Sean Hannity Demonstrates Why The Right Needs to GO!

You know what’s wrong with America these days? How about 34 years of inordinate influence by right wing thoughts and beliefs, especially since they took over the Republican Party. Right wingers simply do not represent real American values. The most obvious areas where this is the case are in the areas of guns and illegal immigration.

Start with guns.

Guns are not magical instruments that prevent those who carry them from all harm. They are consumer products designed to kill. And unless you live on a farm or a ranch, the purpose of your gun is to kill people. Period. Don’t give me the silliness about shooting at targets or at shooting ranges. Yes, people hunt, and that’s fine. But most gunloons cite protection as their main purpose for carrying a gun. And the only way a gun can protect you from harm is if the gun kills the target, which is usually human.

We allow law enforcement officials to carry guns — sometimes very large and powerful guns — to protect people. There is usually no problem with that. Some law enforcement officers overstep their bounds, but for the most part, these are highly trained and responsible individuals. Plus, if an officer oversteps his bounds, in most cases the victimized person or family can sue.

Now, let’s discuss the “problem” of illegal immigration.

Don’t let the quotation marks fool you. There are problems associated with illegal immigration, and we need to get a handle on it. The biggest problem is that it’s too easy for bad guys to come here and stay here and do damage if they wanted. But the overwhelming majority of people here who are undocumented are here to work, and they contribute mightily to our economy. If you really want the problem to go away, then we’ll need to crack down on the employers who hire them as cheap labor, and we’ll have to raise wages to the point that there is no “job that Americans won’t do.” It’s not by allowing a bunch of armed idiots to patrol the border with assault rifles.

Yes, we need a Border Patrol, and Border Patrol agents should be armed for that rare instance in which a member of a drug cartel shoots over the border, or a violent crime that is happening on the border breaks out. But Sean Hannity’s latest Tweets are disturbing on many levels. He’s obviously attempting to appeal to the gunloon element in his audience, which I suppose is his job. But what is the message that is being sent to everyone else with this crap?

What is the message this right wing whack job trying to send? Is it that we’re sick of immigrants flowing over the borders, so we’re going to shoot them? Look at the Tweets. That’s not even all of them. Go check out Hannity’s feed, and you’ll note that every single one of them displays a big gun or large bullets very prominently. If Hannity has a gun fetish, he should have that looked at. But as someone who claims to work for a “news” organization, he should be more aware of the image this sends.

Except for the Native Americans who survived the genocide, every American is descended from an immigrant. Instead of treating immigrants who come here because they want freedom from their lot in countries south of our border as if they’re burglars or murderers. Most are coming here for the same reasons our grandparents and great-grandparents came here; they want a better life. What; we’re supposed to shoot them for trying to do that? What the hell kind of people are we these days? We can’t become that. Ever. That’s not what America is. It’s not what we were ever supposed to be.

Of course we shouldn’t just open up the borders and let everyone through. But we also shouldn’t be threatening to shoot anyone who tries. Like I said; sanction employers and raise wages, so that Americans will want any job, and that will largely slow down the influx. We’re humans; we need to act like it. This is what’s inscribed on the Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

― Emma Lazarus

This is what we’re supposed to be about.


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