Republicans: Party Before Country

Republican Senator Judd Gregg is a typical Republican, through and through, thinking of his party’s power first, and the country second.

From Senator: Appointment wouldn’t affect Senate makeup – Yahoo! News.

Republican Sen. Judd Gregg has told colleagues that if he becomes commerce secretary, his replacement would affiliate with the GOP, denying Democrats’ total dominance, his party leader said Sunday.

That would require an agreement involving President Barack Obama, who would appoint Gregg to his Cabinet, and New Hampshire Democratic Gov. John Lynch, who would name Gregg’s successor to the Senate. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky suggested such an arrangement was in the works.

“Sen. Gregg has assured me that if this were to happen, if it were to happen, it would not change the makeup of the Senate,” McConnell said on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “In other words, whoever is appointed to replace him would caucus with Senate Republicans, so I think it would have no impact on the balance of power in the Senate.”

There are a lot of questions that come to mind immediately, of course.

First of all, what kind of person is asked to serve his country as Secretary of Commerce, and puts his political party’s power ahead of that service? I mean, look at what he’s saying. Essentially, he would only serve the country, as long as his party’s power in the Senate wouldn’t be negatively affected.

Good thing Democrats don’t feel that way, right? I mean, Janet Napolitano, the current Secretary of Homeland Security, didn’t refuse the position, even though her appointment left a right wing idiot in charge of the state of Arizona.

When you are called to serve your country, you serve your country, unless you feel that you can’t do the job for some reason. There is no excuse whatsoever for this.

But I would also note that the Republicans are putting a lot of stock in the filibuster as a weapon. It seems to me that they intend to use if liberally, to stop anything they don’t like. Isn’t it strange that when they were in charge, they were willing to kill the filibuster, and now that they’re no longer in charge, the filibuster is their best friend?

They’re into power, and they’re into kicking the legs out from under Democrats. They have no principle, as a party, and they truly do not care about average Americans.

At what point to real Republican voters — those who care about the country — finally get rid of this kind of leadership?

Just asking..