Say Goodnight, Donny

Yesterday was glorious…

Those of us who have been paying attention all along knew Lord Donny of Trump knew Trump has been lying every time he said “no collusion,” but knowing something based on evidence is not the same as proving it.

Now, thanks to Michael “Who Said?” Cohen, of all people, we now have confirmation that Donny has been lying.


We have known for more than a year that the Trump Band of Idiots, whom he laughingly called a “campaign,” had contact with Russian oligarchs and Intelligence officials, or people who were closely connected to the Kremlin. We know this because Donald Trump Junior Tweeted us his emails, in which he had an open discussion with Russians about “dirt” they had on Hillary. We also know there was a meeting in Trump Tower, just one floor below Donny’s residence, between Trump campaign officials and Russians affiliated with Vladimir Putin. That meeting has been. confirmed by several sources. That means the Trump campaign COLLUDED with Russians to give him an edge over Hillary Clinton.

And now, we have confirmation that Donny Senior knew about the meeting beforehand and actually approved it. That too would be COLLUSION on the part of Donny himself. The fact that the Trump campaign openly worked with any foreign power to influence the election is a CONSPIRACY to break election laws. And the fact that no one from the Trump campaign reported it to the FBI could very well count as OBSTRUCTION. Wow. a TRIFECTA.

You know what else may qualify as OBSTRUCTION? Tweets like this:

Yes, that’s right; the so-called “president” actually threw his own son under the bus as a way to protect his own fat orange ass. HIS OWN SON! He’s also trying to influence potential witnesses, to let them know he’ll throw them under the bus, as well. There is a reason Mueller is now looking into Trump’s Tweets, probably to see how many times he lied and denied “collusion.” (Source)

Is Michael Cohen a liar, as Rudy Giuliani suggests? Of course, he is. Most lawyers who do shady things for shady characters are liars. But of all people, Giuliani ought to know that you have to sometimes accept the testimony of liars and use non-liars to corroborate. For Chrissakes, Rudy loves to brag about his days bringing down the mob, which required him to use the testimony of murderers to put away worse murderers.

Donald Trump is done. My only two hopes are that he’s not taken down too soon, and that Pence is also part of this investigation, so that we can take him out, too, just in time for the Democrats to take over Congress and make Hillary Speaker. That way, we will be able to install the president who actually won the last election and did not cheat.

Wouldn’t that be great?

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Say Goodnight, Donny — 4 Comments

  1. Surely you don’t mean “make Hillary speaker”?? By rights, she should be president, but that won’t happen.

    • Make Hillary Speaker. then, when we get rid of Trump and Pence, she becomes president… Get it?

      • You’re saying that she could simply be appointed ( by whom?), and then, as third in line, automatically become president? I didn’t know that was laid out in the Constitution or in subsequent amendments.

        • Yep. If Democrats make Hillary Speaker of the House, and both Trump and Pence are removed or resign, the next in line is the Speaker, so Hillary would elevate to the presidency.