to speak of. The purpose of terrorism, as the name implies, is to inflict a state of terror on a populace, so there is nothing that makes terrorists happier than when a political party encourages fear, which is a GOP specialty. Put simply, Obama and Democrats are chomping at the bit to do the right thing to defeat Daesh, while Republicans are more than happy cowering in the corner and appeasing them at every turn. Why would anyone think terrorists are afraid of Republicans?

As I started thinking about just how cowardly the current incarnation of Republicans is, I realized that they’re afraid of virtually everything. They like to brag about how “tough” they are, but like all bulllies, their vision of “toughness” is basically the political equivalent of screwing someone with someone else’s dick. Look at how many “tough” Republicans have said “we” should bomb the shit out of Daesh. They really don’t mean THEY would do it; God forbid. Hell; they’re all chickenhawks and they would protect their kids if it came down to it. No, they would send our kids in to do it. My son was a combat engineer for two tours in Afghanistan and he would probably be a prime candidate for stop-loss should a Republican win next year primarily because he has principles and isn’t a Republican.

GOPussies7That’s how cowardly Republicans are. First, they broke two countries using our troops, but they were afraid to draft anyone, so they kept using the same troops over and over again. They were also too cowardly to actually pay for the two wars they started and proceeded to fuck up royally, and they were even too afraid to put the money on the books, for fear of looking irresponsible. They were also too cowardly to raise taxes on the rich to pay for it, in part because they were afraid of little Grover Norquist. I mean really; can you call yourself brave when you can’t stand up to Grover Norquist OR the NRA?

And what is it about their crazy base that makes them scared to death to do the right thing on any subject? They are such cowards, they’re afraid to have any principles that don’t line up with their “base,” even if what they do goes against a majority of the American people.

GOPussies6Consider how Republicans act around black people. It’s obvious they are scared to death of them, and the very idea of #BlackLivesMatter scares the shit out of them. When a police officer shoots an unarmed black man, they almost automatically side with the officer because they are too cowardly to face up to what they view as “authority.” it takes absolutely no guts to submit to authority; it takes a lot more guts to stand up to it and #GOPussies submit to authority every single time.

Think about it: “S/he should have just done what the officer said” is a response borne out of pure cowardice. “If s/he hadn’t been (breaking the law), the officer wouldn’t have had cause to shoot/kill them” is also a coward’s way out. “He shouldn’t have been selling loose cigs;” “She should have just put out her cigarette” and “What did he do to piss off the cop” are all statements of pure cowardice, and they have all been championed by the GOP. Police work for us, not the other way around. So do prosecutors and judges. Republicans have forgotten that, or they’re afraid to mention it.

Consider how scared to death the GOP is of gay people. They like to make fun of them and portray them as “weak,” but really, they’re scared to death that their heterosexual “traditional” marriage will be put into jeopardy if we “allow” gay people to have marriage licenses. Remember their argument for keeping the odious “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, in which they tried to get their followers to imagine gay men staring at their fellow Marines in the shower and somehow making that Marine unable to fight and focus on the mission or some nonsense? Do they really think people who are trained in hand-to-hand combat are intimidated by another guy staring at their ass?

And consider their position on trans people. Earlier this month, they defeated a measure in Houston that would have protected the rights of trans people by invoking the image of teenage boys dressing as girls to go into a girls’ locker room, which is not just absurd, it’s completely cowardly on its face. Are people really afraid of this? First of all, it’s not like restrooms and locker rooms are equipped with locks that can only be opened via penis or vagina scans; there’s nothing stopping anyone from going into a bathroom of the opposite sex now, except common decency. In other words, Republicans are scared to death of a problem that doesn’t exist.

GOPussies2There are so many examples; this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You can count on one hand the number of Republicans in Congress who do the right thing because they’re scared to death to go against the GOP hierarchy, for fear that they might be primaried. They won’t go against the Tea Party or the “Freedom Caucus,” even though those groups make up a small minority of Republicans, because without them, they can’t have power. You have Chris Christie, who yells at single mothers between bites of his ice cream cone, but who is scared to death of 3-year-old Syrian orphans, apparently.

Americans are not cowards. We can elect better than the Republican ideology and we need to do that for quite some time. It is not brave to give up basic principles based on fear. In fact, it’s the opposite of brave.

#GOPussies are the opposite of brave. They’re shameful.


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