Rupert’s Fox Post: Worried About NBC’s “Fairness”

Okay, so I’m perusing the news this morning, and the following pops up, from this morning’s Page Six in the New York Post:

NBC is under fire for having correspondent Andrea Mitchell cover the economic crisis because she’s married to former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan – but some people are also wondering about David Gregory, who has a show, "Race for the White House" on MSNBC. Gregory is married to Beth Wilkinson
– who until a month ago was general counsel, executive vice president
and corporate secretary for mortgage giant Fannie Mae, which is now
being investigated by the FBI. We wonder how Gregory will cover the
story if his wife is implicated in the Fannie Mae meltdown.

Why did I laugh at this item?

Well, first of all, it comes from Rupert Murdoch’s slime machine; it’s a kissing cousin/training ground for Republican propaganda arm "Fox News." In other words, the same group of buffoons who euphemistically use the word "News" to describe the antics of people like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly; the same idiots who allow a Republican operative, Roger Ailes, to run their "News" operation, and who present Karl Rove as a "news commentator," at the same time he’s actively working for John McCain; are complaining about two of NBC’s best reporters, because they happen to be married to people involved in the current economic meltdown caused by the Republican Party?

The inaccuracies in the above are breathtaking to behold; another irony in a news story regarding the potential "conflicts of interest" of two NBC reporters. For one, NBC is "under fire" from whom, exactly? A quick Lexis search shows that the only "concern" seems to be coming from the right wing blogosphere, and a few far-right "News" outlets. And I hate to break the news to the Post, but Fannie Mae has been under investigation for years.

Funny, but no one in Rupert-land seemed to mind when David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell were reporting the news while the Republicans were lying and telling us the economy was fine when it wasn’t, and when Fannie Mae was following financial institution protocol and overstating its profits. Now, all of the sudden, as the economy is melting down because of Greenspan’s acquiescence to Republicans, and the Republican refusal to either regulate or oversee, NOW suddenly, they’re "concerned" about two of the best reporters in the business, and their ability to be "objective" in their job?

The folks at the "Fox Post" really couldn’t care less about "objectivity." They’re just concerned because ratings for Fox News are down a little, and MSNBC is surging.

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