Right Wing Monkeys Get Us to Dance!

Update: I'm looking really psychic about now…

The New York Post has issued a half-assed apology for the offensive cartoon below. More info when we receive it…


When are we going to get it?

This is a cartoon that appeared in this morning's New York Post.

Post 2009-02-18-cartoon

The cartoon is essentially typical right wing commentary. In a news story from yesterday, a woman from Connecticut was badly injured after she was mauled by a chimpanzee that had apparently suffered a really bad reaction to the Xanax its owner had given it to calm down.

The right wing editorial cartoonist from Rupert Murdoch's shitrag, Sean Delonis, who has a typical right winger's sense of humor (meaning none whatsoever), took that story, and applied it to the typical right wing opinion of the Democrats' economic stimulus package.

Starting with Al Sharpton early this morning, this cartoon has been talked about non-stop throughout the progressive blogosphere and on talk radio. I resisted until now, for a very basic reason;

It's just what THEY want me to do.

Yes, I think the cartoon is in bad taste on many levels. The number one reason it's tasteless to me is because it exploits a very real tragedy. The woman who was mauled is still in the hospital, clinging to life, and an innocent animal was killed because a moronic human gave him a pharmaceutical drug that was not prescribed, and which made him uncontrollable. That is not the type of story that lends itself to humor. Like I said; right wingers have absolutely no sense of humor; what they find funny always revolves around death and suffering, and I will never understand it.

A lot of people saw some pretty heavy duty racism in the above, however, and are heading down that road like a bunch of Mack Trucks. The insinuation that the monkey is supposedly Obama is just too juicy for many in the progressive media to let go of. Progressive talkers are having a field day; it's all they're talking about. And lefties all over the country are jamming phone lines and cramming message boards, demanding that Rupert Murdoch himself apologize, and fire Delonis, so that the world can get back to normal, and we can expose just one more racist scumbag and get back to the business of beating down the right wing horde.

In other words, too many liberals just don't get it.

Sean Delonis has been doing this kind of thing for a long time. There's little doubt that there is racism in Rupert-world; one only has to watch Fox News for a day or two to figure that out. But they know all of the code words, and they know how to demonstrate racism subtly; do you think for a moment that the above cartoon got through the entire Post editorial mechanism, without one person noticing the monkey, and thinking "Ya know, someone might think that's racist."?

Of course they did. They published the cartoon because they KNEW we would go batshit over it, and not even think about the day's news.

They have been doing this sort of thing masterfully for more than 16 years, and most liberals still don't get it. Every time Bill Clinton scheduled an event, or a Rose Garden signing ceremony, Ken Starr or someone else who was investigating the Clintons would make some sort of announcement of another "wrongdoing" they had found, and the Clinton Administration would lose another opportunity to move their agenda forward.

Barack Obama was scheduled to appear in Mesa today, to talk about his next order of business, which is a comprehensive $75 billion plan to refinance current mortgages, guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and stem the tide of foreclosures that's at the heart of the current economic mess.

Now, why do you think the far right would want you to take your mind off something like that? Come on now… let's stop being suckers for once.

Just what do you think will happen in the wake of this cartoon? I can already tell you; let's see how psychic I am…

1. The blogosphere will be allowed to simmer all day, and rant and rave.
2. Either late this evening or early tomorrow, someone from the New York Post will apologize for the cartoon, and express regret that it was ever even run.
3. They might suspend DeLonis, but I doubt they'll fire him. After all, their readers love this sort of shit, and I will guarantee the Post is getting just as much e-mail in support of Delonis as against him.
4. Not a goddamn thing will change. We'll have liberals all over the media for a few days, talking about racism in America, and regretting that we can't get past it, while the right wing powers that be will be giggling to themselves over their ability to distract the American public from important issues, by simply posting a cartoon.
5. Right wing Republicans will try their best to kill the plan, because it might actually work, and they'll have a better chance of succeeding, because they were able to distract the American people from the details of the plan, and will then be able to make up their own details, which blogs like this one will have to spend a lot of time debunking.

This cartoon isn't about a racist smear of Obama. It's not about putting bullets in the president. It's not going to incite crazy people to want to shoot the president. None of that. This is the Republican Pavlovs ringing a bell and making liberals and the rest of the mainstream media react to it. I laugh every time I hear someone marvel at the fact that Fox News isn't "covering this story." Why would they cover it? They're part of the right wing echo chamber that creates shit like this, and distracts us while they try to sell the people something else, that probably isn't even real.

Yes; the cartoon is reprehensible, and it's disgusting, and yeah; it's even racist. But people are losing their homes, and their jobs, and we're on the verge of a major meltdown here; let's keep our eye on the ball.


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