Right Wing Idiot of the Day for March 19, 2009

Normally this will be a contest between two or three people, but today’s idiot is so clear cut, there isn’t room for a runner up. I mean, Eric Cantor's a moron

Today, it’s not even a contest…

Today’s Right Wing Idiot of the Day is…

Sean Hannity

Today, on his radio crapfest, Hannity proved once again that his brain is far smaller than his big head 

would indicate, by spewing the following:

And when you consider that AIG got $173 billion in your hard-earned tax dollars, over a thousand times greater than the $165 million in bonuses being reported ad nauseam, the point is more attention is being given to bonuses than bailouts in the first place. There never should've been a bailout of AIG. AIG is getting your money, and in turn billions of those dollars are going to foreign banks, $20 billion as we pointed out yesterday. It's going to foreign hedge funds, we find out. Goldman Sachs is getting $13 billion of this.

Okay, stop there. See what he does? First, he says the bonuses really aren’t such a big deal. Keep this in mind as he continues his mindless partisan rant.

And I want to emphasize something here. And it — Barack Obama with a straight face telling the American people that this is all for the benefit of you? How does this benefit you in any way? I don't see — you know, Democrats for years have complained trickle-down economics doesn't work. So this is trickle-down socialism — that's not going to work. The idea that we can give the elite few millions and millions of our dollars and that hopefully somehow they might go out and spend some of it? Is that the new trickle-down that they're advocating here?

Wow. Is that stunning or what?

First of all, I challenge anyone to come up with a quote, straight faced or not, in which Obama ever said that giving AIG all of that money was “for the benefit of you,” or anything close. For one thing, about 90% of the money AIG has received was received from the Bush Administration or the Bernanke Federal Reserve.

To their credit, quite a few wingnuts were against the first round of bailouts, but again; the original bailout bill didn’t specify how much was supposed to go to which company. Bush and Hank Paulson decided where to toss your tax money, not Obama.

HannitygraffitiNow, if you're upset about this, you need to understand something, that there's a 
reason this happened. Every single Senate Democrat voted for those bonuses. Every — almost every Democrat in the House voted for those, because they voted for the stimulus bill. And by the way, Republicans did not, which provided — by the way, this provided the legal protection to ensure that these bonuses would be paid.

Once more, how does someone this incredibly stupid get a national radio program? And how brain-dead must the people be who listen to this shit day after day.

Sean, Buddy… you need to understand the concept of “cause and effect.” Here are a few facts to help you out, you moron:

  • AIG is a private corporation.
  • The United States Treasury temporarily (we hope) invested in the company, to the point that we now own 80% of company stock.
  • Most of the people who received bonuses ostensibly signed the contracts hat entitled them to bonuses long before they received government bailout money.
  • Almost all of the money received by AIG came either from the Federal Reserve or the original $700 billion bailout, passed on a bipartisan basis by Congress, but which didn’t earmark any money specifically to AIG.
  • The recent stimulus package didn’t "award” any bonuses to AIG. It certainly didn’t require AIG to pay any bonuses. The Dodd Amendment merely would have restricted the ability of companies to award bonuses, should they receive TARP money in the future.

Yes, that’s right, Sean…

By voting AGAINST the stimulus bill, a case could be made that REPUBLICANS actually did more to facilitate the AIG bonuses than Democrats, although I wouldn’t make that case, because of the first thing I mentioned; AIG is a private company; THEY awarded bonuses, not Congress.

And what do you call someone who can be told over and over and over that something he said was wrong, and he continues to say the same thing again and again? Check this out, during the same rant.

You can also blame Barack Obama. He signed the bill, he insisted the bill be passed. He used all the fear-mongering he could muster to pass this bill in haste, and despite the fact that members of Congress hadn't even read the bill, despite the fact that Obama himself had never read the bill. Remember, he promised to go line by line and read these bills, and eliminate earmarks — oh, that's right, the omnibus had 9,000 of them.

Hannity, you asshole…

  1. JOHN MCCAIN promised to eliminate earmarks, not Obama. MCCAIN! You know, the guy who LOST the election?
  2. Approximately half of the earmarks in the omnibus spending bill were put there by REPUBLICANS (most of whom then strangely voted against it, thus creating a gap in the space-time continuum or something).
  3. Obama WROTE the bill, so of course he read it.
  4. Republican whiner John Boner didn’t complain about not having ti8me to read the OMNIBUS bill; he complained about the STIMULUS bill.

How many non-facts can you count in the above? Well, go back two days, and there are even more. On last night’s “Hannity’s Lost Without Colmes to Yell At” tv crapfest, the tiny-brained Irishman welcomed Republican John McCain (who should really consider returning to representing his home state for a while, and give up the national campaigning) thusly:

All right. And joining — I don't know whether to laugh or cry — joining us tonight is a man who has been against the AIG bailout since the very beginning, Senator John McCain. Senator, thanks for being with us.

Hannity, you just can’t get anything right.

John McCain has only been “against the AIG bailout since the very beginning” if you don’t count the time he WAS for it.

In the beginning, when the bailout was announced, McCain was against it. On the September 16, 2008 Today Show, upon hearing that AIG was going to get a bunch of money, McCain said, "I do not believe that the American taxpayer should be on the hook for AIG" and that "we cannot have the taxpayers bail out AIG or anybody else." Then, the very next day, on Good Morning America, he said, "I didn't want to do [the bailout], but there were literally millions of people whose retirement, whose investments, whose insurance were at risk here, and they were gonna have their lives destroyed because of the greed and excess and corruption."

In other words, he was against it in principle, but he was for it.

On the same show, the airhead Hannity said the following:

Now, first, we learn today that Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Dodd slipped an amendment into the stimulus package last month that protected bonuses agreed to before February 11, 2009, meaning the AIG bonuses that Senator Dodd tells Fox News this evening that he wasn't responsible for — well, the February deadline.

Jesus Christ, Sean… Hell… read what I wrote above.

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