Republicans — In the Car Seat, Driving Nothing

I know it's difficult, given what we've been through for the last 28 years, and especially the last 8, but can I please ask progressives and others to stop obsessing over whatever the Republicans do?

To put it bluntly, who gives a shit?

Barack Obama is a master politician. He's publicly making overtures to the Republicans, for one reason only; he promised to. He knows they have two choices; they can either play to him, or they can play to the nut cases who make up their core "constituency," or what they consider to be their "base." (Seriously, has there ever been a more appropriate term for people like this than "base"?

And we all know which course most of them will take. And it will be to their detriment, and it's all good.

See, we know how these people think. House Minority Leader (not the "MINORITY" in his title, folks) Bonercries
John Boner (sp?) screwed the pooch last week when he threatened the entire Republican delegation wit

something (what the hell could he possibly threa
ten them with? They've already lost everything in two elections) and got them all to vote against a stimulus package that is guaranteed to work. At the same time, he whined about a few measly million dollars for contraceptive programs, and then complained about the resultant deficit.

The result was, not one Republican voted for the bill, and it still passed. See? nothing to worry about, right?

And mark my words, it will pass the Senate. There is no way Senate Republicans will have the balls to filibuster this thing. But suppose they do, and they're successful. Can you imagine the shitstorm when they have to go back to their home states and proudly proclaim that they killed a bill that cut taxes and created jobs? How many working people do you think will vote for them in 2010 or 2012, if they keep killing these packages?

In other words, even if they managed to filibuster the bill once, they won't filibuster another one. Mark my words.

Republicans are digging their own political graves, and they are too stupid and ideological to realize they're doing it. They actually see it as a point of pride — some sort of victory — to have given zero votes to a package that contains far more of a stimulus than the package their lord and ruler George W. Bush, begged them to pass last September. They all voted, as a bloc, against it, and it passed anyway. And the results of the bill will be positive in many communities, including some of those in districts that these Congresspeople represent. Imagine it works, and a year and a half from now, they're campaigning, and someone brings up the fact that they voted against it. Will it be a victory then?

In other words, they are rooting against the country pulling out of this thing. They are so politically twisted, that they see an economic recovery as a detriment to them. And they don't understand that voters see that. They don't get that, even among natural Republicans, the country comes before party, always. And independents — people Republicans need on their side in order to win — definitely vote against that sort of behavior.

We're in the driver's seat, folks, and the Republicans in charge right now are sitting in the car seat in the back, and pretending they're driving themselves.

Stop worrying about them. They lost, and the more they try to pretend they didn't, the harder 2010 and 2012 will be on them. We have to stop worrying about them, and focus our attention on getting President Obama and Congressional Democrats to continue to return the government to the people. Concentrate on making sure the government returns to its job of making our lives better.

It's our time. They had their time and blew it. Let's make sure we don't blow our chance.

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