Republicans; Shameless as they Drown, Politically

You really have to hand it to these assholes. They have balls, even if they don't have a brain in their heads. The Huffington Post is reporting that House Republicans are going back to their districts, and pretending they never voted against the damn thing. Here's what they report:

GOP Fighting For Money From Stimulus They Opposed.

House Republicans, as a group, may take great pride in the goose egg they offered President Obama's stimulus package. But now the unanimous opposition is struggling to bring that money home.
Republicans will be working hard to make sure the money they opposed ends up benefiting their home districts, highlighting the political tightrope they walk in this economic crisis. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is watching House Republicans — and reading local media — closely and is only too happy to highlight any happy talk about a stimulus Republicans voted against.
Back in his home district, Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) found some nice things to say about the plan.

"Within the stimulus package there is some Pell Grant money, which is a good thing. It helps students be able to pay for their education and that's kind of a long term stimulus effect there. I mean obviously that's not gonna provide a job in the next 120, 180 days, but the ability of someone to get an education is an economic development tool," Luetkemeyer said at a local college. He was there, in another inside-outside Washington twist, to celebrate an earmark for a college building.

I guess what I'd like to know is just why he thinks the people of Missouri — or at least the ones in his district, are so stupid.

Here's the deal, folks. He and his Republican brethren have been cutting Pell Grant and all sorts of student aid money for many, many years. If he really felt that stongly about Student Aid money, and the long term future of our children, then why did he allow his fellow Republicans to strip the cupboard bare, as it were, for so many years. More importantly, why did he vote against it this time? Oh, I see… it's because all of the OTHER money wasn't going to his district, eh?

You want to see the funniest part of this creeps whine? Check this out:

He lamented that there would be far fewer such earmarks in the future.
"If they go back to the rules, it will make it very difficult to get
earmarks through the next two years because number one we don't have
any more money, we just blew it all on this stimulus package. Although,
we're gonna have to print some more in order to be able to bail out the
financial institutes and the automobile manufacturers," said

Hmmm… seems to me I remember a certain presidential candidate and his annoying running mate, campaigning against earmarks all last year. Now, they're lamenting the potential end of these porkfests?

Look, GOP geniuses, let me tell you a little secret. The American people are, by and large, not stupid. I know, some of them listen to Rush and Hannity, and believe everything they say, but believe me; that's a really small percentage of the electorate. And when you're messing with their tax dollars, all bets are off, even with those people.

The economy is tanking, and you voted against a bill that everyone knows will work to some extent. Will it end the recession? Of course not. But if you can tell me of a time when the same sort of economic stimulus was tried and it failed, I'd like to hear about it. (That's what the comments section is for.) And most of you Republicans voted against it, because the morons who are running your party into the ground have promised to make your electoral life a living hell. Of course, given the results of the last two elections, why would you put that much stock in their ability to do anything, electorally speaking? (They put Michael Fricking Steele in charge, for Chrissakes! How smart could they be?)

You can't spin this. You voted against the people. Period.  

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