Screaming is NOT a Political Strategy – Stick to Sanity

I want to ask a very simple question to start this exercise…

If you think tearing down the other candidates on your side is a winning strategy, I’d like you to show me that’s true. I’m serious; when was the last time thew supporters of one Democratic candidate trashing another Democrat and their supporter ended up winning with that strategy.

You’ll probably find this hard to answer because it’s pretty much impossible to come up with an example of that working. Voters aren’t wired that way. We’re supposed to be the good guys, which means it’s not supposed to work for our side. In fact, if you’ll look closely, you’ll find that it has the opposite of the intended effect.

In other words, you Bernie Stans who think the best approach to getting Bernie the nomination is to smear Joe Biden, especially with a truckload of bullshit, will find yourself once again sitting on the side, wondering what happened for the second presidential election in a row. And while I’d love to say it’s not Bernie, but his most fervent followers, that would be a lie.

This coming Tuesday is the Arizona primary, which means my TV screen is filled with tons of political ads. The Biden ads are almost universally asking people to vote for him because he can bring the Party the unity it supposedly needs to beat Trump. On the other side is Bernie Sanders, who is playing a recording from “The Intercept” and claiming that Biden has been “trying to cut Social Security for 40 years.” The ad closes with Bernie Sanders proclaiming that he “approved this message.”

The ad has been raked over the coals by fact-checkers. For one thing, it’s only an audio recording. It’s also un-dated and there is no contact. And since it’s from the Glenn Greenwald “news” publication, “The Intercept,” they should not be repeating this without corroboration, no matter what. Greenwald has a habit of presenting “evidence” sans context and expecting us to believe him without it. A politician of Sanders’ experience and judgment, however, should be more trustworthy, especially is he’s asking u-s to vote for him to be our nominee for president.

Read what PolitiFact has to say about the ad at the (Source)

There is absolutely no positive reason to do any of this and a thousand reasons why negative ads against opponents from the same party are a truly horrible idea. No Democrat in history has ever won election to anything based on their level of negativity toward the Democrats they’re running against for a nomination. And why would they? All Democrats are essentially on the same team, so why would someone trashing some of his teammates expect to be welcomed with open arms by other teammates? It makes no sense to trash other Democrats and believe you’re more likely to win.

For some reason, a lot of self-professed “political junkies” believe that “negative campaigning” is what gets many, if not most candidates elected. However, that view is based on zero evidence, and it is also very narrow and doesn’t apply in most cases. Primary elections aren’t even elections, really. They are essentially a team choosing which of its people get to go to the all-star game and represent their city and their team in the big game. While some might think Bernie Sanders is running to be the king of the progressives, in fact, he is running to represent the Democratic Party in the presidential final for 2020.

In other words, if Bernie wants the Democratic nomination, he should be working to prove that he’s good enough to beat Donald Trump and the Republican Party. No one cares whether he can first beat Joe Biden. Not only that, but Bernie will only win the nomination if a majority of Democrats vote for him, and that is less likely if so much of his message is anti-Democratic Party. There is little or no doubt that Bernie helped hurt Hillary enough to make a Trump presidency plausible in 2016; we really can’t afford that in 2020. The Russians are already active and Trump is clearly planning to run his 2020 campaign the same as he did in 2016; it’s time we got smarter this time and make sure turnout is so overwhelming that any amount of cheating can’t work to reelect this asshole.

Of course, if the problem was limited to the presidency, that would be bad enough. However, we also have to make sure Democrats win at all levels of government. We have to expand our lead in the House and we have to take away the GOP’s last bastion of power, which is the U.S. Senate. There are 24 Republican Senators running for reelection this year, as opposed to 12 Democrats. Therefore, if the smartest and most-respected groups in the political arena put aside their anti-Democratic tendencies, we should win a lot more than the four seats we need to take a mere majority in the Senate; we may be able to Gain the 13 seats we need to have a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the Senate.

And since we will have a lot to undo once Trump is gone, isn’t that a better idea than trashing whoever wins the Democratic nomination and giving Trump another chance to cheat and win?

You know the answer… Democrats are the party of the people; when you bash them, you’re bashing its base, which is made up of the poor, People of Color, LGBTQ people, women, and recent immigrants. And you give Trump his only minuscule chance of winning a second term.

Don’t be stupid.

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